Students Raising Awareness Of Blood Donation

April 18, 2016

Somersfield Academy students Shelby Madeiros, Jahzara Pluck-Ming, and Nadia Attride-Ramella are helping to raise awareness of the need for blood donations in Bermuda, launching a dedicated website, Instagram account, and promotional video to help aid in their mission.

13-year-old student Shelby Madeiros said, “In our M3 year, we are obligated to create a community and service project; we choose a certain community that we believe is in need of awareness, volunteer work, fundraising; a community that is in need of help.”

The three students pictured with their campaign’s logo:


“My group members, Jahzara Pluck-Ming and Nadia Attride-Ramella, have decided to focus on the lack of blood donation in our local community.

“We have discovered that blood donations have been taking a downward trend over the period of time; in fact, the blood supply only has a shelf life of one week, meaning the hospital has to be restocked on a regular basis.”

Promotional video made by the students:

“The project name we have come upon as is ‘Blood for the People,’ for within this program we are trying to spread awareness about the importance of blood donating in the community as it is vital that this downward must come to an end.”

The students’ website says, “As a group of students in Bermuda, we are trying to raise awareness for the need of blood donors in our country and the simplicity of donating. Bermuda may be small, but our needs for blood are very large. The Bermuda hospital needs at least twenty-five donors per month and we are barely scraping past that standard.”

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  1. Sickofantz says:

    Well you could start addressing this problem by allowing expats from the UK to give blood.

  2. And Bermudians who were in the UK at the wrong time.

  3. Jason Hammer says:

    Great job girls. Don’t allow the negative people in our society to cloud the sunshine. You ladies are participating in a meaningful service for the community and further steps could be taken to improve potential donors.