Videos: Dr Brown On “Unjust” Arrest of Dr Reddy

June 16, 2016

[Updated with videos] Former Premier and founder of Bermuda Healthcare Services Dr Ewart Brown held a press conference today [June 16], to address the “unjust and unwarranted arrest of Dr Mahesh Reddy.”

Dr Brown said that Dr Reddy “had his home raided at dawn in a heavy handed manner by no less than eight police officers,” based on “a suspicion that he had been overusing MRI and CT scanners,” with Dr Brown saying he wants to “make it absolutely clear that these suspicions are completely unfounded.”

Dr Brown had a number of supporters present at today’s press conference, including his brother Phil Butterfield, MP Derrick Burgess, MP Rolfe Commissiong, MP Zane Desilva, MP Wayne Furbert, BIU President Chris Furbert and more.

Dr Ewart Brown press conference June 16 2016 (1)

Speaking at a press conference today, Dr Brown said, “It has been a long time since I have made any public statement after I served as Premier of Bermuda. However, I now feel compelled to speak out because of what I see as a terrible injustice currently being committed in Bermuda.

“I refer to the unjust and unwarranted arrest of Dr Mahesh Reddy, a distinguished medical practitioner who has devoted many years to the people of Bermuda.

“Dr Reddy’s lawyers are in the process of challenging the legality of this arrest and the illegitimate search of his home.

“Dr Reddy will also be seeking redress in terms of compensation for the wrongful arrest and the distress that has been caused to himself and to his family. I have no doubt he will be vindicated.

Dr Ewart Brown press conference June 16 2016 (2)

“Dr Reddy, the Chief Medical Officer at Bermuda Healthcare Services and the Treasurer of the Bermuda Medical Doctors Association, had his home raided at dawn in a heavy handed manner by no less than eight police officers.

“This disproportionate action was based on no more than a suspicion that he had been overusing MRI and CT scanners to make more money.

“I set up Bermuda Healthcare Services, which has brought much needed and overdue improvements to healthcare services in Bermuda, and I want to make it absolutely clear that these suspicions are completely unfounded.

“These are the facts: Every scan carried out by Bermuda Healthcare Services has followed all the procedures set out by recognised professional bodies.

“Every scan referral is reviewed by an independent panel of radiologists in the US. No patients, and no insurance companies which paid for the scan have ever made one single complaint concerning these very necessary diagnostic procedures.

Dr Ewart Brown press conference June 16 2016 (3)

“The facts show that our scanners are properly used without any anomalies. The results of the scans carried out are entirely consistent with what would normally be expected in any reputable healthcare centre around the world. In fact, these scans are capable of identifying very serious conditions and lives have been saved as a result, including my own.

“Until we invested in MRI and CT, these scanners were only in hospitals and they had long waiting lists. When the hospital scanner broke down last January, we stepped in.

“We have also brought x-ray, ultrasound and mammography equipment to Bermuda, which has massively improved healthcare and reduced a need for Bermudians to fly out to the US at great expense for diagnostics.

“This unwarranted arrest is the last straw. There has been a long string of malicious slurs and false allegations, with the real target being me because of my past political views as the former Premier.”

“My political enemies in Bermuda and the UK are seeking to discredit me.

“They have tried many times to prove I have done something wrong but not one of their claims has ever been substantiated.

Update: 10-minute video of Dr Brown’s Q&A with the media

“I have kept my counsel on this until now, assisting investigations and providing complete transparency in accounts and paper trails I have freely given but the arrest of Dr Redddy is too far. Enough is enough.

“I owe it to the ordinary people of Bermuda who have seen their health standards improve, and to my supporters in the PLP, to put a stop to this damaging and unwarranted harassment.

“Resources that should be deployed to fight real crimes that blight our streets such as recent armed robberies and murders are instead being devoted to a long running politically motivated campaign of harassment which has now put a hard-working doctor under false suspicion.

“This nonsense must stop and I have appointed high level counsel to challenge this harassment. Of course, no one should be above the law and if there are charges, then let me face them now.

“After many years of fruitless investigation, it is time for the prosecutors and the police to put up or shut up and let us get on with the vital business of helping people with their healthcare needs.”

Update: 5-minute video of Dr Brown’s statement:

Update 6.33pm: In response, a police spokesperson said, “The BPS has previously confirmed that an investigation was commenced in 2012 into allegations made at the trial of Mr. David Bolden. That investigation is still being conducted and as such no further comment can be made at this time.”

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  1. Family Man says:

    Bermuda Healthcare Services is unionized?

    • High Road says:

      Bro Chris is sitting at the table as if they are, like in one of his media rants

      • I'm just saying...... says:

        Brother Chris needs to respectfully deal with what is happening at Union Gas. Champion Equal rights in his own yard first..

    • Hmm says:

      Exactly, Why is Chris there?

      • aceboy says:

        I assume he swore the same Oath of Loyalty the rest did.

