Group Delivers Recommendation On Adoption

June 15, 2016

The Consultative Immigration Reform Working Group delivered their recommendation on Adoption to the Premier Michael Dunkley, Minister of Home Affairs, Patricia Gordon-Pamplin and the President of the Bermuda Industrial Union Mr. Chris Furbert, on Friday, June 10th.

Chairman Mr. William Madeiros said, ”The Group made a commitment to have our policy on the issue of adoption formulated by June 10, we are pleased to have been able to deliver on that commitment.”

The Group said they “would like to take this time to thank all those that attended the public meeting and sent in submissions. This was just the beginning of the process and the next step will be to formulate a recommendation on mixed status families.”

“In the coming days The Group will be asking the public for submissions on this topic and also release dates for public meetings,” a spokesperson said.

“We would like to remind the public that submissions can be made via our dropbox located on the ground floor of the Government Administration Building on Parliament Street, by calling us on 500- 4664 or send us an email at”

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  1. campervan. says:

    Thanks for your efforts William and Co..
    But if I may add……The whole PRC/Status issue is moving along at a glacial pace.

    There are currently dozens of people who have had PRC applications approved in principal for many months, yet the paperwork is not forthcoming. Why??
    The immigration department appears to be more backed up more than a portaloo at a rock festival. Whats the problem here? Are we a hick back water or are we a cutting edge entity that get things done?

    Many of these applicants are execs who are being asked to promote and sell Bermuda internationally.
    How can they, with hand on heart, say that Bermuda is an efficient domicile to work and do business with minimal red tape, when such a simple task appears to be undeliverable in a timely fashion.

  2. hmmm says:

    So where is it???? Why can’t we read it ????

  3. Demarkshan says:

    When are they going to get to the most important issue – the people who have been living here for 20+ years who have no rights in the place they call home!

  4. cromwell says:

    This whole thing reminds me of the equality gender issue where a man feels he is a girl inside a boys body and wants to require he can use the woman’s bathroom and government or business cant discriminate because of equal treatment.

    What if a foreign same sex transgender persons feels they are a Bermudian inside a foreign body? They are Bermudian and we shouldn’t judge them for that but provide them equal rights to realize their self.