Student Repaid For “Wonderful Act Of Kindness”

April 15, 2016

A teenager who works packing groceries after school has been praised for stepping up to help a senior citizen who was short of cash at the checkout counter, with the young man contributing some of his own money to ensure she could buy her groceries.

The lady’s son, and a friend of his, were so impressed by the young man’s generosity they paid him a visit and repaid him with an amount above and beyond what he had initially loaned, saying they wanted to “bless him for this wonderful act of kindness.”

Mr Romano Ramirez pays back student Isa Trott who generously offered to help while packing groceries:

Romano Ramirez and Isa Trott

While Mr. Romano Ramirez’s mother was shopping at the MarketPlace in Shelly Bay, she was short $8 at the checkout counter. So she told the cashier she would put back $8 worth of her goods.

The cashier agreed, however the young man packing the bags interrupted and offered to pay the $8 that was owed.

Mr. Ramirez’s mother — who is over 85-years-old –accepted the $8 and said she would repay him at a later date.

When her son found out about this good deed, Mr. Ramirez went to the store to thank the young packer, who wasn’t working at the time.

A helpful packer who attends Berkeley checked the schedule, and found that his young man’s name was Isa Trott and he attends Impact Mentoring Academy, and let them know when he would be working again.

Mr Ramirez, accompanied by Robert Durham, then returned to the store, as Mr. Ramirez wanted to personally thank him and bless him “10 fold” and Mr Durham an additional “5 fold” for what they called his “wonderful act of kindness.”

Isa was apparently quite shocked to get a visit and to be paid back multiple times over, as he had just made the initial gesture in good faith to help out Mr Ramirez’s mother and did not expect anything in return.

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  1. Islandgirl says:

    aweome!! I love to see stories like this.

    • filobedo21 says:

      Such a wonderful story, and it happens more than we know. Once I witnessed such an event with a senior at a grocery store and more than one person stpped up so the senior did not have to put anything up. Brought tears to my eys. Good, loving caring people abound. Bless all involved.

    • That’s what Bermudians are about.

  2. Cow Polly says:

    What a lovely story. Well done Isa, you have a beautiful heart. And congratulations too to your parents who I’m sure are very proud of you. Bermuda is proud of you.

  3. Trollsbane says:

    Well done young man! You have done yourself proud and set a great example for other young people.Very fitting that you should be rewarded and your kindness acknowledged. The story has made my day.

  4. Nice says:

    Very nice young man. Very proud of you.

  5. Shernette Wolffe says:

    Impact Academy is turning out some very outstanding young men

    • real deal says:

      Well, this is how Bermuda used to be.
      I did things like this when I was young packing at co-op Lindos and supping center however his life is just beginning and he will be turned just like everyone else into the me me me. Its just a matter of time, hardships systematic social influence.

      • Whaaaat? says:

        Why would you speak such a thing over this child?!? He will continue in the way he’s going, no help from the likes of you!

      • Stop says:

        The cup could be be 99% full and you would still consider it empty. Keep your negativity to yourself, your lack of faith in your fellow Bermudians is shameful

        • real deal says:

          I am real. I know what changed Bermuda I lived through the change. Outside forces we can not control have changed the island. In this world if he stays this way he will be used and abused so that some one else can push themselves a little further in this game of life. That is why he will change just like Bermuda and her people have. Keep in mind its not just Bermuda that has changed many other places larger and smaller had the same fate. in old days this type of stuff was common place now its parsed greatly because it is so rare.

          I bet the little guy was like “I don’t know what the big deal is, I just help someone that was in need”

          when he grows up he will be enlighten.

      • Serious though says:

        @real deal, the real deal would be to attend Impact mentoring acedamy and see what they do and learn a few things you missed growing up , it’s never to late , that will help you understand the moral of the story and this young man choice of actions. Have a wonderful helping day

        • real deal says:

          I went to Dellwood Primary. Dellwood Primary has produced many outstanding Bermudians who where just like him at one point. You are missing my point because you choose too deluded yourself. Many sheep in this world share that same fate however my eyes have been open for some time now and I don’t live in fantasy because I understand what is around me.

      • Huhhhhhhh!! says:

        “One bad apple will never spoil the whole bunch” (smh)

      • Marjah99 says:


      • filobedo21 says:

        Sounds like you let yourself turn into a negaive pitty party person. Stop it. This childs positive spirit is fixed and I for one expect he will continue to grow into a great human being.

      • big shotta says:

        Keep ya negative a@# self locked in a closet…clearly ur a ‘glass half empty type of person…

      • N says:

        You know what?, having more hope may be hard but it’s better than always aiding “possible” negatives.
        Keep the faith alive. He not the first and by God’s grace, will not be the last.

  6. Ladeej says:

    Well done Isa, you are a fine example of selfless giving to your peers and everyone in Bermuda. Kudos to Romano and Robert for blessing this young man in return.