    • No Justice No peace says:

      Unionized for ewart not the staff! Smh

    • Not a fan of Dr. Brown, but I see what my Forefathers went through back in de day when they opposed de Oligarchy.

      • hmm says:

        How old are you Onion Juice ?

        • Old enough to know that when you upset those that have a mentality of supremacy, they will make you pay.

          • hmmm says:

            So that makes you a teenager with limited understanding of reality…OK

            • Ya, but enough common sense to know that living in a racist society and speaking out has its consequences.

      • Al says:

        Who do we go after next the owners of Supermarkets? There is no question that a case can be made that food in Bermuda is way overpriced. Is there criminality in the amount of money that food vendors charge for their goods? If Bermuda residents would be honest with themselves they would come to the honest conclusion that just about everything in Bermuda appears to cost much more than it should. That reminds me I got to go to the Dentist.

  2. San George says:

    It’s an all-out war on us Dr. Brown. I intend to do my part at the polls. PLP must sell an alternative to this behavior; tyranny and disrespect for due process and rule of law. One and done baby!

    • Beverley J Connell says:

      So the Larry Dennis/Auditor General arrest and raid was not politically motivated (during the PLP), and was perfectly justified. But this is different.

      • Family Man says:

        Actually this IS different.

        Your insurance premiums are higher than they need be for a reason.

        • alsys says:

          That’s what so many are missing. We are talking extremely expensive treatments. You want to know why your insurance premiums keep going up?

          • Time Shall Tell says:

            You mean from the very same insurance companies such as the one that just posted a 7 million dollar profit for the first quarter of this year?????

            • SpitBouy says:

              @ Time Shall Tell,

              While I agree the cost of health care locally is ridiculously high, the reasons why are many. Take the high obesity rates locally, alcohol consumption, poor diet choices, the high cost of doing business and so on, that list is long. There is also the likelihood that much can be attributed to unneeded and costly procedures etc…

              In fairness, that company may have posted a 7 million profit, but what % is that in relation to their overall turn over and operating costs?. What should their profit percentage be, should that be set at the ‘break even’ point? If Govt stepped in and ‘regulated’ their profits there probably wouldn’t be any insurance companies left in business and if that was the case where would we be then?.

              BTW I’m a small business owner who pays through the nose for insurance like everyone else who would love to see a reduction in costs.

              • Kangoocar says:

                Spitbouy, excellent post but you forgot the biggest reason our health insurance continues to spiral out of control! The biggest reason lays right at the feet of the plp and in particular, dreb, colonel and burgess! Those three combined chased out 5000 healthy foriehners which also lead to mass un employment to locals as well, all those that either left or loss their jobs, stopped paying into the health insurance companies, that is where the problem really is!

                • Spurs says:

                  Wow what a gem of a foreigner we Bermudians get left with. A foreigner who spells foreigners foriehners and intensely dislikes Onions.

                  • Zevon says:

                    Because Bermudians are so great at spelling and avoiding typos.

                • Charlly X says:

                  @kcarr when are you ever gonna stop dribbling yuh bias comments ? Broken records ? Lol lol 2 Bda’s

                • SpitBouy says:

                  @ Kangoocar,

                  Actually I edited quite a bit out as I believe most people dislike and tend not to read long posts.

                  You’re spot on re the amount of persons who contributed that have left the island & the unemployed affecting the costs.

                  I noticed your detractors comments are aimed at you but never touched on your points. Sadly this affects Govt revenue and the govt pensions as well just to name a few.

            • blankman says:

              There’s something wrong with a seven million dollar profit? What percentage of premiums is that? What sort of ROE is that?

      • Real Deal says:

        When will you people nominate Larry Dennis for sainthood? If you only knew…..

    • bluwater says:

      If Dr,The Honorable Ewart Brown, et al care about the PLP, they’ll take his baggage off the doorstep of Alaska Hall.

      • Hey says:

        Him and Col. Burch, toss their dirty baggage far away. They damaged this country beyond repair. As long as they are around I will never, never, never, vote PLP.

    • Hey says:

      Maybe the police are closing in on their prize. Scotland Yard they are not.

    • tolerate says:

      All-out war on us????? Who us??? Tyranny… look up the definition sheep….

  3. Haha says:

    Too bad Ewart you dug your own grave, and anyone that affiliates themselves with you is automatically deemed shady.

    Wait until they are done with your boy Misick…!

    And you have made public statements since your Dictatorship. It usually goes something like “They don’t like me, I’ve done nothing wrong, anything non-PLP is the devil”

    • Toleratate says:

      Misick… is that the guy from T&C???? did not England step in, clean house and set up new elections???? And EVEN being associated with this same guy… his Party won the election???
      Go figure….

  4. bluwater says:

    Thanks for the proclamation. I’ll wait to hear what the courts say.

