Oil Spill In Southampton Causing Traffic Delays

September 27, 2016

[Updated] An oil spill on Middle Road in Southampton this afternoon [Sept 27] is causing traffic delays, with traffic being diverted along the Railway Trail.

At 4.00pm, a police spokesperson said, “Please be advised, there has been an oil spill on Middle Road in Southampton in the area of Whale Bay.

“Traffic has been diverted along the Railway Trail and the motoring public travelling in that area should expect delays.

Update 4.42pm:
The police said that reports just coming in from the west state that “traffic is backed up from Middle Road in Southampton in the area of Whale Bay, all the way to Barnes Corner,” saying that this underscores that those “travelling into Sandys should expect delays.”

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  1. betty says:

    This happened around noon and they still cannot get traffic moving quicker only in Bermud where are the experts. Check out all the overhanging overgrow on your way through from Barnes corner to whale bay disgusting shame on those in control of keeping our roads beautiful….

  2. Terry says:

    And the cause of the spill is…………….

  3. betty says:


  4. Jeb says:

    Very unfortunate accident….diesel of that quantity not easy to clean up quickly. Be thankful it happened where traffic could be diverted along Railway trail. Lessons to be learned.