Video & Photos: Protest At Parliament Continues

March 9, 2016

[Updated] The protest launched yesterday by Enda Matthie continues this morning [March 9], with supporters having joined Ms Matthie for the night on the grounds of the House of Assembly.

Speaking to Bernews this morning, Ms Matthie said, “I spent the night, it was really peaceful and the supporters came out all throughout the night. The gentlemen did show up, so that they can keep me company and protect me throughout the night.”

“There was a prayer at midnight. We all joined in a circle, Reverend Lambe was still here at that time and he prayed with us, and we went around the circle just saying what it is that we celebrate about Bermuda.”

When launching the protest yesterday Ms Matthie had said, “I am for Bermudians first. I am in a state of solidarity with my fellow Bermudians. I participate in the marches and protests, but feel like things need to go to next level, it’s what I feel that I can do.”

She has a number of signs with her, including one on the tent that says, “Hunger strike. Dissolve Parliament. Call an election now!”

Yesterday Ms Matthie was visited by a number of people who stopped by to hear her concerns, including various supporters, Minister of Health, Seniors & Environment Jeanne Atherden, Junior Minister of Community, Culture & Sports Nandi Outerbridge, Premier Michael Dunkley, Deputy PLP Leader David Burt, Age Concern’s Claudette Fleming and more.

Update 4.13pm: Ms Matthie, and some of her supporters, remain on the House of Assembly grounds

Update 9.29pm: Ms Matthie, and her supporters remain on the grounds and indicated they are prepared to spend the night again.




Photos below are from this morning’s story:

house grounds march 9 2016 (1)

house grounds march 9 2016 (2)

house grounds march 9 2016 (3)

house grounds march 9 2016 (4)

house grounds march 9 2016 (5)

house grounds march 9 2016 (6)

house grounds march 9 2016 (7)

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  1. Justice says:

    This is awesome,the truth is OBA hasnt been as transparent as they promised, will they listen now or will more people join this hunger strike ?

    • Just the Tip says:

      Can you show examples of where the OBA hasn’t?

      • Jus' Askin' says:


        Sorry fingers are getting tired ;-) ;-)

        • LiarLiar says:

          All fake examples of non-transparency except for the first one you listed.

          Try again my friend.

        • Bermyman says:

          for something to be a gate, something illegal needs to happen. Now go read the AG’s report.

          • Call the police says:

            OH so you’re saying that JETGATE was illegal. The other day you clowns said Minister Craigy was ok to come back. Make up your bloody minds which is it :(

            • Bermyman says:

              I never said it was Illegal, which it was not, the PLP dubbed it JETGATE. it should really be dubbed a Campaign Donation and a meeting, which both are perfectly legal.

              • Christal Clear says:

                Interesting how the wholes JETGATE matter slithered away YET whatever went down was bad enough for Michael Dunkley to slither in. Now that was hilarious given it was always a part of his plan. For real how many national embarrassments di Craig commit leading up to that point. Mike new early it was just a matter of time before Craig dug the final hole to jump in.

                But the ridiculous of it all is he steps down from some 350,000.00 accusation then turns around and is given one of the largest budgets and Ministries.

                Now that was DEEP! So yah 350,000.00 wasn’t enuf, now we’ll give him direct access to the PUBLIC PURSE! That aint got a damn thing to do with any opposition, that had to do with simply showing one’s colours.

                Hey but you’ve gotta give the kid some credit. After licking his wounds in solitude for a few months, he got the bright idea enough to realize ‘hey wait a minute I was the Premier…..I know where ALL the bones are buried. So he brush of his knees and took his marbles back in the ring, Told Michael he’ll walk or talk. Now THAT’S what you call growing b’s overnite….well over a few months.

                Either way, if he walked along with Sylvan the government would have collapsed, and if he talked well…do the math. Perfect landscape for the scorned.

                Essentially he came to the conclusion if Mike was going to get his premiership it wasn’t gonna be for FREE.

                So now he’s messing up fixing walls and roads.