  5. WHAT? says:

    You and the MPs standing behind you need to do us a favour and go away FOREVER. And feel free to leave behind the money!

  6. Divine says:

    Dr. Reddy is my doctor now after going to some know nothing greedy doctors and I must say Dr. Reddy is everything you hoped for in a doctor. Caring, knowledgeable and understanding. He has never prescribed any unnecessary treatment to me or my husband who goes to him also. If it wasn’t for Dr. Reddy my husband would be dead right now.

    Thank you Dr. Reddy, I’ll stand by you!

    • No Justice No peace says:

      Your clearly brainwashed! He probably ordered you a bunch of test for an upset stomach as well i bet ! Smh

      • Wayne W says:

        No Justice No peace….and NO BRAINS!!….and the rest of you who think like him… you have a written testimony from a very satisfied client and you are talking your foolishness

        It sounds like you are the ones who need to see Dr Reddy for a brain scan just to confirm your appointment for a much needed lobotomy!!!!

    • Family Man says:

      If only he could remove (E) warts.

      • THE PUN POLICE says:

        YOU’RE GOING TO JAIL FOR A LONG TIME FAMILY MAN. That was just terrible.

    • Patient says:

      Same here, i switched doctors after my husband went to him. My husband was on the wrong meds, and been on them for years. He now is doing great ,thanks to Doctor Reddy. I have not been a fan of Dr Brown but I can say Doctor Reddy has done well by my family. He is not a pill pusher like some.

    • steve says:

      Nobody is saying he isnt a caring doctor. We bloggers have no idea how this business is run or exactly why his house was searched.The police sometimes get it wrong, but i doubt its a witch hunt. lets wait and see, certainly having Dr Brown proclaim a conspiracy does nothing to sway my opinion one way or another.

  7. serengeti says:

    “I’m only paranoid because everybody hates me.”

  8. Wahales says:

    I shudder every time I see that this man is on island.

    • Thats how I feel with Fahy and them.

    • karen says:


    • Ian says:

      It’s More so Dr. Browns country than yours and you “status holders” / 1st generational corporate kids who have the nerve to feel the same way after OBA blesses you w status in my country.

      • Zevon says:

        “Status holders”? Like some of their spouses?
        Are they the “status holders” you’re complaning about?
        Or are they ok because you approve of their race?

  9. George says:

    So let me see if I have this right. Dr. Brown is accusing the Police of carrying out an illegal/unwarranted investigation into one of his employees and has held a press conference to drum up personal support from the PLP for what purpose? Review the Police’s actions in a court of Public Opinion? Give us all a break brother! If you have a complaint there are processes in place to formalize that complaint and proceed through the courts if necessary.You aren’t any different than any other tax paying citizen of this Island. Live by and abide by the rules/laws like all the rest of us!

    • Hurricane says:

      Awhhh, earth to George, tax payers have every right to speak out whether it be by way of press conferences or otherwise. All he is doing here is exercising his right. Give me a break, you exclaim, well, you me a break!

      • bluwater says:

        Sure, but they’re usually not pompous enough to do it.

        • Hurricane says:

          Well that’s on them. I maintain, he is exercising his right.

          • bluwater says:

            sSure he is. But bloviating at a press conference does not supersede the justice system and a court of law. In fact, it’s totally irrelevant.

        • Ian says:

          Still amazing how you can’t see you own racism. “Pompous”… Really. I guess youre too modern to be throwing around words like uppity!

          • Zevon says:

            Still aiting for ypur answer about “status holders”. Then we can see who the racist scumbag is.

      • George says:

        Lets not be disingenuous Hurricane. No one is challenging Dr. Brown’s right to ‘speak out’. This press conference is about more than challenging a perceived abuse of process, this is someone politicizing a Police investigation in order to raise doubt about the credibility of that investigation i.e. its a politically motivated/personal vendetta against him. If Dr. Brown was genuine in his concern for the treatment of his employees he would not need to use this opportunity to grand stand in front of the media and an audience to make his point. It is clear from this approach that this is political opportunism at its worst!

        • Lualaba says:

          Exactly… It’s usually those that have the most to hide that make the most noise.. Who will be next to have a visit from the men in blue?

        • bluwater says:

          What George said, plus it was very funny.

  10. hmmm says:

    This response took forever.


    • bee says:

      happening at the same time the PAC is going on…. hmmmmmmmmm

  11. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    If the accusations are unfounded, they should be easily proven by looking at the number of patients that were referred by his clinic before they got their scanners, to how many they put through their own scanners after they got them… numbers should be the same, right

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      Not unless you cook the books……or prescribe more for something that is slight ;)

  12. Terry says:

    There could have been reasonable grounds to suspect the Dr. had committed an offence/s.

    Heat must be getting to Dr. Brown also.

  13. watching says:

    This is all politically motivated and we all know why. Ridiculous.
    There are other doctor’s offices with diagnostic imaging and laboratories and I hope their utilization records are being audited as well to determine if there has been “overuse”.

