Deadline Looms For Tourism Investment RFP

September 27, 2016

Two deadlines are approaching for individuals who want to land business partnerships with the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] in 2017, as the Tourism Experiences Investment application process and the Live Entertainment Showcase request for proposal [RFP] process both close September 30, 2016.

Tourism Experiences Investment

The BTA said, “Tourism Experiences Investment is a search for home-grown ideas that will help to move the island’s tourism industry forward by attracting new visitors or enhancing the Bermuda experiences of existing visitors.

“Successful Tourism Experiences applicants will receive support for their ideas from the BTA. Applications should be submitted online by this Friday at 11:59 pm. No extensions will be granted.

“The process will consider tourism experiences that happen between January 1 and December 31, 2017. The BTA funds entrepreneurs’ ideas for visitor experiences up to $75,000, or extends marketing support to those who request it.

“The Tourism Experiences Investment application and a helpful presentation on the BTA’s criteria for the process can be found online.

“Applications best aligned with industry trends and the BTA’s overall marketing strategies have the greatest likelihood to receive funding. Applications are categorised into four areas: sports, arts and culture, entertainment and new experiences.

Live Entertainment Showcase

“Meantime, entertainers and entertainment industry entrepreneurs must have their proposals submitted by 11:59 pm this Friday to be considered for a vital role managing live local entertainment on the island and ensuring visitors are exposed to it. The full RFP criteria can be found online.

“The successful Live Entertainment Showcase applicant will be expected to fulfill the role in 2017.”

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  1. Real Deal says:

    I have a very good idea for east end however I don’t have the money to spent the time to pursue it. I am to busy looking for a job and hustling to eat and pay bills.

    • Yahoo says:

      You’re also too busy whining.

    • Jiggs Bda says:

      Take a chance and stop complaining

      • Real Deal says:

        Take a chance and what? starve? I am lucky I don’t have any kids I think I have taken enough chances in life. Some people have the finical support to pursue things like this some don’t.

        google why some kids are able to pursue things like becoming a pro gamer and some kids cant regardless of talent.

        some kids can mess up in life and bounce back some kids cant once they mess up its over.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    The deadline will come & go. Next year there will be whining from the usual people on the various forums on how hard done by they are.

    Meanwhile those with real ideas, & never bother with these forums, will have had their proposals in long ago & be working on making ideas realities earning them them real income.