                But guess what? At least those who decide to pull over and get gas won’t wastes their time. Now days you can actually go there and not have to hear some lousy excuse that their waiting for the gas truck. No. Esso was waiting for them to pay their bills.

                Well, for a situation that was near belly up. Craigate got bank now lolol. Fooled errybody.

        • Just the Tip says:

          A few of theses are non-issues, others could be argued as not the fault of the government and some would considered back peddling which is not always a bad thing but can be annoying and yet is not something that shows lack of transparentcy

        • Speeed Bump says:

          Do you really want to compare party performance?

          Jetgate, (Yes the PLP had their own) Dr. Brown and Globalhue CEO- the difference? that one cost the country millions, but nobody wanted to talk about it.
          T-Street Scandal
          Bermuda Housing Corporation
          Cedar Beams
          Closing of St Georges Golf Course
          Promise of St Georges Hotel that never happened
          TCD contract
          Port Royal Golf Course Contract
          Dockyard Pier
          Berkeley / Proactive deal $60 million over to a company with no experience.
          Bermuda Cement Company
          Tuckers Point SDO
          Vesey Street SDO
          Grand Atlantic
          $800 million unaccounted for.
          $2 billion in debt.

          Sorry my fingers are getting tired.

      • Wake up Bermudians says:

        Just the Tip. I lost confidence in the OBA when they attempted to draft legislation that would allow rhe children of foreign Executives to work in Bermuda during summer breaks without going through immigration scrutiny . That indicated to me that the OBA lacks integrity. Our children are home from school and sometimes can’t even get a job during the summer to supplement their income to help them with their tuition. The OBA put foreign people first and Formost. Only because of public outcry did they change their mind.

        • hmmm says:

          No they considered the problem…..offered a solution and then revised the position after public feedback.

          Don’t make it out to be something different as it wasn’t.
          no legislation was brought into being.

        • Hope says:

          Even some children who were born here are not eligible to have summer jobs, because they cannot apply for status under the current rules. Is that right?

    • Verly says:

      I think a few of them are compassionate, genuine and caring. Minister Altherden seems to be one of them. Unfortunately, she’s way outnumbered by the others who don’t give a rat’s behind about the people.

      • smh says:

        Keep drinking the koolaid. The PLP created $2B in debt that our grandchildren still won’t be able to payoff, increased the size of the civil service to unsustainable levels to hide the true unemployment figures, have been proven time and a time again to be behind the countries greatest instances of corruption and malfeasance as highlighted in the auditors report and drove away 5000+ people and businesses in I&B to repercussion we are feeling today in high unemployment…and you think it’s the OBA that don’t give a rats ass about YOU????????? Stop being so weak and gullible

      • hmmm says:

        All the OBA representatives care about all Bermudians….they wouldn’t have stepped up. They knew the country was being managed to oblivion by the PLP and it was going to be very painful to their personal self to help Bermudians, but they are doing it.

        To say they don’t care about Bermudians would have meant they would leave it to someone else…not their problem…but they didn’t , they stepped up to the plate….They care… There are some people want you to think they don’t care…and for pretty obvious reasons.

      • Nanny Pat says:

        Talk about ‘not giving a rat’s behind…” who was it that said “we don’t care what you think?”

        This lady would starve to death if they were still in power.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      The expectation of transparent governance is very very much the angels on a pinhead. To date, I have been far happier with the level transparency from the OBA than with anything the PLP has ever provided to date. Could there be more… possibly, in my opinion the greatest issue stems more from the poor communications skills of the OBA than transparency, but do we also want the government to spend time getting the work done or talking about the work they want to do. I find the greatest complaints about lack of transparency is from the opposition and its supporters, which carries less weight as they are less intent on wanting transparency out of government and more intent on derailing them from getting anything done and opposing anything they do, because… well, they aren’t doing what the PLP want them or would do. Despite the monumental failure of the PLP policies during their admin, they still think we should be doing what they were doing; which make their complaints even more disingenuous as they the level of transparency they are demanding from the OBA is effective to having the public micro-manage what government does, and that nothing should be done without the PLP’s approval. Neither of these would ever work, nor has the PLP ever invested any interest into the level of transparency on their own part, ever as government or opposition.
      Contrary to what the PLP are trying to portray, the OBA are carrying out what the people want them to do as there as support for the OBA’s reform is mor than 2 to 1 for it. They only people against it are the PLP nationalist who don’t want any avenue for status, which is in effect, no reform, and a continuation of the failing status quo.