    • Catherine Dalziel says:

      All doctors’ offices are indeed being watched.

  14. James says:

    I must say, Dr. Brown wears some nice suits.

    • serengeti says:

      Glad you like them. We all paid for them.

      • Ian says:

        Any thoughts on the rich kids boat party we’re putting up 75m for?

        • Zevon says:

          Oh it’s $75m now is it? Another Alaska Hall myth for the stupid masses.

    • Roger the Cabin Boy says:

      Glad you like them. You paid for them.

  15. Starting Point says:

    Preventative strike to try and convince the public that the reality that could be realized is false if this clinic is over subscribing use the medical diagnostic machines for profit. Having unnessesary expensive scans done and charging exorbitant amounts to the client which is then put onto the insurance firm.

    Drives up medical costs and fills the Clinics pockets.

    LOL at Furbert being there though, does this clinic have an investor list, wonder who is on it.

  16. clean hands says:

    First point Dr Brown you dont have a PLP support base, Maybe 100 at the most.

    Second off, this isnt about Dr Reddy, its about YOU.

    Third point, Why is it that every time something happens to you, you play the race card for sympathy? That’s played out.

    Four- Take a look at this picture. Ignore the family or friends to the side but it doesn’t escape me as to who is actually in this picture supporting “Dr.” Brown. Phil Butterfield, His brother…. Zane DeSilva, Derrick Burgess, Rolfe Commissiong, Wayne Furbert, Chris Furbert, Jerome Lynch “Mark Pettingill’s associate, and Glenn Blakeny. isnt it interesting that these are the same gentlemen who have been attacking another WELL known politician who stood up for good governance, “clean hands & pure hearts”.. in other words these are the same gentlemen who for almost half a year have fought against good governance. Are these the people you wish to lead YOUR island?! I think NOT.

  17. haha says:

    A shame! if i was him i would not show my face. glad that the PLP at least now has Bean who stands for more than this joker.

  18. clean hands says:

    The only person missing is David Burt, the Deputy Leader.. Baffles me!

    • Ringmaster says:

      It would appear from recent comments from him that David Burt wants nothing to do with the past PLP administration. Very sensible.

  19. Me says:

    Similar to the arrest of the accountant general during your time Dr. Brown? Completely unwarranted. You are nothing but a Hypocrite.

  20. swing voter says:

    If the arrest is baseless and doesn’t result in formal charges, guess who will be paying the settlement ……. SMH

    • swing voter says:

      LOL so far, 15 people aka taxpayers don’t mind their tax dollar being used for settlement of an embarrassing law suit SMH

      • steve says:

        you sure know allot more than the rest of us swing voter.Do us all a favor and call the investigating team and let them know they are making a big mistake.

  21. LAN says:

    I got a parking ticket and I think the officer just has it out for me, can I hold a Press Conference? Seriously!!!!

    • bluwater says:

      It’s your enemies from Bermuda AND the UK.

    • serengeti says:

      No, it’s only ex-Premiers who get to try to use political influence to restrict Police investigations. Not the rest of us.

    • Hurricane says:

      @ LAN, you instigator, you can hold a press conference anytime and for ALL the police are out to get you for. I would advise against you calling a press conference though, not likely the press would even show up. Just pay your ticket, joker!

  22. serengeti says:

    It was ok though for Dr Brown to make sure the Auditor General was taken away in handcuffs for investigating Bermuda Housing. That was ‘different’.

  23. jt says:


  24. steve says:

    “Hey this is worse than arresting the Auditor General!!”

  25. Sage says:

    Nice patch of lawn there should be perfect for a fake hunger strike!

  26. bee says:

    how timely for him to hold this while the PAC is going on… hey Doc, the axe is gonna fall soon! you can pretend all you want. you and zaney! pay back is a B!

    • jt says:


    • Madge says:

      So how is the trial going on with Michael Misick ? I think some politicians in Bermuda were going to named and shamed !!!!
      I wonder how the investigation is going on regarding the Port Royal fiasco…and the over runs at the Wharf in Dockyard….just asking.

    • Nana says:

      Bee, I can’t wait for that day to come. Maybe sooner than we think

  27. Unbelievable says:

    Ha! Ya boy made it about himself.

    • SouthamptonMom says:

      Him and The Donald, could have their own “reality” show, just for the two of them!

  28. SMH! says:

    I think that he doth protest too much! A good defense is to go on the offense!

  29. Truth is killin' me... says:

    He doth protest too much. Let the courts decide if this action was warranted or not.

  30. Healthcare management professional! says:

    This is the dumbest thing I have heard all day….. You arrest a doctor that is actually doing right by his patients. They should arrest that no good oncologist that told my mother her lung cancer mass had shrank. Had it not been for Dr. Reddy and what Bermuda considers “excessive MRI use” my mothers lung cancer would have never founded or the bogus diagnoses from the hospitals oncologist would have never been overturned.
    If you want to arrest some one arrest the good for nothing ER doctors or should I say medically uneducated error makers. This is so sad, Bermuda has a lot to learn when it comes to the medical field and healthcare management.

