Enda Matthie: ‘I’m Not Eating & I’m Going To Stay’

March 10, 2016

[Updating] After beginning her hunger strike at the House of Assembly on Tuesday, Enda Matthie remains on the grounds this morning [March 10] and said she is not eating and plans to “stay until a decision is made about this immigration policy.”

Around half a dozen people were with Ms Matthie this morning, having spent the night with her on the grounds of the House of Assembly where a tent has been set up. Among those with her was 81-year-old Eugene O’Connor, who has spent the last two nights on the grounds with Ms Matthie.

Audio comment from Ms Matthie:

Speaking with Bernews this morning, Ms Matthie said, “Good morning, here we are again, we spent the night here, we’ve awaken here, and we are ready, fortified and raring to go. So anyone who wants to come and join us please, this is for everybody in Bermuda who calls themselves Bermudian.

Asked if she has had anything to eat in the past couple of days, Ms Matthie said, “I came up on this hill on Tuesday, today is now Thursday and I have not had anything to eat, and that can be verified by the numerous people who’ve been in my presence since I’ve been here.

Asked long she intends to stay, she said, “I’m going to stay until a decision is made about this immigration policy, and I’m looking for them really to dissolve Parliament and call and election, and I’m not eating….I’m just not eating. It’s too serious.”

enda matthie day 3 bermuda (1)

enda matthie day 3 bermuda (2)

house grounds bermuda march 10 2016 (1)

house grounds bermuda march 10 2016 (2)

Update 10.08pm: There are now more tents on the grounds and quite a few people, who all intend to spend the night


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  1. Happy says:

    there is no way to verify if the actress has eaten or not

    • La says:

      Stfu and get a life other than trolling bernews. Bet you are and old fool hiding behind a screen because you wouldn’t say that to her face. You without a doubt are a person who is quick to say oh there are other ways to get heard instead of rioting but when someone does something peacefully they are an actress or a fool. Get a life go away unless you plan on encouraging her and her peaceful rally. Fool

      • serengeti says:

        She has been suckered in by the PLP

      • Happy says:

        well you tell me how you know she has or has not ?

        • Mixitup says:

          As she took your Premier for his word, I take her for her word.

      • OMGWTFBBQ says:

        there is no way to verify if the actress has eaten or not

      • kim says:

        there are these certain groups or cliques of people making the nasty comments, stand firm local people, stand united , there are some evil forces at work here

        • Bill says:

          Hang on – let’s get this straight, this woman hasn’t resided in Bermuda for most of the past decade??

    • Ian says:

      Talk about not see the forest beyond the trees. You people despicable.

    • jo jo says:

      this is when we need a hurricane

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      Actress WOW :-(

    • Sick & Tired says:

      Sad, sad, sad!

      • hmmm says:

        If she is not eating but is drinking, then she is just fasting.

        If she is committed to doing this until Govt change legislation then unfortunately it will not end well. The wheels of governance do not work fast enough

        • stunned... says:

          oh wait…if she falls ill due to her own (in)actions, it will be the Government’s fault, the OBA, the BELCo, Logic, British Airways, anybody’s fault but her own.

          total spectacle and farce

        • Silence Do Good says:

          Thank-you to this lovely lady who has taken a peaceful stance. Very commendable. I am not sure as well if the wheels will turn with any expedience in her favor. But good for you showing your resolve so close to International Women’s Day. Others should take note instead of doom and gloom rhetoric.

          Good News, you have a nice spot picked out for May 24, Cup Match camping week and Remembrance Day. Stay hydrated. it is going to a be a long hot summer.

    • jim bob says:

      Someone wave a piece of KFC in front of her mouth and see how much arm you come back with……

      • Verly says:

        The KFC jokes are getting rather lame buddy!! You all call her brainwashed, but can’t come up with your own “jokes”.

      • NEW ONION says:

        Tell me why must it be chicken from KFC??? This sounds like a very racially charged comment… you know what I mean.!!!!!

        • Seriously says:

          hahahahaha!!! really?!?! That’s what you get out of that? Sounds like you are the one with the issue.

        • hmmm says:

          No, nothing to do with race…that is in your head which may speak to what is in your mind.

          KFC is just a popular fast food place in Bermuda…stuff is very tasty indeed…although I haven’t had any for awhile, if put in front of me I’d most likely not decline despite my diet and exercise, diet and exercise , diet and exercise.