    • And stale milk keeps on saying he is listening, well now he will HEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

        Are people forced to buy this so called stale milk?

    • Ok says:


      Fact – In 10 years over 65% of Bermudian workforce will be over 65 ( retirement age)

      so unless you believe in child labor…you won’t have enough young adults to fill up the jobs….

      Not to mention all the young adults that have moved to England, and all the unqualified ones here….

      Who’s going to be left to work? These people hate foreigners but….Your TWO MAIN sources of income are directly sourced from “foreigners”….re insurance….and Tourism. And how do tourist get here….planes, boats all which are owned by foreigners. Your tv is American, clothes, foods are from ” foreigners”…Even goslings has part of its black rum done in the US….Gas is from foreigners, your education system was made by foregners…Jamaicans are foreigners right? Well you use their language, listen to reggae and dancehall….most Bermuda musicians are reggae artists…even Trinidad has its OWN music style and is actually in the Carribean .look at Collie Budz? Why does he sing in a Jamaican voice? But do you see Jamaica outraged? No. Because Bermuda is PART OF THE WORLD. There’s no factories or production and like I said your main export (goslings) is partly finished in the US. Could Bermuda survive without foreigners. Lol the irony is, you have a Governer….who is also a foreigner. On you money is the Queen….I mean this outrage at foreigners is a joke. Someone posted stats that when all the expats left, you economy dropped. Sigh. I guess ignorance is bliss.

    • Frenchie11 says:

      You have a short memory, the PLP put the country in a mess by chasing all all the international business away along with thousands of foreigners which left the businesses, schools and rental units empty. We are still suffering!

    • Speeed Bump says:

      I can think of $800 million reasons why the PLP are doing all they can to try and have the focus taken off of them right now.

  2. Dunn Juice says:

    I cant go work today, I was up all night and im tired and starving..

  3. hmmm says:

    Let me see. The plp came up with the Hustle Truck for ideas for work. OBA has real ideas and job employment coming up I think i will stick with OBA thank you.

    • Verly says:

      The hustle truck was actually a good initiative. Some people in the community might have just needed an odd job done here and there. Some of the guys were unable to get full time employment (for one reason or another) and the hustle truck helped them.
      I’m sure many of the out of work plumbers, carpenters, masons, etc would be HAPPY to have the hustle truck right now. Half a loaf is better than none at all, at least a little odd job would put some groceries in the house. You’re knocking the PLP for the hustle truck, yet thousands are out of work while the OBA is opening the floodgates for even MORE foreigners to come here for what little jobs we may have. …but I guess that’s ok with you?

      • Come Correct says:

        The hustle truck was good in that respect but the last part is false. They aren’t opening the flood gates for more foreigners, they’re already here and have been so long they feel they are Bermudian themselves. There’s some that have been here way longer than 20 years and still don’t have status.

      • jt says:

        I also thought the hustle truck was a decent idea but it was a very small band aid for an arterial wound. The OBA are trying to attack the problem on a different scale and there are some who cannot get their heads around that. We can’t just keep adding hustle trucks and expect to dig our way out.

        • Ya U.B.P want do an operation and they are not qualified.

          • Just the Tip says:

            If the OBA is not qualified in your view how do you view the PLP that put us in this mess?

        • Verly says:

          But in the meantime bellies go empty? The OBA have been saying for years now that they’re working on things. The hustle truck may have been a band aid approach, but I’m sure if you had a gaping wound you would prefer that band aid in place until you can get a proper bandage!!

