Taxi Dispatch Management Company Launches

September 6, 2016

Premierco-op Transportation — a Taxi Dispatch Management Operator — has commenced operations, saying that ”although it’ll take a few months to fully ramp up operations, the company aims to help push forward needed changes in the industry to ultimately help provide better service to customers and also to lower taxi owner costs.”

“The new dispatch operator is a strategic joint venture between Co-op Taxi Transportation and Premier Transportation, a private entity; and will not only offer the lowest dispatch fees but broad benefits such as insurance, tire and gas discounts, amongst others, to its members,” the company said.


“One of Premierco-op first moves has been to align itself with a local transport platform company, YAWPa [owned by Agility Ltd, the same company that operates EasyPark] to provide and support innovative technology and administration.

“As a Bermuda company, YAWPa owns and developed its transport platform to a great degree based on the Bermuda market and its unique issues.

“It’s Premierco-op’s belief that having a locally based technology partner is extremely advantageous not just for support response purposes, but also for the option to have timely development of unique solutions for Bermuda market issues.

Premierco-op states that its goal is to “have every Taxi under its umbrella to provide Visa, MasterCard and American express credit/debit card payment options, GPS distribution of jobs; and the ability for customers to contact drivers using multiple methods, including: hail, voice calls, mobile apps and eventually web bookings.”

“Premierco-op noted that one of the critical needs for the Bermuda market is the ability to book taxi rides a day, a week or more in advance; and for customers to have efficient means to interact directly with drivers and their favourite drivers.

“Premierco-op officials say that YAWPa shares their vision and hence that’s why they’ve partnered with them. YAWPa’s partnership with Digicel will also benefit Premierco-op in rationalizing necessary communications and hardware costs.”

Hewvonnie Brown of Premierco-op said, “We are excited about this opportunity and in the next few months our goal is to ramp up operations as fast as we can before the holiday season arrives; and well ahead of next year’s America’s Cup event. We are very much focused on achieving the best service both for our customers and members.”

George A. Scott of Co-op Taxi Transportation stated, “We fully support the mobility of the terminal whereby the Taxi Operator can answer an offer for dispatched work anywhere. The opportunity to partner with Premier Transportation and YAWPa provides a way for us not only to do this, but to ensure we can offer the best service to our customers.”

For more information on Premierco-op Transportation, see their website, Facebook; or call them on 824 7000. The YAWPa mobile app is available at iTunes and Google Play stores, or by scanning the QR code on their website/Facebook page.

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