        • hmmm says:

          How is chicken from KFC racist?

          Whatever it is that pertains to race is obviously in your own head !

        • The Original Truth™ says:

          It is and that’s why it keeps being brought up. There are many racially veiled comments made all the time here by both OBA and PLP supporters although PLP supporters are a bit more upfront. OBA supporters will say things like Bermudians being lazy and inept but what they really mean is black Bermudians but wont say it that way so that they can accuse PLP supporters as the only ones being racist.

        • dawn says:

          it’s funny how his post has no clear racial sentiment, while you explicitly imply it! who is the racist?

      • Ash says:

        Very immature of you….

    • trues to her word says:

      I’m there day and night and I know she is true to her word. .she’s has not eaten.this message is not for the naysayers but for those who believe in the cause…she is an amazing woman.. many both old and young. Black and white have supported and continue to show support…

      • Lets be real says:

        I look forward to seeing Ms Matties soon to come beach bod. Keep at it ace girl, May two four is roun de corner!

      • hmmm says:

        Has she had any water or fluids?

  2. Bullseye says:

    So there it is. This is all about politics. Nothing to do with solutions. The PLP won’t magically make everything better but she will be happy and go home and eat. Sweet.

    • hmmm says:

      She should be complaining about the supreme court, the constitution and international rights….sees she doesn’t quite understand what is really going on.

      • george says:

        “So anyone who wants to come and join us please, this is for everybody in Bermuda who calls themselves Bermudian.”

        except of course, those who have called Bermuda home for more than 20 years and are just as Bermudian as anyone else…

        hypocrisy anyone?

  3. lifetime says:

    Can someone please send a nurse/doctor to check on her periodically? Let’s do our due diligence.

    Good for you Ms. Matthie!

    • trues to her word says:

      Yes a nurse comes to check her 3 times a day… she is doing well!!

      • Rhonnda Oliver says:

        I’m glad to hear this.

        While I don’t agree with her stance, I don’t wish her any ill.

  4. Seriously says:

    Ok then, don’t eat. LOL!!

  5. Comfortably numb says:

    - maybe a blessing in disguise for this somewhat tragic, deluded figure. I’m not sure, in all of history, that a hunger strike was ever called to protest AGAINST human rights.

    • Ash says:

      Citizenship is only a human right when you don’t possess status to any country, that is not what’s being argued in favor for by the Pathways to Status. Bermuda is not violating any human rights when it comes to immigration so stop spreading this false message.

      Having Bermudian status is NOT a human right.

  6. watchfuleyes says:

    Her name is Ms.Matthie in case you missed that part of the article.

  7. Truth says:

    People stop thinking all Bermudians support you. I don’t, for one.

    These are the same bunch who don’t want to allow gay rights.

    What if status was not granted to all current Bermudian ancestors who lived and worked here for years?

    None of us are native.

    Think about that.

    • Vernon says:

      “None of us are native”

      That is not accurate. The definition of the word “native” actually describes someone who originated (or was born) in a certain place. An indigenous population is one that has roots and a subsequent bloodline in a place of birth. Hence, if someone were born in Bermuda, to parents born in Bermuda,and whose parents also were born in Bermuda, you have the growth of an indigenous population. Everyone had to start somewhere in order for there to be a native poulation anywhere. If you could trace an indigenous population back to their beginning,you would eventually arrive at its progenitors. THEY would be the ones who are NOT native to the land.

    • Give it a break says:

      Hold up now it’s your cowardly oba gov that has the numbers in the house to give you rights, but there too afraid to lose the next election. Why you think they want a referendum! Now lie down and shut up or better yet why don’t you put up a tent next to her demanding the Government pass the law. At least she’s not afraid to stand for what she beliefs in.

    • Disbelief says:

      Well oh wise one where are we who were born in Bermuda from. Do tell.

  8. warlord says:

    She will be on Oprah after this

    • Seriously says:

      HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Dying! Literally!! I needed that laugh!

  9. Widget says:

    She has a tent full of Snickers Bars stashed sown into the lining of the tent.


    And when this charade is all over and asked where she is going, she’ll tell you strait to KFC.

    Sorry but I just don’t agree with this stunt. So if your going to protest and starve yourself pick a better reason for it, in my opinion this is not the right subject.

    • Verly says:

      Do you think everybody eats KFC? Or just a certain segment of the community?