      • hmmm says:

        Would you rather see The Hustle truck. Or a beautiful new airport? Bermudians working? A new hotel and golf course on the east end? America’s cup? A new hotel at Morgans point? Stop thinking so small. The Hustle truck came about because the country was brought down to its knees. And they had to do something to help people. It was a joke then and a joke now. I want to see Bda back to some promise. Not even for you or I, but for the younger generation they deserve to have real jobs so they can have a life the older generation protesting right now is thinking about this the wrong way. The minister is thinking about Bda years from now.
        You seem happy to see Bda acting like a third world country if this is what you want then Bda is doomed.

      • Star says:

        Preach! Thank you very much!

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        You started off on the right foot, but then headed into the realm of misinformation with your conclusion. Yes there are a couple thousand of locals out of work, but the sectors where that umemployment is greater is the trades. A sector that would benefit from a hustle truck, but only if there is the work there for it, which there isn’t. As for the floodgates you speak of, there is nothing in the current policies or the proposed reforms that would open any flood gates. Where the majority of the foreigners are coming into under the OBA are the IB sector, and it is this influx of foreign companies and employees that will eventually help relieve the trades sector.

      • Had Enough says:

        they are not openeing the floodgates for more foreigners to come here, these people are already here and have been for a long time. Foreigners can’t just arrive and stay there is a process and believe me not everyone wants to stay here forever. It really is just a few and it’s a shame that so much negative stuff is being put out there. Alot of these people who are seeking PRC or status are married to Bermudians and there are a good number opposing this that are married to foreigners, how do your spouses feel about all this.

      • High Road says:

        We need more than “hustles” to give the people work and security. The OBAs plan will deliver this.

      • Huh? says:

        Opening the floodgates for foreigners??? Is this what those protesting out on east broadway thinks is going to happen? How do you not understand these people have been here 15 plus years…invested in the island, spend money in Bda establishments, paid into payroll taxes etc…I wish people would get their facts straight before protesting! lol

      • Speeed Bump says:

        If it was such a good idea , why did the PLP shut it down?

    • So Tired says:

      They told you something they didn’t tell the rest of us??

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      The hustle truck was a good idea, there are those who really don’t want full time employment, and rather a quick hustle. Unfortunately this hustle mentality doesn’t work for the private sector who require steady employees, even in low skill jobs.

  4. I see you! says:

    wonder if she had any KFC in the tent

    • Verly says:

      This lame joke has been made already. FYI not everybody likes KFC.

  5. Anyone for lunch? says:

    I don’t agree with what this woman is doing at all. But if she becomes ill, that is on the hands of Walton Brown and his cohorts in the PLP.

    • Joonya says:

      Nonsense! This is an adult. She made the decision to do this, nobody forced her, and whatever the outcome may be she will need to deal with it. Typical Bermuda attitude.. blame others SMFH

  6. Unbelievable says:

    This actually could end up being the most interesting part of all this political mess right now…..or it could be the most anti-climactic thing EVER.

  7. Bermudian says:


  8. Terry says:

    There is more to this than meets the eye and what she is saying.
    She is being used.

    • hmmm says:

      You have to consider that her demands are so vague, and could not be met in any way shape or form before she dies of starvation…the political process and legislation timeframe exceeds a human beings ability to survive without food.

      Surely that would be the elements in the PLP that convinced her of her view points through misinformation…i.e. contributory negligence

      Is she a fraud…I don’t know…is she this person, is she being paid?

      I find it sad that the PLP have whipped someone up into a state. Perhaps journalist need to find out where she heard and what information she heard led to her before hand so her family can sue for damages. OR that those parties can try to rectify the damage they have already done.

    • Nanny Pat says:

      Seriously Terry – you are just figuring that out now? This has Walton Brown written all over it. I wonder how he sleeps at night after fueling the fire in some of these people who don’t know any better. It’s exploitation and it’s disgusting, pathetic and sad. This poor woman thinks she’s making a difference. She’s just being used.

  9. one time poster says:

    People are so quick to blame the OBA… its the PLP that got us here in the first place. This woman got what she wanted, the premier and others came and spoke with her, what else does she want. They are no going to call an election because of this stunt. She should be happy she lives in a county that allows her to have the freedoms she has and the ability to actually go on a hungry strike. Some people dont have a choice. They just starve. Go home, go get a job, do something more useful with your life.