  31. bluwater says:

    Dr. Reddy – you in danger bie

    Get your OWN lawyers.

  32. William F.G Bird says:

    Dr. Brown was running around JFK yesterday evening pretending he is still relevant and important. To the point, seems to me this is a practice rant for something bigger coming down the pipeline and we will soon discover who really runs Bermuda.

  33. Let there be hope says:

    The police arrested the wrong person.

  34. Real Deal says:

    Stand Strong like a ROCK
    I did not like the USA dog tailing that Dr Brown did but he had good intentions. I guess he dog tailed USA because he had people in the UK ageist him. makes senses now other than that I always like this guy as PM.

  35. Comfortably numb says:

    Dr Brown and Dr Reddy: why does that old expression “birds of a feather flock together” spring to mind?

  36. Long Bay Trading Co. says:

    WOW – and just as I started to think “What is taking so long………..?” Thanks DREB. Once again it is ALL the world against you…………….and unlike us minons, you call a Press Conference whereas the rest of us just have to get on with it…..WHY are you so special, entittled, precious and persecuted?
    Look in the mirror and remember that what goes around comes around and KARMA IS A B**ch.

    • Hurricane says:

      KARMA and you @ Long Bay Trading Co…………

  37. Mike says:

    I am always in awe of the way Dr. Brown mixes these things with emotion.

    “He is a wonderful Doctor…caring….professional”

    Irrelevant IF he is guilty – or not.

    Had he not been a great Doctor, what would Dr Brown have said?

  38. Rhonnda Oliver says:

    I didn’t have the energy, or the desire really, to read the whole thing, but in reference to a couple of things I did read …

    I know Mr. Brown has people here who dislike him, but who’d he annoy in the UK that now dislike him enough to be called enemies?

    Any dawn execution of an arrest warrant is going to feel heavy-handed.

    If there’s nothing to hide, why are you putting the laundry out into the public eye? A lot of people have better things to worry about than some other person’s legal issues, unless, of course, they keep arresting the man or have kept him in jail all this time. Just deal with your personal issues and don’t try to make them bigger than they are.

    I quite like Dr Brown’s tie.

    • Hey says:

      Dr. Brown does this to score Political points for the PLP. Black man being persecuted. Using the race card to get votes. This MLK wannabe is living in the past.

  39. Randell says:

    Isn’t it amazing how these negative comments with no proof are indicative how without knowing facts racism is truly alive and thriving.The problem is everything is really only black and white and we continually go backwards.

    • serengeti says:

      Exactly what restrictions on freedom of speech would you like to see?

    • Long Bay Trading Co. says:

      It has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACISM but everything to do with CHARACTER, MORAL VALUES and RESPECT FOR THIS ISLAND – of which he had and still has none.

      DREB only cares about ONE thing – and that is DREB.

      He did not and nor does he care about you or me or Bermuda. The evidence to verify that statement is VERY clear – look only at the huge debt and unaccounted for lost millions that he left behind as his legacy for all Bermudians and generations to come, to deal with. He did not give a s**t -only payback. So Randell do not talk about racism which is a total cop out and total DISSERVICE to all people of all races. It is character and behaviour that makes a man, NOT the colour of his skin.

    • Rhonnda Oliver says:

      While I agree that racism is alive and thriving, in more places than people like to admit, it really has nothing to do with this issue.

      Dr Brown ticked a lot of people off when he openly ran the PLP and was the Premier. Nothing to do with his skin colour, purely the way he thinks, how he expresses himself, and the things he’s done.

      Attaching his face to an issue is not going to accomplish anything positive and is going to be viewed by many as little more than an attempt at manipulation and distraction.

      • smh says:

        If that’s the case Fahy and many other should have their business’ employees’ houses raided by now…..

        • Rhonnda Oliver says:

          While I am not a fan of Fahy, he has come no where close to the offensiveness of Brown.

    • really says:

      Amazing how loyal sheep are, please tell me one thing the Doc made better for anyone other than himself,please just one!

  40. bluwater says:

    Dr Reddy- Get your OWN lawyers.

    • SouthamptonMom says:

      You would be well advised to Dr. Reddy, you can be sure that lot will throw you under the bus when necessary!

  41. Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

    Many people know that the investigations are not fruitless…..when every “I” is dotted and “T” is crossed and the charges are filed justice will be served…….

    • bluwater says:

      Exactly. Law enforcement and prosecution decide when to move forward, NOT the criminals.

      • Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

        It does seem like the PLP toadies and party faithful are out n force today judging bathe dislikes…….rude awakening is comng

  42. Legalgal says:

    This is a matter for the court. Not politicians and ex-politicians tryng to use undue influence. Very smelly. Needs some court antiseptic to clean it up. We are all playing the excessive cost of overtesitng.