  10. Common cent$ says:

    Someone cook some bacon right next to her lol

    • rhonda says:

      Even if you disagree, are your comments necessary… Somebody knows who you are behind your pen name. And your parents should feel ashamed that they raised a piece of……..

  11. sassymama says:

    I for one applause Ms Matthie. She at least has the balls and gumption to do what she considers the right thing, can’t say much about many folks who are downing Ms Matthie.

    For those critical folks, shame on you, I don’t see you out there doing anything other than complain, and more complaining.

    To those Bermudians who are supporting this, don’t forget that your children and their children, etc., will be subject to foreigners as their masters and your children will be the slaves.


    • Smiddy says:

      DO you have THAT little confidence in your own and other peoples’ children to think that the only option they would have is to become slaves to anybody else? If you’re so scared of foreigners “stealing jobs,” then encourage the younger generation to get a more comprehensive education. The most competition they’ll face are from other Bermudians.

      • Portia says:

        Perhaps it is our education system, rather than the children themselves, that sassymama has little confidence in…especially as the Government has no plans to provide this “comprehensive education” that you speak of, to allow our children to become more competitive. Without the proper foundations, how can we expect them to succeed?

        • Rhonnda Oliver says:

          I understand not having faith in the education system, lack of funds makes it very hard for teachers to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

          However, there is absolutely no reason, parents and family members can’t educate their children as well.I don’t mean sit down lessons, but just about everything you do with a child can be educational for them.

          Perhaps Im wrong, but it seems like too many parents are expecting the schools to do all the work in this area.

          Need ideas?… the internet.

          • Matthew Sousa says:

            This is very true parents (and not all) are becoming less involved in their kids lives leaving it up to schools to teach them everything they would need in life. This is not the teachers job, the teachers job is to make sure they have the skills they will need in a working environment. It is parents job to teach kids what morals and lessons they will need to guild them. Parents are a child’s first teacher and children will copy what they see at home.

        • hmmm says:

          14 years and pots of GOLD the PLP had…how did they improve education…the results did not show improvement..they showed a disaster.

        • Bermudian says:

          I don’t think it is the education system – it is cultural, how families value education. Have you not heard of kids in third world countries having to walk for at least 2 hours just to go school and learn? These kids and families value education and they would do anything, whatever it takes, just to learn and be able to compete with the world. Ms. Mathie should visit these places so she’ll have a better perspective of the real world. Bermuda is still a paradise compared to other places, like it or not.

    • hmmm says:

      How will Bermudians be foreigners slaves, please elaborate.

      • planeasday says:

        Are we not already? Do foreign entities not threaten to send us back to the stone age should any changes to the conditions in which they operate be modified.

        Every day dozens of minions from the occupying entities claim (on this very website) that if they leave, Bermuda would cease to exist (more or less) – they know we have one tier to our economy and they use it as leverage to get whatever they want – hence the Immigration (or lack of) debate itself which is largely a product of wealth and influence wanting firmer entrenchments on this island – which they claim is their right.

        • Full Fuulish says:


        • hmmm says:

          No that is not slavery. Nice try, but nowhere close.

          Bermudians work extensively in international business, or did you not know that.

        • Matthew Sousa says:

          Which the Supreme Court says it is a rights issue but hey don’t let that stop you SMH.

    • Portia says:

      Those who are criticizing this woman are racists, pure and simple.

      It is one thing to say “I don’t agree with your stance on this”. It’s quite another when you read comments with name-calling, KFC jokes and other jabs that only focus on certain racial generalizations. Such statements only serve to raise the level of vitriol and cause further racial divide. It really is unacceptable, and it gives the impression that this issue, instead of being about human rights or “doing the right thing” is really just a racial issue. If PRCs and LTRs (the majority of whom are of European descent) have a purported right to status, then certainly Bermudians have a right to protest without being subject to such racial attacks.

      • hmmm says:

        Got nothing to do with race…Stop parading your own personal racist thoughts.

        • Ibegyoupardin? says:

          Actually a lot of these comments are pretty nasty.
          I thoroughly disagree with what she has to say but she’s got every right to say it. All the abuse she’s getting here is crude and unnecessary and unhelpful in the extreme.
          Those who are throwing these barbs and think they are funny should consider that they are undermining their own position by doing so.

          • Bermudian says:

            This is what happens with freedom of expression in social media. For some people, they write whatever comes to mind and are not able to filter these rude comments. Some of them are just plain trying to be funny, but being irresponsible as well.

