Enda Matthie Remains On Parliament’s Grounds

March 13, 2016

After beginning her protest on the grounds of the House of Assembly on March 8, Ms Enda Matthie remains on the grounds this morning [March 13], where tents are set up on the grounds.

When asked if she could answer some questions readers have asked, Ms Matthie told Bernews she would prefer not to get into a back and forth through the media, but said that anyone who wants to talk to her knows where to find her, and people are more than welcome to come and talk to her directly.

7-minute video of Ms Matthie speaking at the protest on Friday

Speaking at the protest on Friday, Ms Matthie told the crowd, “This is not a show, it is not a game, this is our lives, this is our children’s lives, this is our grandchildren’s lives.

“And for those of you who don’t fully understand why I made this choice to use a hunger strike, because when people are coming at you with extreme measures you’ve got to meet them with extreme measures.”

Photos from this morning:

Enda Matthie sunday march 13 2016 (2)

Enda Matthie sunday march 13 2016 (1)

Enda Matthie sunday march 13 2016 (3)

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  1. Paradise reclaimed says:

    Your resolve is acknowledged, however misguided. Don’t harm yourself over it. Peace

    • Really really Bettty says:

      Stand Strong and Together. ..we love you Edna Matthie. The fight is worth it.

      • Anon says:

        Of course she’s still there. Actresses don’t get paid if they don’t turn up!

      • Spotty says:

        It’s Enda not Edna. For what it’s worth

      • whocares says:

        Is she not eating shakes, smothies etc.?

    • suspicious says:

      This comment is for ALL BERMUDIANS. Have a look at Jane J’s comments somewhere. Is that what and who we want to help make this Island a better place!?! Unbelievable!!
      The truth is,as BERMUDIANS, we wear our hearts on our sleeves,We sugarcoat nothing, and will tell you to your face exactly how we feel.The scary thing is,with comments like those,they are coming from expats who smile in your face every morning and sit in the cubicles next too you! Warning! keep your eyes open!!

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Many on both sides have posted ignorant comments, so don’t try to one side this. What is more scary is the intolerance that has come out the opposition on this in our HoA, and that you would protect them, ingore their vitriol but call out other on theirs. There has been too much nonsense, but when you peel that aside you have the base arguments for and against, and I haven’t heard anything beyond emotion for the against. Granting status to those who have earned it will not take from our children or grandchildren, because economic stability will only add to it. Doesn’t matter if you are new here or been here for generations, you still have to earn what you get. You can’t think that any country owes you simply because you were born here, you have to work for that country otherwise the country fails. Those that will be eligible for status will have been and contributed here for longer than any 1st or even 2nd and 3rd time voters, they have earned the right to say what goes on around their home too. They are not 2nd class Bermudians

      • Garrus says:

        Peace and love will overcome your suspicion and fear. You are trying to instil fear which is the root hatred. We need to stop vilifying those who hold different opinions. Most people are good people, most people just want to get along.

        • suspicious says:

          Yes,this coming from someone who just received status

      • Noncents says:

        @ suspicious

        if you and people like you keep up the xenophobic rhetoric you wont have a cubicle to sit in.

        And I am a proud Bermudian sitting in a cubicle every day grateful to have a job that wouldn’t be here without the ex-pats to my left and right.

      • Terry says:

        Keep wearing your heart on your sleeve.
        From where I stand it looks almost on empty.

    • @ Paradise reclaimed, YOU really don’t get it, Miss Matthie has stood for many of of us, and now you are about to witness, something this Island has long forgotten, or choose not to remember.

      As the threat of two of our leaders loom over us, and the government intends to show it’s hand, let me say, the ball is not in their court, and the game is not by their rules. You can not lock us all up and we stand.

      For every person you lock up, a hundred more will join and unite d on that hill. Mr. Dunkley is being persuaded by mis guided folk who have wealth but no real power, when it comes to the voice of the people or the actions to follow, We have asked and pleaded not to be pushed to the limits, and our cries have gone unanswered, So for Miss Matthie I say stand strong, to those who have continually stayed on the hill with her, We say Thank You.

