Public Invited To America’s Cup Meetings

January 24, 2016

Two public meetings will take place this week as the consultation process for the Environmental Impact Assessment [EIA] for the 35th America’s Cup continues.

“The meetings will take place at 5:30 pm on Tuesday January 26th at Anglican Cathedral Hall, 29 Church Street, Hamilton and 6pm on Wednesday January 27th the ORACLE TEAM USA base, 5 Freeport Drive, Sandys [Dockyard]. Official notices for the meetings were published last week,” the ACBDA said.

Gombeys perform at the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series held last year in Bermuda

“At each meeting the draft AC35 Master Plan, along with other relevant draft plans, will be available for viewing in an open house format. Bermuda Environmental Consulting Ltd. [BEC], who are conducting the EIA on behalf of the ACBDA, will host the meetings and present the plans. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.”

“The final EIA will form part of the final planning application which is expected to be ready in early March, 2016. The public can visit to get more information about the meetings and review the draft documents and plans for AC35.”

“The consultation process is a critical part of EIA and we look forward to receiving feedback from the community and harnessing that information to resolve any issues related to the plans,” says Jack Ward, President of BEC.

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  1. voltage says:

    As a community that is deeply aware through our recent Auditor General report that people not following existing Government policies and procedures can result in the improper expenditure of millions of public purse dollars, it is comforting to see proper planning policy being followed in 2016 by ACBDA.

    We now have an opportunity to hear at these meetings the various expense scenario details that moved the event from Morgan’s Point to Dockyard. We will also have the opportunity to hear what other locations were considered and why we settled on Dockyard.

    Why is renting Morgan’s Point property for two years considered less viable than filling in the South Basin with all the collateral expenses and the environmental impact associated?

  2. Coffee says:

    Q#1. How much have we spent on the event thus far ?
    Q#2. How many families have thus far relocated to the Island ?
    Q#3. How many homes have been rented ?
    Q#4. What School /Schools are the children attending ?
    Q#5. Is there anyway to quantify the money spent on Island in relation to this event ?
    Q#6. Is time spent on the Island by people connected strictly with A/C counted for immigration purposes , toward gaining PRC or Bermudian status ?
    Q#7. Has any property , condos , townhouses , luxury homes been sold to anyone on the Island whose presence is here to primarily deal with A/C ?

    • Zevon says:

      You are such a complete idiot.

    • backakillme says:

      What Ewart said before Beyonceeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • serengeti says:

      Oh yeah. They sure going to let people like you, anonymous internet wierdos, know where their kids go to school. Like it’s any of your business in the first place. Are you a sick pedo, or do you just want to make sure their lives are made miserable?

      • Coffee says:

        Oh I did forget that there are folks who would read this post and the base depravaty of humanity would rise to the fore of their simple brains . So allow me to raise the question way above your beastly level .
        I rephrase :
        Q#4. How many children of the A/C FAMILIES attend private schools ( revenue ), how many attend public schools (expense ) ?

        There , you really should feel ridiculous for exposing yourself so unnecessarily .

  3. mj says:

    If these meetings are about enviromental impact why aren’t we discussing the “enviromental charter 2006? On top of that , according to Mr. Larry Burchall, we are BROKE!! and operating from borrowed money..Sooo why aren’t we going after the agreement in the charter for a collaboration from the U.K. to assist?

  4. Juice Onion says:

    Hanbury million dollars a minute blah blah slavery blah blah chip on shoulder PLP blah blah