          • hmmm says:

            And people have every right to say what they want also.

            Her motives are misaligned with reality.

            Those that have convinced her what she is doing is for a good cause have played with her mind.

            That is nasty and disgusting.

      • LiarLiar says:

        And Bermudians have the right to criticize her actions via our freedom of speech.

        What racial generalisations have been spewed in this comment section?

        I see none.

        • Blind Pews says:

          Actually our constitution contains absolutely no allowance for freedom of speech… That’s the American constitution..

    • theothersidebda says:

      How so? Once these “foreigners” are Bermudian, aren’t they no longer foreigners…oh wait I forgot, there are two types of Bermudians in this country…what was I thinking?

      • smh says:

        Didn’t you hear Marc Bean in the house yesterday calling paper Bermudians “Second Class Bermudians” OMG

        • Very sad for a leader to say that says:

          The ever disappointing Leader of the Oppositon the Honourable Mr. Bean–

          And this is a party that advocates for Bermudians? Surely not ALL Bermudians if he said that–Leopards spots are showing.

          And you want my vote, sir you are dillusional with hate and hypocrasy coming out of you like that–good luck to you !

          What a disgrace.

          • We all know when marc bean and company talks about bermudians he means some bermudians…As for Ms Matthie all the power to her ..I just wonder how her insurance will cover her now ,since she is volenterly taking her own health at risk??

      • planeasday says:

        You got it…get it? And I am sure you are of the well heeled, newly minted variety judging by the stench of your arrogance and myopia.

  12. justkeepsgoing says:

    Are you going to be off on weekends?

  13. I can't believe it's not butter says:

    I’m sorry but if she passes out it’s gonna be her fault. Lord knows she’s got a bunch of snacks under her clothing. I hope she’s got some type of bathing regime cause flies will be around her and her crap tent

  14. justkeepsgoing says:

    Right lets just send a nurse or a doctor to her and take more money out of us taxpayers for a stupid reason that shouldnt exist.

    • trues to her word says:

      Tge nurse that comes to see her volenteers her time thanks u

  15. justkeepsgoing says:

    Colonel Sanders sneaks in behind every night and leaves an 18 piece bucket of chicken for here every night.

    • planeasday says:

      you are a richard…

      • justkeepsgoing says:

        And you must be one of the idiots in those lame and useless protests.

  16. justkeepsgoing says:

    Who’s paying for the damage your causing on parliaments lawn?

  17. Aren’t there Laws being violated here by all them dem lot who are, “laying off” along with pitched tents on Government grounds? Just curious:-(

  18. Ed Case says:

    Strong lady. She says she is staying until a decision is made. Hopefully that will be tomorrow and the PRCs will be able to get their well deserved status. Job well done to that lady I’d say!

  19. Bermudian says:

    Way to go Enda. You are standing in the gap for us Bermudians that don’t have the courage or have jobs that we cannot afford to leave, so that we may advocate like you so that we may speak out and take a stand for our beautiful island. I applaud you, you are a STRONG woman of faith.

    However, I truly believe that this Government has made their choice anyway.

    I will continue to uphold your cause because people like you assist with opening the eyes of “The Powers That Be” so that they may humble themselves and do what’s best for “The People” of Bermuda first and foremost!

    • hmmm says:

      The OBA are doing what is best for Bermudians first and foremost….shame you can’t see the full picture.

    • WOW says:

      I heard she’s from Philly. Is this true?

  20. Bermyman says:

    The not so good at Matthie Brigade

  21. Bermyman says:

    She’s like a mini-Laverne, are they making clones now at Alaska Hall? All that research at Dr.B’s clinic by John Smith’s bay seems to be paying off!

  22. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    LMFAO…dissolve parliament and call an election! Guess you’ll be starving, sorry to say :( . Nothing but old people that don’t have any jobs or anything better to do smh! I support the cause but this is childish.

  23. coffee in the morning says:

    Where is she using the bathroom?

  24. Lois Frederick says:

    Just wondering after Pathways is passed is she gong to stop and leave?

  25. Jonathan says:

    Is this not considered trespassing? or at the very least loitering?

  26. LaFerne Sherbet says:

    Ay buh, I think ace girl just wanted to go campin and didn’t want to wait for cup match

  27. Cabin Boy says:

    I’d check her tent for chicken bones

  28. rhonda says:

    All the derogatory comments makes those on the fence circle the wagon to support her…. So carry-on… Your vile comments are a little weak today…

  29. stunned... says:

    15 minutes of fame. UP.

    now on to constructive dialogue and solutions that benefit all of us living in Bermuda now and in the future.