  43. SouthamptonMom says:

    Really??? How can you stand there with a straight face and accuse others of intimidation after what YOU DID in your time as Premier to the Auditor General??! How do you have the nerve to do that??? Surrounded by your surrogates who are equally responsible for the mess we are now in! You tried to arrest the former AG who was doing his job, ON BEHALF OF THE PEOPLE, and now you give us the woe is me crap, everyone in the whole world is against me, blah, blah, blah! Oh please, go live with Michael Misack far, far away!

  44. I am sailing says:

    When is misiack case going on. Hmmmmm

  45. Randell says:

    @Serengeti.None.I made my comment .Who feels it knows it.

  46. Lois Frederick says:

    Trying to be proactive and get his message out before the first COI public meeting and the ball starts rolling.

  47. Rhonnda Oliver says:

    Am I the only one who thinks someone has figured out how to get around the one vote one computer limitations?

    • steve says:

      i noticed. I posted a comment that was less than flattering toward the plp on a sat and late Sunday night and had 40or so likes and 7or so dislikes. By Monday mid morning it was 40 likes and 67 dislikes ridiculous as the story was buried the paper by that point.Whatever…

    • mixitup says:

      You OBAers have that down pack, these are all Authentic Dislikes Sweetie, Real Bermudians don’t spend their lives trying to move public opinion via social media unless they really feel strong about something, we leave that to you all to do..These people have been out for Dr. Brown long before he was even Premier, for the exact reasons other black leaders have been taken down.. When you look at history, it’s certainly not the likes of Dr. Brown we need to be aware of.

      • Um got to much brains says:

        what does ‘down pack’ mean?

      • steve says:

        mixitup, how do you know these are all authentic dislikes. I have only knowledge of one computer and that is my own.
        Your using history to choose your villains and enemies.If everyone had that mindset, scientist would me mired in researching treatments for plagues of the 17 century and to occupied to recognize threats in the 21st.

  48. Terry says:

    Wonder why the latest survey says 80% black/ 4 % white.

    They all left and left you with a milk man that can’t deliver.

  49. Kangoocar says:

    Look at that! All the organizers of the usual plp rent a crowd, are there standing next to the Dreb!

    • Kangoocar says:

      Alaska hall is obviously open and handing around the special plp tonight? 36 dislikes in one minute, seriously? You bunch, are pathetic! Hahahaha!

    • Ringmaster says:

      Remember the PLP Conference a few years ago. The rallying cry was take back the Government by any means necessary. Well here’s another means. Make out you are persecuted and a victim to rally the troops. The law is you are innocent until proven guilty. It seems some want to portray themselves as guilty until proven innocent. In the real world such pronouncements made today would be met with arrests for trying to pervert the course of justice. Not Bermuda.

      • Positive Pessimist says:

        If they want to examine Dr. Reddy and Bda. Healthcare, then have a look at all the other physician’s offices that have testing facilities and send patients there unnecessarily.If you’re going to do this, be fair and across the board because even if this were true, he would not be the only one.

  50. van martin says:

    “It has been a long time since I have made any public statement after I served as Premier of Bermuda.”

    Not long enough.

  51. Ann says:

    What a way to ruin ones evening seeing his face, will it ever go away, agree with the person that said go find your friend Mike, you deserve each other!

    • mixitup says:

      I know the feeling, when I see Dunkley, Fahey and company my stomach turns..

      • Kangoocar says:

        Your stomach may turn but, I bet if you were actually honest? ( which I highly doubt? ) you would have to admit that the economy has has turned for the better ever since the OBA was elected!! Your type deserve every bit of the fiscal pain you suffered! No compassion from me I can assure you, on your type!!!!

        • mixitup says:

          Are you kidding me? Well I sat here and tried to be honest with myself and did not come to that conclusion buddy ol Pal.. Maybe the economy in your neighborhood is alive and well, not mine.

        • William F.G Bird says:

          I’m afraid the economy for many has not as yet…In fact, we are still losing people.

  52. Coffee says:

    A huge nail in the coffin of the instigators of this investigation ! Who is behind the witch hunt ? We shall soon see Who is under the hood !

    • Unbelievable says:

      An idea that has never borne any fruit.

    • Sunfish says:

      Ummmm who is behind the investigation is the LAW,,,, are you really that blind?

    • Zevon says:

      It’s not so easy for Ewart when the police commissioner isn’t his little lapdog.

      • Hey says:

        He needs the PLP to win in order to return to the co-pilot seat.

  53. Joe says:

    They think the are the untouchables and Chris is still pissed as he was lined up to be the next minister for the dept of codology poor thing missed out .

  54. M.C. Beauchamp says:

    The courts will decide. Pure and Simple.

  55. Terry says:

    After reading all these comments it must be TGIT.

