Photos & Video: C.A.R.E. Graduation Ceremony

June 15, 2016

[Updated with video] On Tuesday [June 14] at the C.A.R.E. Learning Centre courtyard, a group of students graduated and received their GED, becoming the second graduating class recipients of the new 2014 GED test at the learning centre.

According to the programme, the graduates included Ashley Aguiar, Hubert Butterfield, Tyler Christopher, Jahson Dallas, Shamairah Darrell, Tamairah Darrell, Malaysia DeRosa, Comori Matthew, Brittney Moniz, Daelen Powell, and L. Dillon Smith.

In addition to the graduates proud family and friends, those who attended the celebration included Governor George Fergusson, Premier Michael Dunkley, and Minister of Education Wayne Scott; with words of encouragement from Mr. Fitzgerald Williams, a 1990 graduate of C.A.R.E. who currently works as a social worker.


A C.A.R.E spokesperson explaned, “The new test is delivered exclusively on computer and is much tougher than the 2002 GED series.

“This year’s ceremony highlights the success of students between the ages of 16 and 17 years old who will receive special mention during the programme of celebration for their outstanding success and passing scores.

“One of the seventeen year old GED graduates has achieved a GED College Ready level demonstrating the skills to start college level courses.”

90-minute video of the ceremony:

The learning centre was founded by D. Neletha Butterfield in 1983, and Ms Butterfield states that “education is not only a ladder of opportunity, but it is also an investment in our future.

“These young people have been given another opportunity to show that they can achieve and will achieve throughout their lives.”

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  1. Marlon says:

    Congrats to all of the graduates ! I sincerely wish you for you, all the best. The world is your oyster !

    …that bie in de pink shirt is handsome ! Who’s ya family bah ?

  2. frank says:

    good luck to all of you please make the most of this second chance
    and don’t let nothing or no one hold you back

  3. OBSERVER says:

    Well done, C.A.R.E. graduates. NOW, WHAT IS NEXT???
    If it is Bermuda’s job market, gather together and do something about this overflowing work force filled with PERSONS OF OTHER ORIGIN.
    We do count as BERMUDIANS!!!. Stand up and make sure that YOU get employed with your employable skills and education BEFORE THOSE OF OTHER ORIGIN!!!!!!!!!!! Stand up, BERMUDA’S YOUTH!!

  4. ReALLyBettty says:

    Congratulations to all the Graduates….WELL DONE! You did it, and now you are on your way to an even greater future. Your educational journey is not over yet, it has just begun. Push on to achieve even higher heights of achievement. Continue to work hard, and success will come !!

    Congratulations Mrs. Butterfield for providing an Alternative learning environment that allows students to achieve and developed. Well done for all your hard work over the years. God Bless you…..

  5. Sousa says:

    Congrats to each of you… Especially to Hubbie.
    So proud of you buddy!!


    Well done all, Butterfield you’ve always done a good job,now let your light so shine more than ever,so proud of all of you,may GOD continue to guide & bless you all, congrats to all parents that never gave up.just keep your heads up high, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.VERY PROUD OF YOU ALL.

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