  30. Bermuda.Lighthouse to the world says:

    I have known Ms.Enda Matthie for numerous years and she has ALWAYS been radical about any of her convictions. She has led a life of fasting and prayer when it comes to things that are seemingly “beyond her control”. There was once a lady named Esther who stood against extreme odds for her nation -she too fasted and extraordinary events occurred. I applaud Ms. Matthie for her courage!

  31. Donna says:

    Whether you agree or not with her actions, at least she is doing what she believes is the right thing to do for her beliefs. A lot of people tend to just talk about what they would do, then do nothing. In essence, they just add to the greenhouse effect ( a lot of unnecessary hot air). She should be at least commended for following her convictions. Deciding to launch a hunger strike is a very serious move, considering the impact that it will have on her as time goes on. Judging by some of the insensitive comments, this is a joke! It’ll be interesting to see the comments a week from now! My question to those persons – how far are you prepared to go for your cause, your beliefs, your convictions? Mmmmm…Inquiring minds want to know!

  32. True Lies says:

    Good news lady, the decision has been made, and Pathways is going forward! Get yourself a fish sandwich!

  33. hmm says:

    Ummm no. No one needs to send any food to her. She is doing this on her own TIME and FREE WILL. Camping out on parliament property, come on. If you want to be heard march up to the MPs and discuss your concerns. Maybe even come up with some solutions?

    • John says:

      Even though I disagree totally with the motive I support a person’s right to protest peacefully. Hopefully she is being given any medical attention that is needed and is hydrating.

      • hmmm says:

        If she is hydrating, she is not on a hunger strike….she would be fasting

        • suspicious says:

          ok enough already. Do you have to correct everyone who uses the term hunger strike incorrectly.You understand what theyre saying! God, get a life WEBSTER!!

  34. Really?! says:

    I AM APPALLED AT THE IGNORANCE AND STATE OF DRUNKENESS THAT IS BEING DISPLAYED IN THESE COMMENTS BY SOME OF YOU! First of all, has anyone ever heard of fasting? The scripture also says that some things can only come out through prayer and fasting, so you all need to STOP! Secondly, you seem to be such loyalist to the present Government that you are missing the whole point of Ms. Matthie’s stance! Mr. Fay wants to be on the news talking about the support he has received from the West Indian Community, Jamaican Community etc. in favor of Immigration Reform and that’s great but with all due respect, WHO CARES! This matter is about Bermudians, white, black or indifferent! All we are asking is for a conversation, a process to be carried out and not some quick judgment call made for political gain. What’s the rush? What’s the urgency? Look at the bigger picture, not your current situation that may have you in a comfortable state. Think about how this affects us in the future, our children, our grandchildren. Believe it or not, there are those that are in crisis on this island, in a very desperate position and attention to the needs of the people should be the focus at this time!!! Ms. Matthie, be encouraged! I pray God’s continued strength for you!

    • smh says:

      So Ms Matthie is doing the Lord’s work now?

    • Bermyman says:

      Is God for or against Pathways to Status?

      Our Children, Our Grandchildren face huge debt burden if we do not have higher tax paying people on this Island in greater numbers than currently exist. Every Bermudian right now owes about $80,000 in debt racked up by the PLP, do you have that money saved to pay the piper when he comes a callin? NO you don’t and neither do most Bermudians.

      You voted the PLP in power systematically while the financial pillage was taking place and now you don’t understand why the Government needs to do the things it is doing to ensure it does not go bankrupt and the Island’s economy does not collapse. There is no jobs Bermuda without the foreign dollar, there never has been because we have never sold anything in significant quantity to the rest of the world. Our economy runs on commerce through the foreign currency.

      • suspicious says:

        Yeah and at the end of the day the dollar has the final say! These “FOREIGNERS” know where their “FOREIGN DOLLAR” is best invested! Don’t forget the millions in tax breaks! Stop with the threats, these companies are not DUMB! Some may or in fact have left BUT how many new ” FOREIGN DOLLARS”have been invested in Bermuda since!!

    • dream says:

      there is no god. so you can relax.

    • aceboy says:

      I am appalled at this idiotic stunt. Governments should never be influenced by one confused woman being used for political purposes.

