Photos/Videos: Matthie Remains At Parliament

March 10, 2016

After beginning her hunger strike at the House of Assembly on Tuesday [March 8], Enda Matthie remains on the grounds this morning [March 11], saying “I’m still here, I’m still pushing this thing out, and I feel good.”

Ms. Matthie launched the hunger strike with a suitcase packed, and books and pillows on hand, with intentions to make herself seen on the grounds.

Supporters of Ms. Matthie were with her again this morning, having spent the night with her on the House grounds, where multiple tents have been set up.

Speaking with Bernews this morning, Ms. Matthie said, “Good morning Bermuda, I love you. I’m still here, I’m still pushing this thing out, and I feel good – I feel good.”

Sign-making materials are available at Ms. Matthie’s post as today’s labour issue continues to unfold, with the People’s Campaign having called for “an island-wide withdrawal of labour” today. You can follow our live updates on that here.

Protest At Parliament Bermuda March 11 2016 (1)

Protest At Parliament Bermuda March 11 2016 (2)

Protest At Parliament Bermuda March 11 2016 (4)

Protest At Parliament Bermuda March 11 2016 (7)

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  1. Enough says:

    Of course she feels good. The bedrock of a hunger strike is that you don’t eat/drink, which she has been doing.

    • MF87 says:

      This is sad, and attention seeking. I hope the OBA- the ELECTED government- doesn’t back down on this.

      • Bob thebUILDER says:

        Funny when people protest for a better Bermuda the negative comments you get on here. Sad…
        WE should be happy people have the strength to stand for right..

        • Nanny Pat says:

          She has NO IDEA what she is protesting! She has a sign with a million different things scribbled on it – one of which is a road and a tunnel. Figure out what the heck you are standing for and maybe some of us will take you seriously.

          (Until then, continue eating those snacks out of your suitcase and enjoy your pre-cup match camp.)

          • Kiskadee says:

            I heard she is drinking smoothies….. not exactly a hunger strike!!!!!!! Where is the eye-roll icon…..???

            • Verly says:

              You heard this from who? Stop spreading rumors and/or making up stuff.

      • Caitlyn says:

        You got it the OBA is the elected party.

    • So Tired says:

      Change your focus to the real issues at hand, and comment on that. Those are not of Ms. Matthie. Enough is enough!

    • Really Really BETTTY says:

      Keep Standing Strong Ms.Matthie we Love You Too….we support you.

      Bipartisan Comprehensive Immigration Reform NOW

      Stand Together People is the only way forward. ….

    • suspicious says:

      regardless, try going just a day without food and/or water! Without any of these, you are denying your body nutrients and therefore doing your body harm.The body can only last so long on its stored fats,water and nutrients before organs start to shut down.

      • hmmm says:

        It takes quite a long time…she has weeks and weeks to go…

  2. aceboy says:

    Absurd. Go home woman.

  3. Lois Frederick says:

    Having fasted before, for a week, the last thing I felt was “good”.

    • Whimsical says:

      Just as we are all UNIQUE individuals……Our fasting experiences will not be the same either…..

  4. smh says:

    Is it Cup Match already?

    • So Tired says:

      That Cup Match comment was three days ago. Shut up and keep up!

      • Verly says:

        Sad how they’re all regurgitating the same tired, corny lines. Really goes to show the mindset of the people we’re dealing with.

        • I got to much brains says:

          We shall overcome , we shall overcome , we shall overcome, same old tired lines

  5. SANDGROWNAN says:

    If that’s a picture from Today, then she’s eating and drinking.

    So, not only is she ill advised, misinformed or just plain stupid, she’s also deceitful. Fits right in with the BIU, PLP and Peoples Campaign and other nonsensical organisations.

  6. Mercy says:

    Before and after pics would be a good!

  7. JohnBoy says:

    Wouldn’t this be considered loitering?

    • Bob thebUILDER says:

      Nope it’s considered protesting. Sound like the usually idiots trying to find a legal wrong in the matter of right and wrong. Human rights. Bermudian Rights.

      Not anti-immigration

  8. aceboy says:

    When the big faux show of an ambulence showing up to cart her off happens Bermuda should DEMAND that the doctor’s report on her condition be made public.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Exactly. The spectacle will be lauded all over the place. I mean…it’s not like this is China with blatant human rights abuses or Syria with years of war and millions of people leaving the country. This is Bermuda.

  9. Realist says:

    The goals that people like this woman want to reach are stupid and ignorant it benefits no one long term especially young Bermudians.

    • Bob thebUILDER says:

      Actually her cause is for future Bermudians. You shouldn’t be allowed status and rights as Bermudians who have lived here all their lives or same rights as Married foreigners who have spent 20 yrs or so to achieve papers as my mom did. Don’t give away Bermudian status to the highest bidder.

      What piece of the rock will be left when foreigners come through and buy up all the land???????

      • WillSee says:

        Who will pay your pension?
        because there are not enough of us Bermudians !
        I am a Bermudian

      • Torian says:

        Stop drinking the kool-aid. You’re a foreigner by a Bermudian’s standards, fresh off of the airplane’s womb. Come back when you have 400 years of history on d rock.

        See? I just did exactly what these bipartisan supporters want to say. Welcome to Bermuda, please leave.

  10. JCS says:

    I really hope the government doesn’t back down to these silly people. A few hundred marchers, many who probably don’t even know what they’re marching for, do not make up the majority of Bermudians!

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      Hey instead of marching maybe they join her…A thousand hunger gamers might have more influence on the matter yes?

  11. Getting worrying says:

    Remember during the civil rights movement in this country and around the world there was a class of people that Objected to people of color protesting they spat on them, through rocks af them and spoke all manner of evil. The same spirit exist today. The right to protest is a fundamental part of a democracy it gives voice to anyone who believes that they are not being heard.
    Don’t worry about the voices that protest be affraid of the voices you don’t hear.

  12. Star says:

    Why must you bermudians be so negative? Obviously Ms. Matthie is on the grounds of the house of Assembky for a reason! Yes we all have our opinions, but let’s be real and face the facts first. She is doing it because she wants to see change for us as bermudians. You all should be proud she’s being assertive for our island. Grow up! I’m 23 and saying this. I see the realness of this article. At the end of the day, people will always have something to say good or bad. Shut up already and take head and get serious. We need our island back!

  13. Pembroke Protester says:

    I Protest the Protest. #iprotesttheprotest

  14. Zevon says:

    Who is this woman? There are rumours she is not even Bermudian.

  15. Pete says:

    And the award for best actress goes to ………..