    Off to Belvins to get some minitures……………………..

  56. Zoab Yob says:

    Incredibly narcissistic.

    It may come as a shock to Dr Brown and his Shadow PLP, but everyone is subject to the rule of law, regardless of their own perceived self importance.

    If credible information exists of the commission of crime, the Police have a perfect right to have a warrant sworn and to search any premises where they may be evidence to support that information, regardless of whether or not that evidence is indeed found. It happens every day; there’s no conspiracy, just honest Police work.

    Dr Brown and those so blindly supporting him are promoting a notion that some people should be exempt from the very same rules that apply to the rest of us. Such is his arrogance that he presents an image of someone with a limitless sense of self-entitlement, and utter contempt for those who may challenge him.

    • ImJustSayin says:

      I didn’t know the words honest and Police go together. That looks like intimidation tactics made by the Police and who ever is behind it.

  57. Positive Pessimist says:

    This makes my blood boil! I work in the insurance field and what about those doctors who have labs attached to their practices and then try and send you for expensive blood tests every five seconds? I know one in particular who is notorious for it-it’s a moneymaker for him. Dr. Reddy is my doctor and this really makes me so mad.I went to him for lower back pain and he had me doing all kinds of moves-standing, bending over, etc. and resolved it was a minor problem, that we would observe it and prescribed a muscle relaxant…he didn’t order me to get stuck in an MRI machine! This is such cr*p. This is a decent man. Even if he was suspected of that, why treat him like a hardened criminal? Talk about overkill! Those with a personal vendetta better BACK OFF or things will get really ugly.

    • Nana says:

      It’s people like you that are causing most of the problems on this what was a lovely and respectful island

  58. Zevon says:

    Just wait. The next announcement will be a claim that “they planted evidence”.

    • William F.G Bird says:

      Of course they did, the poor man against the World.

  59. Fyrestorm says:

    Reading all of these politically motivated comments on both sides is disgusting! The facts remain that without the proper and timely scans, many lives will be lost. For example, before I switched to Dr. Browns office, I went to the KEMH 4 times and had CT and MRI scans. All results came back with different reading from 2 DR’s offices in Bermuda. Bad medical practise at its best!!!!!!!! 1 1/2 years later, I went to Dr. B’s office and in 1 week they gave me the real issue going on with my health and 1 week later I was off to Boston at B&W Hospital and Dana Farber with stage 4 cancer!!!!!!!!!! So back off and think of those people that they have helped!!!!!!!!! In addition, I’ve had several CT Scans in Boston!!!!!!!!!! SO answer this, is that a scam too?????????? Bunch of idiots!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Point boy says:

    Ewart just go back to the US. You’re home. And stop messing with ours. Nothing you did worked…

  61. Point boy says:

    Sir. Ewart ??


    Priorities sir, if you please

  62. Common Sense says:

    Dr. Brown makes it clear at the start of his press conference that this investigation is all about alleged overuse of MRI’s and CT scanners – plain and simple.

    This has to be a serious concern with the ever rising cost of health insurance in Bermuda, and it also has to be of concern if a medical practice also owns the equipment being used to conduct those tests.

    Would it be fair to say that most general practitioners in Bermuda refer their patients for MRI’s and CT Scanning tests, and they should all be using the same sort of criteria for doing so? If those patients obtain their tests at Dr. Brown’s facility then he and his staff surely cannot be criticised for conducting those tests.

    But what if Dr. Brown’s own medical practice is recommending its own patients to its own testing facilities, and they are doing so at a much higher rate than any other medical practice. Surely all of our doctors should be using the same basic criteria for ordering tests. If that is the case then it should be easy to compare the percentage of tests ordered by Dr. Brown’s medical practice with the percentage of tests ordered by all other medical practices in Bermuda.

    The Police should be able to obtain this information either from the medical practitioners, or from the insurance companies who have to pay their claims. Dr Brown states that “Every scan carried out by Bermuda Healthcare Services has followed all the procedures set out by recognised professional bodies” It may be that no-one is questioning the actual procedures used by BHS. Surely, what is in question is whether Dr. Brown’s practice is ordering far more tests that other practices for reasons of profit rather than patient care. The facts should speak for themselves. We need to hear the facts before pronouncing judgement.

  63. Ronnie Viera says:

    A press conference surrounded by supporters (have to laugh seeing Wayne F there since he was one of EBs main critics a few years ago..)? We now have a very capable DPP (former AG under EBs reign) who will be responsible for considering the facts and making the prosecutorial decision so let’s let the process take its course.

  64. Baygrapes says:

    It’s not black or white. It’s BROWN.

  65. Sunfish says:

    Ewart Brown is a comedy show and always had been. Everything wrong with Bermuda ,2 Billion in debt, gang BS, IB Leaving in mass, 100`s of millions in cost over runs on every project ,, all this under his watch!!! Ewart Brown ,,shut UP!! YOU DON`T RATE TO SPEAK ON ANYTHING BERMUDIAN!! Take your doctors and “GO AWAY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. say what says:

    Well if the investigation has been gong on for sometime, I guess we cant blame the oba.
    And Mr,Brown I don’t know you or care for you for the reason being the state you have left our island in. But if you are a professional business man as you say, put up or shut up sounds really professional.

  67. Declan Harrison says:

    This was always going to be his defence strategy, and being that things are starting to heat up, he decides to put it into action with this public news conference. Wow, those “questions” he took were about as softball as you can get.

  68. Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

    Dr Brown should look into how long it took the French Police to try and convict their former President Jacques Chirac….25 years after he was Mayor of Paris he was found guilty……

  69. Some beach says:

    This type of thing is why premiums are so effing high!
    It is why no one can afford insurance in Bermuda in the fist place!

  70. Some beach says:

    Hospital triage is long winded to I was there and took notice….one doctor peeks in…another one reads the chart…and the last on actually treats you…you pay for all three and a nurse or two.
    It is not necessary and abusive to insurance…and at the end we pay higher insurance because of it…I ask you …average Bermuda resident…who can justify paying …what I see to be…the highest damnable insurance rates worldwide!

  71. OXYMORON says:

    I find it puzzling that Dr Reddy would be arrested for allegedly defrauding patients and insurance companies WHEN HE HASNT ALWAYS CHARGED ME OR MY INSURANCE COMPANY FOR MY VISITS…..AND I AM A CANCER PATIENT!!

    • bluwater says:

      Where did you read what the charges were?

  72. clearasmud says:

    It is clear that Dr. brown has his critics but I have a problem with the police response. I fail to see how an accusation from a convicted fraudster could be a legitimate reason for a four year investigation at the public expense. The source of the accusation has already been discredited by his own conviction.

    • bluwater says:

      But you have no idea what the source of the investigative information is? You’re just speculating.

      • clearasmud says:

        I am not speculating the police said so in their public statement!

        • bluwater says:

          The Police haven’t said ANYTHING about these charges being related to any previous investigation.

    • really says:

      Dude they wouldn’t, there has to be way more to this!

  73. bee says:

    if the MRI dept at KEMH was 1/2 decent we’d all go there. but it’s crap. took 4 hours to do an orbital MRI that was un-readable! when I asked Colonial if they processed a refund request as the MRI was un-usable and had to be re-done at Lahey – guess what they said – oh no we can’t do that. when I asked why not all I got was crickets.

  74. bluwater says:

    Does the reference to his enemies in Bermuda AND the UK suggest to anyone that Scotland Yard may also be involved?

  75. common sense says:

    I do not believe that a physician (or even private individuals who have a profit motive) should own or have a financial interest in expensive medical testing facilities.

  76. Rhonnda Oliver says:

    Seems just about everyone is taking Dr Brown’s word for why Dr Reddy was taken in.

    “a suspicion that he had been overusing MRI and CT scanners”

    Even if Dr Reddy was, which would be entirely subjective, it wouldn’t be a crime. Morally and ethically wrong, but not something the police would get involved with, unless someone, ie insurance company, etc, had called fraud or the like.

    Besides, if it was that reason, why Dr Reddy’s home? What could be found there when such records would almost entirely be digital.

    Whatever this is about, I find it hard to believe that it has anything to do with overuse of CT or MRI scans.

    So, is this suggestion diversion? And on who’s part? Dr Brown’s? The police’s?

    Just stuff to think about

  77. Terry says:

    I think many have lost or not even aware of the reasons.

    This kind of practice is great and helps identify and help people.

    It can be abused and is everyday by working the system and telling lies.

    “Your going to need a follow up”.
    “The person reading this is not sure and needs another”.


    Happened to me and I said I went somewhere else and it cost me $4…………. to find out the original diagnosis was totally wrong.

    Money. Greed.

    Follow it.


  78. Sage says:

    Whos says the Devil just wears Prada?

  79. Some beach says:

    Grandstanding for election year…
    Caught with pants down around his proverbial anckls…
    And makinking a stink about his personal buisnessssss.
    For political agenda.
    It is unfit agenda…
    As the people pay higher insurance for uneeded testing.
    Iam sorry Mr. Man but people need lower premiums mate.

  80. 32n64w says:

    Are Mr. Lynch and Dr. Reddy born Bermudians?

  81. Declan Harrison says:

    What an absolutely terrible message to send to society, particularly the young and impressionable. For a former Premier to publicly state that the Police are racists in this day and age is horrible. He has clearly stated that he has hired high-level legal representation in order to challenge these latest developments. This is clearly his prerogative and I wish him the best in this move. So why then, should he need to hold this public gathering with his allegations of racial victim-hood.

    This man is toxic and the idiots who support him are too deluded in their quest for “racial justice” to realize that it was actually him who shattered their financial prosperity.