    • Ty says:


      “All we are asking is for a conversation, a process to be carried out and not some quick judgment call made for political gain”

      NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO for twenty minutes.

      How’s that for “conversation” and sound intellectual input.


  35. Rich says:

    “I’m looking for them really to dissolve Parliament and call and election”

    There’s the rub.

  36. Joonya says:

    Check it out.. she’s wearing OBA colors…

  37. Chateau le Roof says:

    I understand this woman feels this issue is important to her, but what she is doing is a type of tantrum, like a child holding it’s breath when it doesn’t get what it wants.

    The immigration policy is for people who HAVE BEEN HERE and HAVE HAD JOBS for the past 15- 20 years, not an open door for anyone to come tomorrow looking for work, buy up the island and vote in a government.

  38. Justice says:

    all racist bigoted people will say something negative,and these same racist bigoted people would be the first to quote Gandhi or tell they children about him….smh its obvious that majority of the people who answer on bernews and hit like or dislike are indeed OBA supporters, if you say something that agrees with their racist bigoted mentality they will love you and like your post , say something against their negative ways they will dislike your post and then say something stupid about how the PLP put us in this position,smh.
    Or they will just make worthless closet racist jokes that only racist bigoted people will find hilarious.
    Here you have a woman who is fed up of the OBA and their lies, and all the racist bigoted people can do is throw ridicule ,no intellectual discussion will you find among them, just hate, hate spilling out through their fingers onto the keyboards and submitting their comments. I admire this woman’s spirit, i dont need to question whether or not she has eaten, im looking at the bigger pic,as to why she is doing it, and im looking at a brave figure that will go down in history, All the while on bernews All these racist bigoted OBA supporters will be etched out of history because nobody will never know them, so continue to hide behind your fake names, and use it as your split personality to say things that you would never say to the face of another conscious black Bermudian or even a white conscious Bermudian. Pathetic people…smh…now on to the dislike buttons…let your hate flow

    • Bermyman says:

      Is this your version of ‘Intellectual Discussion’?

      ‘hide behind your fake names’ – which you are clearly doing.

      So anyone who has supported the OBA is as you say ‘a Racist Bigot’, OK so the majority of voters are therefore exactly that as you say both black/white because they voted for the current Government.

      This woman has stated that she wants to ‘live comfortably’ and it is the government’s job to ensure that. WRONG! It is not the government’s job to ensure your lifestyle through handouts and policy, we went through that and now we are in debt. The PLP has bred this mentality that the Government somehow need to provide for the people rather than the people providing for themselves.

    • LiarLiar says:

      Can’t really take your claims of ‘racism’ seriously when you and yours have been spewing the most disgusting epitaphs and threats at people who will benefit and/or support the proposed immigration legislation over the last few weeks.

      Definitely can’t take you seriously when your elected PLP MPs make some of the most hateful comments in and out of the House while simultaneously calling for issues against a certain demographic.

      Nowhere in this comments has a racial slur been used against Ms. Matthie. Believe it or not black people can be criticized for their actions without it being steeped in racism. All the slurs and threats have come solely from your side.

      She is more than welcome to take on any protest she sees fit as this is a democratic country. And people who do not agree with her have the inalienable right of free speech to criticize her actions as well.

      My question to Ms. Matthie is where was her activism prior to the OBA being in Government? Many of the issues she has noted that she is protesting for have been around long before December 2012.

    • hmmm says:

      She is clearly misinformed…those who have misinformed her better hope she doesn’t go through with this….The propaganda arm of the are responsible if it goes bad. You know who you are.

    • Charlie says:

      “im looking at a brave figure that will go down in history, All the while on bernews All these racist bigoted OBA supporters will be etched out of history because nobody will never know them, so continue to hide behind your fake names,”

      …and yet you use an alias.

      I hit the ‘dislike’ button. Not out of hate but out of a genuine dislike of your diatribe.

      • Justice says:

        it was out of hate…and my Real name is Justice

  39. A Dingo says:

    It’s sad, but sadly not entirely surprising, that a substantial minority of people are willing to shamelessly applaud this woman for seeking to deny people rights to residency and equal treatment based on perceptions about how they may vote one day. That is, after all, the only reason why the proposed legislation is even slightly controversial.

    • SANDGROWNAN says:

      Bingo. That’s exactly it.

    • drogo says:

      well said dingo! well said.

