People To Do ‘Bizarre Dares’ In BBBS Fundraiser

June 1, 2016

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda will be hosting their “How much would you pay to see me?” fundraiser on June 15th, with well known locals volunteering to raise funds for the charity by doing “bizarre dares” live on stage at Harbour Nights.

A BBBS spokesperson said, “Each participant has accepted hilarious, stomach-churning or bizarre daresPeople Do “Bizarre Dares” For BBBS Fundraiser with the aim of raising a minimum of $1,500 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda. The celebrities will encourage members of the community to make pledges to see them do their dares and generate funding for the charitable organisation.

“In the 2014 edition we witnessed BFA executive Andrew Griffith dressed in drag, singing “I’m Every Woman”; Social media enthusiast Don Burgess jumping into a container full of live cockroaches; Northlands Principal, Charles Joynes kissing a pig; Miss Bermuda 2013 jumping overboard in full pageant attire; Media personality, Brother Richie getting wrapped from head to toe in toilet paper; and Ed Christopher becoming a dog and letting children from the audience walk him. This year the sky is the limit!


“Some of the dares for 2016 are: Bermuda shorts clad business men running down Front Street in high heels; eating a cockroach; getting a pie in the face, wearing the wrong Cup Match team colours, and a high-stakes boxing match between a Member of Parliament and a retired boxing champion! There are 16 outrageous dares in total.

The contestants are:

  • Alfred Maybury – President, Somerset Cricket Club
  • Neil Paynter – President, St. Georges Cricket Club
  • Alyssa Rose – Miss Bermuda 2015-2016
  • Jeff Sousa vs Teresa Perozzi Part II
  • C.H.U.B.B. – Can Heels Upset these Brave Boys [5 male CHUBB employees]
  • Dejon Simmons – Bermemes
  • Qian Dickinson – Hott 107.5 Radio Personality
  • Ashley Estwanik – Bermuda’s internationally award-winning runner & triathlete
  • Jodi Lewis – Founder and CEO of JD Lewis Group
  • Cami Cam – Former Miss Hospitality Beauty Queen and artist
  • Michiko Campbell – Chef and Founder of Chiko’s Smokey Rub
  • Darin Minors – Code Red Soca Truck Leader
  • Rosette Simmons – BBBS Board Member
  • Power Girl – BBBS Managing Director & Radio Personality
  • Antoine Jones – Host of “In the Know”
  • Bishop Nicholas Dill – Anglican Bishop of Bermuda

Patrina O’Connor-Paynter, Managing Director of BBBS says “Like most charities in Bermuda we are facing tough economic times. We realize that in order for us to continue servicing the youth of Bermuda we must come up with new and innovative ways to raise funds.

“The event was a success in 2012 & 2014 therefore we have decided to do it again this year. We try to have this event every other year so that the Bermuda public looks forward to it.

“Our contestants are amazing and we are looking forward to a great show. We would like to thank BHW and the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce for their support of this event.”

“People interested in making a donation towards one of one of the contestants can visit the donations section of and click here for the “How Much Would You Pay To See Me…?” link. For more information contact the BBBS office on 232-2802 or via email”

The BBBS said the Dares are:

  • 1. Alfred Maybury – President of Somerset Cricket Club – will get dressed completely in St. Georges attire and have his face painted the team colour by a child in the audience!
  • 2. Neil Paynter – President of St. Georges Cricket Club – will get dressed completely in Somerset attire and have his face painted the team colour by a child in the audience!
  • 3. Alyssa Rose – Miss Bermuda – Have a child in the audience give her a “glamourous” [actually not so glamourous] makeover.
  • 4. Jeff Sousa vs Teresa Perozzi part 2 – The boxing match of the century! 4 years in the making!
  • 5. C.H.U.B.B. – Can Heels Upset these Brave Boys – The men of CHUBB will run in high heels and Bermuda shorts down Front Street!! Featuring: Dwayne “Streaker” Adams, Vernal Caines, Randolph Simons, David Jenkins and Graeme Henderson.
  • 6. Dejon Simmons – Bermemes – will drink a fishcake smoothie!!
  • 7. Qian Dickinson – Hott 107.5 – will create pies for kids in the audience to eat and if they don’t like them they can throw the pies in his face!!
  • 8. Ashley Estwanik – will eat a COCKROACH!!
  • 9. Jodi Lewis – will lip sync a “male” old school rap song in full attire!
  • 10. Cami Cam – will dance Gombeys to either country music or a slow jam and then get sprayed with water by the kids in the audience!
  • 11. Michiko Campbell – Chiko’s Smokey Rub – will sing in a clown outfit, have flour poured on him and then jump overboard!
  • 12. Darin Minors – Code Red – Soca Truck – will become the soca king and get the crowd rocking!
  • 13. Rosette Simmons – BBBS Board Member – will sing “Hello” by Adele backed up by a surprise guest! [You do not want to miss this performance]
  • 14. Power Girl – might wear blue and blue [St. Georges colours]… although it might burn her skin!!
  • 15. Antoine Jones – Host of “In the Know”  - will become a human canvas and allow children to throw paint on him.
  • 16. Bishop Nicholas Dill – will dance the “Whip and Nae Nae” while children from the audience throw water balloons at him!

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  1. Gabriel says:

    Great idea! Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Ca't Wait says:

    LOL I sooo look forward to this!!! I want to be a child in the audience!!! LOL

  3. The bishop is going to be whipping and naenaeing? says: