Dockyard Glass Fusion Studio Offering Classes

July 6, 2016

A glass fusion studio – dubbed – that recently opened within the Glassworks at Dockyard is offering a unique way for locals and visitors to learn glass fusion and make artistic glass pieces.

A spokesperson said, “The business was set up in 2015. It started off in a small room in a warehouse offering weekend classes to locals.

“With the Dockyard Glassworks under renovation for the winter, we had the perfect opportunity to get in and build a proper studio before it reopened.”

collage studio 8 glass jewellery

“We built it and opened it in May 2016, now offering classes to both tourists and locals alike.

“ is a glass fusion studio, where we create glass pieces [earrings, suncatchers, pendants, etc], and fire them in the kiln.

“We are really lucky to be in the Glassworks, where we can recycle their cast offs and broken pieces into new jewelry.”

studio 8 glass fusion bermuda (2)

“This is a unique take on regular glass fusion, where sheet glass is usually the only form of glass used.

“We offer a variety of class options, from making just one pendant, to a full class where guests can create a variety of different pieces and learn different techniques.

“A full class takes around two hours, with experienced artists helping you every step of the way.”

studio 8 glass fusion bermuda (3)

“This is a review from our page: ‘Really enjoyed learning this technique – will definitely sign up for more sessions. The artists are enthusiastic about their craft and happy to share their experience. Highly recommend this as a creative outlet – best two hours I had all week! I look forward to joining future sessions.’”

For more information, visit the Facebook page or website.

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  1. Country says:

    This is wonderful. Would definitely like to join a class. If it was cheaper.

    • Omni Present says:

      Nothing is “cheaper” ever in Bermuda. :)

    • Matt says:

      I am the operator of the studio, and yes, it may be on the pricier side of activities in Bermuda, however you get a lot for your money here. At the end of the class you walk away with several professional looking pieces, handmade by you, to keep or give away as gifts.

      People in the locals class generally make up 8 – 12 pieces, some are finished, hung and ready to wear out the door once cooled. We have a lot of glass and professional equipment available for students to use and expert instruction. For locals, you return a second time to a finishing class, this is where you drill the glass or glue bails on to hang them.

      Hope this helps explain where you get value for money.

      • Real Deal says:

        I am a smart business man. I know what I would be making if took the class and it aint (earrings, suncatchers, pendants, etc)

        I just gave you an idea for free just now cheers.

  2. O.M.G says:

    Do you have a number we can call please sounds like fun.