  8. Let there be hope says:

    What a wonderful young man!

  9. sunshine says:

    Just when you want to give up on the way a lot of young people behave today…here comes a shining example in the form of Mr.Isa Trott.

    Well done to his parents for instilling such good values in your son!!

    • Arthur-Atlanta says:

      Why would 3 people dislike your positive comment?

  10. Real Deal is a Raw Deal says:

    Real Deal,this is a beautiful story…one that should remain positive…Please take your negativity some place else.

    Sorry you cannot be happy for and encourage a child!

  11. Truth says:

    Don’t forget to also consider the generosity of Mr. Ramirez and his friend… the first giving is impressive, but to really complete a cycle, it takes the second and the third and the fourth…

    • Concerned4Bda says:

      Yes, however let us remember that it is the good deed itself that is the reward and not expecting thanks or aknowledgment.

  12. mmm says:

    Congratulations Isa Trott, you did the right thing. You saw a person in need and helped. The thought of any type of reward did not enter your mind, well done.

  13. Confused says:

    Isa your kindness will serve you well in the world. Congratulations to you and your parents. You are an example to us all…young and all.
    Nice to see that Mr. Ramirez and his friend took the time to acknowledge this young man’s kind gesture.

    Keep up the excellent work!!!

  14. paperboy says:

    Wonderful story of assistance with dignity, compassion and respect. This young man did the right thing, the right way and now we are all learning a civic lesson.

    Credit to Impact Mentoring and all who are connected to supporting this young man being the best of Bermuda.

  15. Lucky 7 says:

    The biggest reward still to come…. Well done young men. Sometimes we see Angels and we not even aware of who they are.

  16. Proud Aunty! ☺ says:

    Well done Isa! I am so proud of you! Keep up the great work!

  17. Flabberghasted says:

    This is what Bermuda is all about. Well done young man.

  18. BermyRock says:

    This boy was properly raised by his parents. You are and amazing kid.. and your parents should be proud. We need more kids like you.

  19. Teresa says:

    Well done.

  20. Me says:

    Wow! Very impressive! young man you did your parents proud and of course yourself I’m sure.. I read this article in awwww surprise and so sweet keep up your good acts of kindness

  21. To real deal says:

    Dear Real Deal. You ARE the real deal & you’re an A*****LE!!

  22. Durrant says:

    Well done Isa…

  23. jt says:


  24. Proud Bermudian says:

    Well done young man!! Do the right thing because its the right thing to do and it always comes back to you.
    its called KARMA!! WELL DONE!!

  25. Linda says:

    Well done Esa! Kudos to all involved; your parents, the lady you helped for telling her son, Mr. Ramirez and his friend for acknowledging such a kind and rare gesture in one so young in these times we are living in. The story restores my hope in humanity.

  26. G Be ready!! says:

    God bless you young fella!!
    You blessed a lady who inspired me as a young lady!! I love Mrs.J!!!!

  27. Spotty says:

    Pathways to kindness!!

  28. drunken ursula says:

    congrats young man well done! I ask, no comment from Ray… you always so ready to complain about the lack of positive young people in Bermuda , I gather you didn’t see this post!?

  29. Concerned4Bda says:

    Let us remember that it is the good deed without expectation of reward or aknowledgment that is the real reward.
    It is wonderful that he has been ‘repaid’ and acknowledged but the truly great thing is that he did the kind act without expectation.
    Kudos to him and all those that have influenced his inate good character!

    (I think that it is important to remember that not everyone is fortunate enough to have traditional parents…I have no idea in his case…but it is the close community around a child that raises him or her.)

  30. Zevon says:

    Well done young man.

  31. this brought on little tear drops

  32. Bermudaful people do still exist – and I’ve met my share of plenty of them. Just last Saturday coming out so Spermart with 2 full bags of groceries I tried to hail a taxi but it had people in it. A lady (who I later learned was Laverne from Baileys Bay) asked me how far I was going and if I could wait a few minutes she would take me. I’ve lived on this gorgeous island a few years from Toronto & have had the great fortune of many good Samaritans and for that I’ll be eternally grateful for my precious years I lived a “Canadiun”

  33. Bermudagirl says:

    Darn spellcheck & how come I have an angry face above my comment? I’m far from being angry / please change it ?!!??

  34. Karen says:

    Fantastic jesture! A true example of kindness!

  35. spotty says:


  36. Honestly says:

    Such a feel good story!! Made my heart smile to see a young man with kindness and instinct to act whilest he had the opportunity. He may not have expected anything in return…but his actions should lead many Bermudians to follow his.

  37. Common Sense Talking says:

    Isa, you have the spirit of your Grandmother Linda, she is the sweetest soul I know and it would have been hard for you to turn out any different with her in your life! Your mom and dad are both great people as well. So proud of you!