    • Disbelief says:

      Finally an OBA/Ubite supporter who admits it’s all about the vote. No mystery there

  40. Abraham Lincoln says:

    While I disagree with Ms. Matthie’s stance on Pathways to Status, America’s cup and a number of issues, I respect her for having the intestinal fortitude to stand up for what she believes in. I applaud her for doing so in a peaceful, relatively non-disruptive manner. I do take exception where she states that she stands for the Bermudians as I am Bermudian, and my ancestors are Bermudian going back more than 325 years although it shouldn’t matter if I my roots only went back as when I was born. Bermudian is Bermudian, home is home.

    Personally, I feel that Pathways to Status is the right thing to do and is in accordance with human rights. These people have lived a significant portion of their life here. Some have lived their entire life here, been born here, went to school, grew up and came of age here. Bermuda is the only home they know yet, sadly, they cannot call it home. I wonder it must feel to have people that they grew up with, people that taught them, some of their classmates, colleagues, members of their church congregation fighting vehemently against giving them equal rights in their only home. It cannot be a nice feeling. So while I applaud Ms. Matthie on her gumption and peaceful approach to protest, I disagree fully with the viewpoint.


    If she hasn’t eaten, and if the PLP support her wonder if they’ll pay her medical bills if she does get sick.

    I really think she has eaten or something looks to healthy to not have been all this time.

    • Torian says:

      Check her tent. Im sure she came prepared

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      It’s only been 2 days…19 more days til issues start..If she wasn’t consuming liquids he’d be visiting tomorrow.

  42. Weibull says:

    …and plans to “stay until a decision is made about this immigration policy.”


    Based on past experience with government decisions.

  43. Cranberry says:

    Too early for camping…

  44. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    It is disgusting the derogatory comments people are making of this woman, I respect her right to express herself, but on that same note, she is solely responsible for whatever happens to her as a result of this. She is effectively expressing against democracy on this matter, she is calling for an elected government to dissolve itself simply because she doesn’t like that they were elected to do things differently from her PLP. Contrary to much that the PLP and their supporters believe, where we are today is very much a result of their 14 years, and their failure to maintain us as a competitive juristiction to domicile when we needed to. Now the OBA has had to start on the back foot, and the result show that for now, they have managed to stop the back peddling, but it will still take time to get us fully forward again.
    The couple of thousand of unemployed Bermudians will unfortunately stay that way until our IB sector once again is able to stand up, having only just gotten its footing back. In order for us to help get that sector back up, we are going to need far more talent than our local talent pool can provide, so that means that it is going to take far more foreigners. So yes, there are more foreigners gaining employment, while Bermudians aren’t, but that is a result of our poor judgement, in that too many tooled ourselves more toward the trades sectors than business.
    So why is it so hard for our newly educated in business to break into the sector now, well simply, they came back too early… too early in the recovery and too early in their career. What does it take to get into the IB, time, experience and networking. Once you have finished your formal education, stay away… get experience overseas, start somewhere and work your way up, they are Internatioanl Business, they want international talent. Network with the companies here, find out what they want, find out if you can start at one of their office in another juristiction… just don’t come back here expecting a job with your shiny new degree, you need to scuff it up some. And just because you finished your formal, doesn’t mean you’ve finished your education, get some initials after your name, look at what professional certifications will help. I would say almost all businesses will help you there, they want people who are willing to keep learning, they will either help fund your cert or reimburse you upon completion and most will even grant bonuses, so never stop learning. And be prepared to work, 50… 60 hour work weeks might not be in your contract, but conviction to your job and doing what it takes to get it done will almost never not get get noticed.
    So back to the beginning, leave your distasteful remarks off these blogs, if you can’t offer something insightful and intelligent, your not doing yourself or anyone else justice.

  45. Biggadon says:

    As I read the comments of the last few days on here its so sad to see how divided Bermuda really is…. many of the posters come across like Donald Trump supporters very very very one sided US vs THEM…..if you dont know, those Chicken comments are tantamount to a watermelon joke to any Black person…. More power to Ms. Matthie for her stance ….whether you agree with her or not she has more conviction than ANY OF US posting here….at least she stood up for what she believes in.

    • A Dingo says:

      She certainly has stood up for what she believes in. What she believes in happens to be morally repugnant, so forgive me for not joining in with the commendations and supportive comments.

    • Full Fuulish says:

      Your sad to see the division- why assume that when someone says something about KFC that’s its automatically racist? Why not give the person the benefit of the doubt and see it as a harmless joke about food and a hunger strike! KFC happens to be the only true fast food joint on the island! Ever think of that?

