Regiment & Police Refute Rumours Circulating

March 15, 2016

[Updated] The Bermuda Police Service has moved to address rumours circulating that suggest overseas assistance has been summoned to assist the police at this time, with the police saying today that the rumours are not true.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Antoine Daniels said, “Currently there are a number of rumours circulating throughout the Bermuda community, electronic and social that suggest overseas military assistance has been summoned to assist the BPS during this period of civil protest and demonstrations.

“These rumours are not true as the BPS overarching principle of policing public protests is to facilitate free speech while protecting the rights of everyone.

“Where the police are required to intervene during a public protest, they will do so using the least intrusive and coercive law enforcement measures possible to resolve issues that arise.”

Update 3.39pm: Also, as we know rumours are also circulating saying that the Regiment has been asked to step in, we asked officials, and the Ministry of National Security said the “Regiment rumours are also untrue.”

Update 4.20pm: We had asked a variety of officials for clarification of the rumours, and Government House has also responded saying, “In response to questions, that rumours that the Commissioner of Police has asked for the Royal Bermuda Regiment to be made available to assist the police are unfounded.

“The Royal Bermuda Regiment has always had a public order remit within its mission but there is no current expectation that it will be embodied or deployed.”

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