      We shall overcome, Frederick L. Wade, Dame Lois Browne Evans, Dr. Barbara Ball, Today we champion the cause and the call. Tomorrow we will change the course of history and clear a pathway for those coming behind us.

      • Ringmaster says:

        Interesting you include Dame Lois Browne Evens. Remember it was she who said if you let Ewart Brown be Premier he will destroy Bermuda? She was very smart.

    • Ian says:

      Arrogant prick…

  2. Comfortably numb says:

    Still rocking the OBA red I see: strangely.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      You would think that somebody would have provided her with a green one by now.

    • realist says:

      Maybe because she is OBA and she does not agree with the her Govt ever thought of that !

  3. Just saying says:

    If you need a camping permit to camp in a park how is this legal ?

  4. sandgrownan says:

    meh, she’s not on hunger strike. She’s eating.

    Best performance art we’ve seen in Bermuda.

    • BdaReally says:

      Very interesting you would say because from my understanding she has been in the USA trying to make an acting career which never came through and that is the reason she recently returned to Bermuda and is unemployed. I guess she is getting the fame she wasn’t able to achieve in the USA.

  5. Devonshire Devils Advocate says:

    Isn’t this trespassing ??

  6. sureee says:

    obviously she is drinking water?

    • Hope says:

      No doubt, as you can usually only survive 3-5 without water. I heard she was drinking protein shakes, but no idea if that’s true or not. Maybe someone does?

      • Duh says:

        I heard she was drinking smoothies and milkshakes.

      • Cmkbda says:

        I heard the same thing today. How is that a hunger strike? Lol. Smh.

  7. doggystyle says:

    Totally clueless but I do respect what she is doing in what she believes

    • thetruth says:

      She apparently believes a “hunger strike” is a camping trip where you can have food and smoothies.

    • Ian says:

      Your party plays you like a bunch of fools and she’s clueless? You people have been blind to the obvious provided it serves your interests (for centuries)…

  8. suspicious says:

    I cant wait to see the turnout for the vigil tonight. Enjoy the centipedes and cockroaches. The saying is they always come out when its dark! I hope motel 6 up on the hill will keep the lights on for you!!

    • I got to much brains says:

      Centipedes and cockroaches? You mean you will be there too ?

      • suspicious says:

        Yup, just to bring my children to see that when you leave trash to pile up it results in centipedes and cockroaches!! They only show their faces at night! Candle isn’t enough, I will be using my flashlight!!

    • Ian says:

      Funny enough it will basically be the same ole faces of foreigners and first generational “status holders” (and of course white Bermuda) up their trying to claim “their” island. And these folks have done it for centuries wherever they’ve landed and found themselves getting comfortable and feeling entitled. In the distant past it was in the name of Jesus as they crusaded their way around the globe wreaking some of the worst havoc known historically. Their rationalizations are a bit more new aged and colorful these days. But they’re convinced of their righteousness nonetheless. Their arrogance driven convictions on this stuff and (not) understanding those opposed to the oba’s approach to pathways starts with the simple, age old mindset of ” we’re better and know better”. They’re oblivious to the fact that relatively speaking they’re no different from their forefathers.

  9. Jay Maloy says:

    You know an arguement is lacking substance when you have to start saying things like “god is on our side” and this is a “spiritual problem.

    So, what are some of her issues exactly?

    Foreign immigration – Nobody wants Bermuda to be “overrun” with foreigners but people seem to ignore the fact that we need them to fill vital roles in our economy since we lack the necessary amount of skilled labour. Without them, less money is generated and spent in Bermuda. Some businesses wouldnt even be able to compete without foreign expertise and end up going under i.e less jobs/less money. We can’t tell people to uproot their lives and their families then send them on their way after 3 years or there’s no incentive for them to contribute to us.

