16 BFIS Summer Interns Make Presentations

July 26, 2016

On Thursday, this summer’s 16 BFIS Interns made presentations to over 50 insurance professionals, former interns and BFIS scholars on what they had learned during their immersion in the insurance markets of Atlanta, Bermuda, Chicago and London.

London interns included Rachel Soares [International Business/UWE] and Tatyana Butterfield [RM & Insurance/Temple] [missing: Eleanor Boyle [Economics/Rollins], and Jessica Burns [Business/Warwick].

Atlanta interns included Alexandra McMartin [Business Commications/Brock], Chelsy Furtado [Accounting/Acadia], Tyler Kerr [Finance/Western], and Daniel Ritchie [Economics/Utrecht].

Chicago interns included Julie Judd [Accounting/Northeastern] [behind Tyler], Stephen Cox [Project Management/Elon], Melanie Mendonca [International Business/UWE, and Kyle Burgess [Economics/St. Mary’s of Maryland].

Bermuda interns included Megan Knight [Math/St. Andrews] [on right of Melanie], Anna Harrington [Financial Economics/Western], Aaron Nelson [Business/Hertfordshire], and Katie Stevenson [Globalisation/Western].

BFIS Interns Group

A spokesperson said, “The BFIS intern programmes are short but intensive [Bermuda – 3 weeks, Atlanta, Chicago and London – 2 weeks] and give the four teams of university students, who ranged from sophomores to graduates, the opportunity to really understand what insurance is all about from insurance professionals.

“Cathy Lapsley, BFIS Executive Director thanked everyone involved, saying that a total of 80 offices representing 55 companies either in Bermuda or overseas hosted the students, with staff giving generously of their time to meet with the students for a morning or lunch or the whole day and sometimes after work too.

“Lead sponsors are Allied World for the Bermuda Intern Programme and XL Catlin for the Atlanta, Chicago and London Programmes. KPMG kindly sponsored the final presentation lunch.

“129 Bermudian students have now taken part in the programme and have found it a great stepping stone when graduating to work in insurance. The Bermuda programme started in 2001, Chicago in 2006, London in 2008 and Atlanta in 2012.”

To view the interns presentations, visit the BFIS website.

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