SPCA Recommend Breed Laws Be Evaluated

February 26, 2016

“The Bermuda SPCA has recommended that all breed-specific laws be evaluated from a welfare perspective,” the SPCA said following a call for a boycott of Bermuda by California-based Bad Rap group, which said “until you move forward with ending your breed ban, we fully support a boycott of Bermuda and its businesses.”

A statement from the SPCA said, “Thank you Bad Rap for intensifying the need for change to The Dogs Act 1978 to bring an end to senseless euthanasia of illegal dogs which are family friendly.

The Bermuda SPCA does take in and does adopt legal pit-bull type dogs. We currently have 2 for adoption and are seeking homes. Please visit here for more info.

“However the SPCA does abide by the law and are required to call the Government Animal Wardens and surrender any illegal dog in our possession [illegal dog being any dog not licensed and microchipped regardless of breed].

“The Bermuda SPCA has recommended that all breed-specific laws be evaluated from a welfare perspective. The current laws were put in place to improve community safety and comfort, but ultimately these laws cause hardship to caring dog owners of properly supervised, friendly, well-socialized dogs and ultimately the destruction of the dogs in questions.

“The Bermuda SPCA is working with and represented on the Government Appointed Canine Committee made up of dog stakeholders who are reviewing the Dog Act 1978 and have made initial recommended changes to the Minister.

“The SPCA believes that there is a better way to deal with illegal dogs which are seized but found to be spayed/neutered, well cared for, good vet history, well socialized and trained at the same time as large penalties and strict enforcement of those illegally breeding and selling. And that allowances for this must be made in the Dog Act.

“It is time to stand together and have Government change the laws. Not sure how to have your voice heard? Check out our website.”

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  1. serengeti says:

    Why not get rent-a-crowd to make up some handwritten signs and protest somewhere shouting for a referendum? I think Peggy has some spare time.

  2. wahoo says:

    Perhaps instead of licensing the dog we should license the people.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      At first look that sounds rediculous, but this is Bermuda & things somehow are different here, so having to obtain a permit to own a dog, or have one registered to a dwelling, like cars, is not so far fetched.

      If you have a drugs for supply record, no dog registered to you or your dwelling. Well, that might be a stretch. How about nothing over 50# or of one of these considered dangerous breeds or mixes of?

  3. Family Man says:

    Every dog owner should carry $1mm in strict liability insurance per dog and have to present proof of insurance prior to annual re-licencing similar to re-licensing a car. Let the private insurance market determine which dogs are low risk and which dogs are high risk through their insurance premiums.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Sounds good on the surface but how does it get administered?

      Insure a dog by weight? Breed? Mixed breeds? It gets real complicated real fast. All too often the attacks are by unlicensed dogs. Make dog licensing & insuring too expensive & even fewer will license their dogs. There comes a breaking point in paying Government taxes.

      It always comes back to irresponsible owners. Sure, every so often a dog will get loose. I’ve got a Houdini in my backyard right now. She has broken the heaviest dog lead available a few times, slipped out of the collar & we come home to one guilty looking dog waiting for us.

      It is the owners who let their dogs run free or don’t attempt to keep them under control who need to be dealt with. The automatic destroying of a captured dog has to stop. As long as the owner pays up front for the care of the dog held, the dog should be allowed to live. The going boarding rates should apply.

  4. Too Early says:

    We do not need their business, that type of crowd can stay in Californa. Im sure that we can find a group that would love an island with absolutely no pits and have the same effect, they’d flock to Bermuda

  5. smh says:

    Banned pitbulls and break ins Skyrocketed. .good work Govt.

  6. Great idea with a simple solution says:

    Make I need to get on the committee because I have good plan that allows owners to be responsible and also for government to also reap the benefits. I wonder who I can call?

  7. Lois Frederick says:

    I support the ban.

  8. jrsmith says:

    too little too late….

  9. Izzypop says:

    As a proud owner of a restricted breed. I was required to hv my yard fenced in. By the wardens before getting my dog. The Dog has to be micro chipped and licensed . Don’t see why this can’t be done with the Pittbull. Put on the restricted list. Better control. If a dog is found not requiring these rules then hv it taken away. Fine the owner heavy. Destroy the dog if it is evaluated to be in adoptable.

  10. Barkley Barker says: