Video: Nekton Mission’s First Submersible Dive

July 26, 2016

Nekton’s first deep ocean scientific research mission, which is sponsored by re/insurer XL Catlin and in partnership with the Bermuda Government’s Ministry of the Environment, launched off the coast of Bermuda this week, with the action caught on camera.

In a video of the launch, Greg Foot, onboard science reporter, says, “We’ve just getting ready for the first sub dive of the mission. Those subs are worth something like $2 million, just for this sub, and then we’ve got all this scientific equipment.

“There was a lot nervous excitement; this is really when the mission begins.”

To explore the full impact of human activities on the deep ocean, this first in a series of expeditions used cutting-edge technology, including the latest manned submersibles with fully spherical hulls and Virtual Reality 360-degree cameras.

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