    No Americas Cup – Why? Because it’s a white sport that wont benefit black Bermudians? 2 of my 3 sailing instructors growing up were black. Calling it a white sport is very offinsive to the great black Bermudian sailors we have, and there are many. Also, you dont have to be a fan of football to benefit from the World Cup being in your city and bring in all that outside money, which is ironically another one of her complaints. Lack of money.

    Housing – Bermuda has limited space and everyone wants to own their own house. This drives up the prices. You can’t force people to sell for less than what the value of the house is. Obviously, measures need to be done in order for future generations to be able to afford a house of their own.

    Jobs – Government jobs are bloated to the max and unstustainable for the money it has to pay each worker. Goverment tried to prevent job loss by putting in furlough days, to which the ignorant masses protested. Limited thinking because everyone thinks that they wont be the one to get fired due to lack of funds.

    These protesters are always counterproductive to their own ends. Some of the issues such as old-age care and education are valid things that we all need to concearn ourselves with but what this woman is doing is tantamount to a child holding their breath because they cant have things their way.

    People quickly forget that the party influencing people like this, is the same party that put Bermuda 2 billion dollars in debt with all their crazy unnecessary spending when they started with a surplus, on things like special cars for themselves, suer high salaries, trips around the world etc etc. Those coffers wont be full again for decades.

    • Jay says:

      This woman is not Gandi fighting the British Empire with hunger strike. Shes a person with a set uninformed unrealistic and undefinable goals which she thinks she can impose on everyone else by circumventing our democracy.

      • A. Laws says:

        As you say, not only is this woman not Gandhi, but she’s actually protesting in support of a vile and outdated worldview. She and the gathered mob seek to spread hate and division, distrust and fear. They despise anyone who isn’t like them. I will not be applauding them for ‘standing up for their beliefs’, because their beliefs are abhorrent and vicious.

      • Ian says:

        I’m sure you feel that way about anyone who opposed the oba’s approach to things. So you have no point. That should be obvious even to you.

        • hmmm says:

          Please explain in more detail Ian, to gloss over and make generalizations shows a weakness……please respond to every point the person wrote in detail.

          thank you.

          • Come Correct says:

            Ian always does that. Types so much but doesn’t actually say anything of substance. He must have special ordered his brush he paints everyone with, Gorhams doesn’t carry any anywhere near that big.

    • Irritated says:

      Sadly the people who need to read and understand this, never will. Good post Jay. It is too bad that this island had a vocal minority of blind followers who see every issue solely based on race and who are stuck in the past blaming every woe they personally experience on what was the norm 40, 50 and 60 years ago.

      • Ian says:

        You do realize it’s trump supported that refer to themselves as the “Silent Majority” right? Why wasn’t the vocal minority you jokers like to refer to so minor during the constituency 13 bye election?

        • hmmm says:

          Trump ? what are you on about?

          • Jay says:

            Someone needs to inform Ian that we live in Bermuda.

        • Come Correct says:

          Isn’t this person ‘merican? We’re all talking about Bermudian issues her in Bermuda.

    • BLOW IN says:

      if BERMUDA keeps this up , CUBA WILL TAKE ALL YOUR TOURISTS, and YOUR FOREIGN WORKERS , and you will have your BERMUDIAN ROCK all to yourselves.

      • Coffee says:

        And Cuba doesn’t believe in allowing anyone to remain in Cuba to stay forever !

  10. Hungry? says:

    Anyone fancy a champagne brunch on the grounds of the House of Assembly today?

  11. Cup OF Tea Anyone? says:

    Her hunger strike ended when she began drinking smoothies. its over folks. next

  12. Triangle Drifter says:

    Oh puhleeeze…Sitting up there guzzling water with all kinds of additives in it is hardly a hunger strike.

    Typical Bermuda way of doing things. Half a*.*d.

    If you are doing a hunger strike do it with limited plain water only. See how long that would last.

    • Ian says:

      You make it so obvious you’re not bermudian.

      • Cmkbda says:

        I am Bermudian, and agree with Triangle Drifter. She’s doing a half a**ed “hunger strike” to show her protest. Oh wow. Someone give her a round of applause.