  10. Bring on the wealth says:

    We’ll all be so rich soon. 100 Bermuda dollars for 1 US dollar. I can’t wait!

    • jt says:

      Trisha’s with you.

      • hmmm says:

        Get a WHOLE loaf of bread for 400 Bermuda Dollars !

        • Long Bay Trading Co. says:

          if you could find a loaf of bread?!! We wont have the US$ to import and we wont have the US$ to buy flour, yeast or salt…..what to do? Damn those pesky Americans wont take Bermuda dollars for some reason……….!!

    • Had Enough says:

      and you call that rich

  11. BRech says:

    Any Bermudian with any common sense is not going to let this lady not eat and become ill. I am sure someone is feeding her.

  12. Dopiness says:

    1.) This won’t last long….

    2.) People – isn’t it a bit early for setting up camp sites for Cupmatch :)

  13. Bdaluv says:

    All these negative comments make me sad. Which is exactly what she is fighting against , thank you Ms. Matthias !!! We support you all the way. Will be by later with water and to see what else you need.
    Thank you for fighting on our behalf !!

  14. Make a new plan Stan says:

    The following is an OBSERVATION NOT AN ACCUSATION:

    If she was hugging a tree to prevent development of a piece of land or protesting the death of a lion or a whale reactions and responses would be different.

    Don’t get bent out of shape by that comment rather take some time to reflect and wonder if what is stated above is true or not.

    The need to protest seems to be very strong in this country right now whether it’s for immigration reform, marriage equality or the preservation of marriage, saving schools or preventing the airport development.

    I am happy to live in a country where people are becoming more comfortable speaking in public about their discontent rather than just murmuring around the kitchen table.

    BUT……what’s going on?

  15. Lets be real says:

    $10 says someone slipped ace girl a snickers

  16. Lets be real says:

    Can the people who support the immigration reform all come down and stand on the other side? Lets see who the majority is, even though its blatantly obvious….

  17. hmm says:

    lol this is stupid

  18. Family Man says:

    Are there no vacancies at MAWI?

  19. Trisha says:


    • jt says:

      Those in favour of Pathways agree with you.

    • Bermyman says:

      Hey Trish, Can you take out a loan to spend on my lifestyle please? I want to live comfortably and that way the Government won’t need to spend anything on making that happen for me.

  20. Rockfish#1 says:

    Her 15 minutes of fame have expired.
    Time for her to go home, get a bath and a decent meal.

  21. Furbie says:

    Before you judge this young woman take the time to go and have a conversation with her. I am certain that you will be quite surprised.

  22. Concerned says:

    Hope Bermudians can deal with tgmhe consquences of pushing foreigners away.

  23. Crazy says:

    when it comes down to it all, there is no stopping these people from changing their views, you can show them facts and figures and convince them that what the OBA is doing is indeed positive and a step in the right direction, they don’t care as their mind is made up as you can clearly see from all these ridiculous demonstrations – shouting NO NO NO in a public forum, then blocking Monday morning traffic and numerous other protests, its a claim they want to be heard but in reality they are just the LOUD minority whereas there is a much larger SILENT majority – just my 2 cents

  24. Bullseye says:

    Let’s say they dissolve Parliament and call an election and the PLP win.

    Are all the Bermudians going to return to our shores? Will health care costs come down? Will pensions go up? Will thousands of jobs appear?

    NO. But Ms. Matthie will go home and she will be happy again. Sigh.

  25. You aren't serious! says:


    As a young Bermudian I am appalled that this is the example that she is trying to set for younger Bermudians.
    Look I get the whole hunger strike objective before you guys try to ridicule that comment, but hear me out.
    More so the people who voted in OBA are the younger generation, we are the ones who will have to inherit this island at the end of the day. Why can’t we decide where to go with it? (Now before all of you go “well there won’t be an island if you give it away to the “foreigners”) well let me say this, I have many friends, as does many Bermudians on this Island who have grown up here and known nowhere else. Why do they not deserve it? It’s time for the older generation to seriously wrap their heads around what the PLP put us into (debt, debt, debt) and finally, finally the island is making back funds we have lost (due to PLP) so let it happen! It’s been 3 years! PLP had their chance! And look where we ended up.
    Also on a side note, if both parties worked together who knows what we would accomplish.

