Music Video: ‘Taxi Everywhere’ By GVO Ft 1331

August 30, 2016

A new music video by local artists GVO and 1331 showcases their song “Taxi Everywhere,” with the video highlighting Bermuda “in a good positive way from a young person’s perspective – just having fun.”

GVO said, “I came up with the theme; there is a song called ‘Uber Everywhere’ where a lot of top international artists make their own remixes – I figured why not do a Bermuda version.

“Once I finished the song, I bumped into my friend 1331; he is known in town as a good rapper, so it made sense to have him bless and finesse the track. He got back to me the next day, we went into the studio, and the song was complete.”

“I met with a young man who is a video editor. I told him I already have the concept, just need you to record – and he did that plus more. We shot most of the footage we used, and like a lot of YouTube video artists, we used what was already in play.

“We wanted to capture and show Bermuda in a good positive way from a young person’s perspective – just having fun. Just a couple guys going on a double date with some young ladies, in a good clean way. Show these younger ones that you can go out, look presentable, and still have fun.

“We are at a time where my generation and the younger ones are hurting, there are a lot of bad vibes and negative energy going around, so this is our way of just giving our community something to dance and smile to.”

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  1. Wow! says:

    I like the beat! Great job guys!

  2. Fluffy says:

    Mmmm… I enjoyed most of the scenery…