    • TimBuc says:

      Wow buddy… what you just said is sad. With that comment your adding large amount of fuel to this fire.

  13. Joey-Bag-O'Doughnuts says:

    I wonder if some of those “protesters” were offered dish washing jobs or landscaping jobs, or hotel cleaning jobs will accept said jobs or say, I’m above those menial jobs.

  14. ocg says:

    Definition of hunger strike: a ​period when someone such as a ​prisoner​refuses to ​eat and drinks water only, usually to show ​strong ​opposition to something.

    Have had several people tell me she’s drinking different colored concoctions. I guess vegetable smoothies, fruit smoothies, etc… so this is not a real hunger strike. For someone who is on one and is on her 7 day her voice is still very strong. If she truly was on one she would definitely be weak to a certain extent.

  15. zikkii says:

    If you find your cause not being supported by the US, Uk and everywhere else in the world including brothers and sisters in the Caribbean. Then you something is not right. Bermudians s hate is beyond understanding considering that it’s an island that ks heavily dependent on other countries to thrive. It takes a lot of yearrs to build an economy to this level but am sure bermudians are seeing how much hostility can cost. During the PLPs hostile policies and the aattitude towards foreigners the island s debt has been growing. Now with all this , the world is seeing it. Its even going to be worse if marc bean is selected premier. Companies will move to cayman Islands. Who wants to help a govt that has ridiculed foreigners and international business. Marc Bean should be warned for his stupid moves unless he has so much personal money to l invest in every sector around. Sanity needs to prevail or the same future all these people are fighting for now will disappear under their feet.

    • Ian says:

      The U.S., UK and Caribbean have internal problems that hardly make them the poster children for bermudians ideals. That should be quite evident to you based on the headlines. So you’re position falls apart after the first sentence.

  16. Of course says:

    @ Jay Maloy. YES we need expats like my ex boss who says things like we own you without us you would be nothing.You better give me what I want or I’ll send you back to making 20,000 a year. Those expats who drink wine all, have coke and pill parties. The ones who solicit young bermudian women who can’t afford to pay bills and ******** on them at hotels on boats for a few $’s. The ones who call us boys and girls. YOU WANT MORE!

  17. mmm says:

    I accept that there are some job categories that must be filled by guest wo rkers, due to the lack of qualified born Bermudians, how-ever when I go int o a few average restaurants/fast food operations, I see foreigners at a lun ch counter asking a local, ” What,s on your hamburger ? They are taking food orders, they are not chefs, that,s at least 200 work permits. You can do your own observations, and then offer a comment or suggestion.

    • CCT says:

      And why do you suppose that is? Most likely because Bermudians are not willing to take the job at a rate of pay these folks are happy to accept!! By the way, I have gotten much friendlier service from these foreign workers than from many Bermudians!! Notice that I did not say all Bermudians, but there are far too many of them who are simply rude!!!!

    • Zevon says:

      Well if there are any here that might qualify under the 20 year tule, then they had their permits renewed several times under the PLP’s 14 years rule. How do you explain that? Were the PLP ignoring Bermudian wIters and bar staff? They must have been, if that’s what you’re concerned about.

    • Smith says:

      You are correct in saying that Bermuda does have a shortage of workers, and those need to be filled with Expats, especially those skilled jobs that support our multi-faceted economy. But what seems to be unclear is that those people working in restaurants, hotels etc. have to get a work permit under exactly the same conditions as those who work in international business, medicine, in every sector. No matter if their job pays $12,000 a year or $120,000 a year, before they are granted a work permit, their employer must
      1) advertise the position on the Government Job Board
      2) provide sufficient proof to the Department of Immigration, that no Bermudian or Spouse of a Bermudian is qualified, available and able to do that job.
      If that doesn’t occur, then no work permit is issued. And this is not just the case when it comes to applications for work permits the first time, but every time they are renewed (which in some cases is every few months).
      My comment on this therefore, is not to say that there are not Bermudians who can do this job, but that, logic only tells us, that they have not applied (or been trained) for these jobs. This can be for any number of reasons, and I am certainly sympathetic to those who do not have jobs and feel disenfranchised, but this is certainly not the fault of the expat, and getting rid of them and dehumanizing them does not help us in any way.