  26. Bermyman says:

    Attention seeking at it’s finest. Won’t make it past 36 hours without food (if she is in fact not eating)- I bet you.

    All of this talk of struggle, oppression and poverty; when was the last time someone starved to death in Bermuda or was beaten by authorities? Seriously people need to get a reality check as to what constitutes real oppression and struggle in the modern world. Go to Zimbabwe, 95% unemployment and a worthless currency all because they wanted to chase the foreigner out. Zimbabwe had the highest standard of living in Africa before Mugabe. Jamaica had one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean before independence. Now look at both of their poverty situations.

    No one wants to plant the corn in Bermuda, everyone wants to raid the barn. They don’t want the Government to invest in opportunity to generate more economic activity for the people, they want the government to continue to spend on the people by borrowing 85% of our tax $$. This basic lack of economic understanding really highlights how poor the education level is amongst people who think a fake hunger strike is some sort of titanic protest against the evil OBA regime.

    This woman in her original interview stated that she just wanted everyone to live comfortably and for the Government to invest more in education and seniors. The PLP failed to audit the pension system for 6 years, they ignored it, in addition there is no correlation between spending on schools and academic performance. What is being done is the consolidation of schools that are half full so that their operating expenses per school can be reduced. That means that kids will have to be dropped off at a different school further away from home in certain circumstances, BIG DEAL! Deal with it, the government has to get get it’s non revenue generating expenditure under control before our children have the same economic future as Zimabwe. IF it were upto the PLP though, we would spend our way into the IMFs back pocket, the Bigga’s at the BIU and Alaska hall by that time would have taken their money and ran, the Island and it’s people left with nothing. We were firmly on that road, and will be if we continue to listen to the PLP and their destructive means of politics.

  27. Concerned says:

    We need UNITY!!

    Where is it? Has some people forgotten their heritage? Where they were born? Forgotten how to stand together with their own people?

    What this party OBA is doing is not right and it doesn’t matter who started this mess, we cannot just sit back and let it continue. The decisions that they are making will affect your children and grandchildren and their children and grandchildren….

    Oh! I just realized you can’t think that far…..sorry!

    At least she is willing to do something, while the rest of you with all these stupid comments are doing what?……Nothing!!

    Oh! that’s right you’re standing in the complaining and do nothing line…. I get it now…

    God Bless you Ms. Matthie, you hang in for as long as you can.

  28. HaveASnickersYou'reNotTheSameWhenYou'reHungry says:

    I applaud you lady! I’d never make it! My stomach is growling now just thinking about it!

    On another note. Where do they use the bathroom though? I hate camping!

  29. aceboy says:

    What we need are more brilliant projects like Grand Atlantic. The brilliance of the PLP really shone brightly on that particular project. Genius! Brilliance!

  30. Tank Rain says:

    Someday this history changing and epic display of courage & bravery will be read about in the textbooks of children island wide.

    **Please note the above is sarcasm

  31. a concerned Young Bermudian says:

    I am concerned about the stupidity in the actions towards protesting immigration. WHY NOT? And its only the older generation!!!!!

  32. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    I personally visited miss matthie and congratulated her on her courageous stance .I made a prayer with her in Arabic Language ,then intrepreted it for her in English.She thanked me and I proceeded to leave.What I did not tell her is that I made a silent prayer for her health and courageous Success.I support her brave efforts 100%.

    • Bermyman says:

      Which God did you pray to? Was it the God of unlimited money for PLP supporters to live off?

  33. Concerned says:

    OK my thing is….. how many people (Bermudians) have to be without a job, or homeless, or no food in their fridge or cabinets to feed their families before we get the picture.

    So we are going to allow more foreigners to come and take up more jobs because they are going to need to make an income. Tell me how allowing more to come is going to help us generate more money? I’m puzzled….