      No- because its so much easier for someone to assume negative intent and that a person is being racist! That’s a big contributing factor to the on going division on this island in this day in age!

      • biggadon says:

        Yes the initial KFC comment may have been an innocent joke but the ones that follow certainly were not and am not assuming anything I can read just like you can and am sure you see what I see,but its clear you have never been on the end of a white persons racist comment or joke…. WHO FEELS IT KNOW IT !

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      Remember when the Pope told Trump that he should be building bridges and not walls because that is not the Christian way…well take a look at the Vatican City with its walls which in some places reach a height of 200 feet…

  46. LiarLiar says:

    Good on her for sticking to her convictions.

    I don’t agree with her cause at all, but at least she is standing for something she believes in.

    Just make sure you take care of your health, because when that’s gone it will never come back.

  47. Jan says:

    Can Bernews confirm if Ms. Matthie is Bermudian or American please?

  48. kim says:

    I don’t think marching and picketing works, its to peaceful , we need to disturb something to be noticed

  49. SNS says:

    “…So anyone who wants to come and join us please, this is for everybody in Bermuda who calls themselves Bermudian.”

    I am in Bermuda and I call myself a Bermudian, and I AM Bermudian, but I do not support this at all!! While I don’t agree with any of the comments above bashing this woman and joking about the situation, I think this is a very silly move. She will surely get into issues out there with all the things she’s striking for. I could take it more seriously if it was just one aspect she was fighting for but immigration and age concern and education and…..the list goes on. She is fighting a losing battle!

    I hope her family are working hard to convince her to stop this madness even if they agree with her stance. She WILL NOT win!!!

  50. Malachi says:

    It would appear(according to Google) that this lady is not even Bermudian. If true, is she allowed to stage a political demonstration here?
    Just asking.

  51. Here we go says:

    dissolve government and call an election, not going to happen you look dopey right now, go home!

    • biggadon says:

      grabbing for straws huh…lol…what a desperate post !

  52. The bill will pass in parliament on Friday or next week. Will this bring an end to Ms. Matthie’s protest? The government is not going to change , nor will it pull back. How committed are you to this action? Are you prepared to go all the way? Yes , to place your life on the line. Only you can answer that. Or have you set a line in the sand as a means of personal accomplishment for yourself? After one week, the body is convinced that you are not going to feed it, so it begins to make preparations to shut down, or go on the defensive. After two weeks, you won’t desire food. Three weeks, you are becoming one with yourself. Four weeks, and your true spiritual journey is just beginning. Here you are finding peace with God. It is here, that you are able to forgive the Premier , Minister Fahy and all the OBA for not listening to your cause. This is no small step. My prayers are with you.

    • zikki says:

      this is the problem when one fights for a wrong cause, those doing the right thing will not sympathize with someone fighting a modern day immigration policy that violates human rights. Not even 3rd world countries has this outdated immigration policy that bars its long term members from acquiring citizenship. Her action is out of ignorance and being out of touch with modern changes.She is just riding on her emotions . PLP leaders know this change is long overdue, but who doesn’t know that desperate politicians can call a red color green as long as its politically expedient.

  53. Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

    Did she just move back here from Philly?

  54. zikki says:

    This lady should be ashamed for failing to embrace change. She and others like her are stuck in the past, even third world countries have gone past this shameful and unfair immigration policy of treating people that have diligently worked to build this island. If this hunger strike and resilience were demonstrated in advocating for a good education system in Bermuda, she wouldn’t even be in the streets hunger striking. All the marvelous jobs would be occupied mostly by Bermudians.

  55. Lois Frederick says:

    No End a in sight.

  56. Sheesh says:

    Sad. Bunch of rebels without a clue…

  57. Not Sure says:

    Could this be part of the new world order scheme ? One world govt. Allowing foreigners into the country as residents could be only the beginning. What about getting our govt so pissed that it turns us into a police state. Police training for riots all over the world on the rise. Even in Bermuda. I thinks the govts know that things to come will have people causing “Kaos” so their preparing for the public to become combative.

    Lord forbid but what if the gang violence shifted to the politicians and police. Bank and shop robberies are one thing but what about when that doesn’t work and govt still isn’t handling people correct? Other countries turn right up. Props to this lady for coming up. I’m not about that life. Govt I’m sure would find a way to put me up MAWI.