  18. Frick and Frack says:

    Can someone that knows Ms Matthie please reply. I had someone mention to me today, that Ms. Matthie is American? I can’t believe this is true as it makes no sense to me, so can someone that knows her personally please put an end to this rumour, or confirm.

  19. Cup Of Tea Anyone? says:

    Her hunger strike ended when she drank smoothies. its over folks. Next

  20. Jeepers says:

    Why not answer questions Bernews readers have? Are you not doing this to raise awareness and increase profile? What better medium and free advertising for your cause?

  21. Of course says:

    Forgot to mention dumb a** who continously sent emails to incorrect clients. Why are bermudian being made to feel as if they’re to dumb for executive positions? Why can’t already qualified bermudians be trained for executive positions? Why keep importing? We need balance across the board.

  22. Triangle Drifter says:

    Well, it looks like she has had her few days of fame & fooled the easily fooled while she was at it.

    What is next? We do love drama without substance.

    • Ian says:

      I suspect You’ll get plenty of “drama” in the days and weeks (and months) following Monday.

  23. Noncents says:

    She just like the attention of being a martyr and doesn’t deserve the amount of attention she is receiving.

    Her list of “demands” are all over the place

  24. warlord says:

    Next up Oprah and Ellen

  25. Ian says:

    Gotta love how the biggest a-holes on these blogs tend to be oba supporters.

    • I got to much brains says:

      You are an angry little person, you should lie down.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      In your opinion, whatever that is worth. Just an opinion. Don’t see any of them calling you a derogatory name as you do them.

  26. Realist says:

    If she wants to put herself in hospital it’s her own stupid fault. Just because she and her supporters are not smart enough to understand economics does not mean we have to care that’s their problem. Whatever happens to her happens, back to business as usual

  27. erm says:

    Mmmmm……my thoughts exactly. These restaurant and bar staff still require work permits, so why aren’t Bermudians filling those positions each time the permit expires. They can only fill these jobs if Bermudians don’t take them, so why aren’t they?

  28. Bermudian born says:

    Enda is Bermudian, she was born here and is from St. George’s.

    • Ringmaster says:

      Bermudian? Yet her website or whatever says Philadelphia. Surely she isn’t enjoying US citizenship yet advocating against people who have lived here 20 years to be Bermudian? Rather like Rev Tweed perhaps.

  29. Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

    Has anyone mentioned to the woman from Philadelphia that drinking smoothies is not a hunger strike

  30. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Cabinet Building has a lady standing strong in the Cabinet Grounds ,her name is Sally Bassett.Parliament Building has a woman standing strong in the Parliament Grounds.Her name is Enda Matthie.Bermuda has some men,and women Standing Strong in support of both their Struggles.Their names are anonymous..They are Black Beret Cadre.Their offspring and supporters are waiting to bring it on………Power to the People.Allah-u-Akbar.

  31. Hope says:

    I genuinely would like to know, if Bermudian’s had a choice, “have the immigration proposals scraped but you have to give up your rights to a British passport in exchange,” how many would give that up? I find it a tad hypocritical to complain about being provided with status after 20 years of commitment to a place, when Bermudian’s can move to the UK at any time, use the benefits, put their kids in school/college at domestic rates, freely work in the EU under their British passport, buy property etc.

    • Geingham says:

      Bermudians are British citizens. We can live in Britain.

  32. hold on says:

    Wonder if she’s going burn her candle tonight. And I’m not disrepecting but she don’t look starved…

    • Vesper Lynn says:

      When all these protests are over, Bermuda will be deeper in the muck. Some of those who walked off the job, will be looking for work as the economy and our international reputation goes a bit further down the toilet. The Unions did it in the 70′s and here we go again. Sad little country.

  33. G Be ready!! says:

    God bless BERMUDA!!