Alex Wilks Sets New Spearfishing World Record

June 30, 2016

Alex Wilks has set a new International Underwater Spearfishing Association world record in Bermuda after spearing an African Pompano that weighed in at 18.1 kg [39.8 lbs] to capture the record in the ‘Men Sling / Polespear’ category.

According to the International Underwater Spearfishing Association website, Mr. Wilks said, “I was out diving for hogfish that day, actually with no float line, so combing the reef; the average depth around that area is about 40 feet.”

“I was looking to my left and the Pompano swam out of deeper water to my right hand side. He swam right up at me, and I cocked the spear missing the first shot as he turned quickly and swam away. He swam down quite deep, and I chased him on the surface for about a minute and a half until he was in about 80 feet of water.”

Spearfishing June 29-01

“He turned and started swimming back up towards me so I took a breath and dove down, meeting him at about 40 feet.

“This time the shot was a success, right behind his gill–but not a kill shot. I held onto the rubber from my spear and fought for the surface, gaining ground but was worried the fish would take off and break the rubber from the spear as it was very active.

“I then grabbed the spear itself but was having trouble getting to and staying at the surface because he was strong and tiring me out.

“I then switched back to holding the rubber and was able to call for my wife, as the boat was anchored about a half mile away. She quickly pulled anchor and drove over, and I pulled myself onto the ladder, then pulled the spear and Pompano on deck.”

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Comments (22)

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  1. Coffee says:

    You wicked , wicked man ! Imagine getting speared ?

  2. reddamtibi says:

    Good for you Mr. Wilks – you look so proud…lets hope one day you are not the hunted.

  3. format says:

    Hopefully next time the fish will have a spear-gun and go right back

  4. smh says:

    Talented! Congrats on your record!

  5. Selling it! says:

    Hey mate, if you decide to part with it, im looking to buy some fillet.

  6. Its me again says:

    Well done!

  7. Laura Carrington says:

    What is with all the negetive comments? Spear or hook, it’s called fishing. So, I take it none of you eat fish ever? God, some people need a life. Congrats Alex on your accomplishment, enjoy your well deserved recognition and ignore ignorance. Amazing catch.☺

  8. SpinCycle says:

    Well Done Mate that is an excellent achievement. The publicity will help the island. Kudos!

    I hope the people who made negative comments are vegans who don’t wear leather, or silk or wool!

  9. the rubbish rubbisher ! says:

    great job fella….

  10. Fishy says:

    You should not have speared that beautiful creature. Hope it wasn’t a female. Shame.

    • jt says:

      Spare us. Hundreds of fish are caught off Bermuda daily. And then there’s the lobsters. Yum!

    • Jus sayn says:

      Thees won makesh fhoor peoplsh ta dumbs

  11. Man what says:

    To all the people complaining about this fish being caught… This is ONE fish caught using a small scale technique by a local fisherman. If you want to complain about something, complain about international fishing vessels that come into our waters and catch thousands of fish a time with nets and techniques that destroy the ocean’s floor/ ecosystem. You’re all complaining about the wrong thing.

  12. hbomb says:

    Pah.. veggies vegans animal rights folk. This is about the most natural way to catch something pick on the right story. I saw a good joke the other day… I was trying to work out how to make eating green stuff more exciting…… feed it to a cow so you can have a nice juicy steak.

  13. Robert says:

    Great catch, an easy fish to spear but not to keep on the spear.
    A fish of that size has Ciguatera written all over it though.

  14. Sandra says:

    Vegetarian or not, this man with a spear,mask and snorkel dove down into the sea and got this catch only with skill. This is cave man s#!t! Amazing! Fair game when you don’t use anything but a spear. Fish are crazy fast and to spear one is pure skill! I applaude you, you truly are amazing!
    Forever a fan!