    So they take jobs for a lesser pay….. than how are Bermudians that are without jobs and looking to get jobs are suppose to get them.

    Yes, every country has foreigners living in it, I’m not disputing that but we are only 22 sq. miles….how many do we want to allow to come?…. how many jobs do they think are available out there?

    Bermudians need to come first……that is the message…. or …

    Are we waiting to we become like one of these third world countries….were we have tons of people starving and homeless …we have it going on now…..or don’t they care!!!

    • Noncents says:

      @ Concerned

      This unfortunately is the mindset of the people on the wrong side of the debate.

      Bermuda bats way above it’s average in the international business world. We are a population of less than 70,000 people. That’s the equivalent of Gosport, Shrewesbury, Grays, Cannock and several others. Have you ever heard of those places? They are all in England.

      The point being, we are extremely lucky to have high profile companies with high profile individuals that call Bermuda home. These companies, and more importantly, these individuals provide HUGE opportunities for all of us. Whether its for Bermudians gaining access to great paying jobs, or the individuals that benefit from the money that is spent in our economy- we are all impacted.

      What you don’t seem to understand, if we close our doors to immigrants, those jobs go away. Bermuda does not have the resources to support these industries on our own . That money get’s spent somewhere else and in the end we all suffer.

      • frank says:

        There are no. Term limits. They can stay for ever now

    • erm says:

      Foreigners can only fill a position when there are no Bermudians to fill it……and then every three years, or less, that same job is offered to any Bermudians who are qualified, or in jobs with no qualifications, any Bermudians who want that job. How is that giving jobs to foreigners instead of Bermudians….

      • Sick & Tired says:

        Well we know that is definitely not true, since there are foreigners making coffee, some of whom who have demonstrated a very difficult time with basic math like making change and simple physics . . .a can of cream needs two openings to pour freely.

        By the way there are no term limits . . . remember!!!!

  34. Pete says:

    Can I make a request ace girl can you ad “fix the ozone layer” and and Bermuda ” needs a space program” to your list lol

  35. question mark says:

    You say you have had protection by gentlemen sitting overnight with you. Just whom are these gentlemen protecting you from? Your own people, or all the nasty “others”???

  36. Bermy greens says:

    One thing for sure did anyone see the way some of the plp lived before some got in power ? And do any of you supporters know how they live now . Most like they have all the money in the world some in fancier houses now . When will the supporters realize that they are for themselves linning there own pockets. Not helping the people of Bermuda. And if any of u say they helped me out I call your bluff they threw u scraps to make u feel like u meant something nothing substantial be real here . I tell you one thing when they were in power I gave at least 20 quotes for painting for the plp and one man got every job. Not other bermudians one man. So before u go on about plp any more stop and realize there no different from these wannabe punk azz lil gangsters today. Everyone wants to turn a blind eye to them until.stop voting based on color and wake up and smell the greens people. Oba ain’t perfect but the sure as hell ain’t taking from the taxpayers pockets to line there own .put that in ya pipe and smoke it !

  37. Wow says:

    Even though we dont share the same political views, I commend her for standing up for what she believes in. However, if its just a PLP stunt, then shame on her and them. I understand that she is unhappy and doesnt agree with the Gov’t and shes hoping that by making this bold stance they will tuck their tails between their legs and give in to her. But thats not going to happen. Very similar to when a child refuses to eat dinner because she’s mad at her parents. The parent says ‘ok, go to bed hungry then’. Parents had to make decisions for us that we didnt always agree with, but they were in charge and made those decisions with the best intentions. Just like the Gov’t, i sincerely think that theyre in a very tough spot and is trying to do whats best. Majority rules and right now, it looks like most are in favor of moving forward.

  38. Noncents says:

    Cant believe there is a young child out at night being forced to support this BS.

  39. obasellouts says:

    Time for a reset anyway.

    Hope some of the posters here have passports at the ready!!!!!

  40. TheAcademy says:

    Has the actress from Philadelphia PA won the Oscar yet? Have to wonder if she was hired by someone…