2017 America’s Cup Schedule Announced

October 18, 2016

The full event schedule for the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda in 2017 has been confirmed, outlining the calendar of almost five weeks of world class sailing action which lies ahead in the beautiful waters of Bermuda, starting on May 26th and finishing on or around June 27th 2017.

The opening race of the 35th America’s Cup will be race one of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers between the Defender, Oracle Team USA, with two time America’s Cup winner Jimmy Spithill and his crew looking to start their defence of the cup in style against Groupama Team France, led by French superstar Franck Cammas.

The first race, starting on May 26th at 14.00 [Bermuda time], will be the first time the America’s Cup Class [ACC] yachts and their sailing crews engage in full competitive action. The ACC race yachts are wingsail, cutting-edge catamarans that foil above the water at tremendous speed, designed and created by each of the six America’s Cup teams racing for the oldest trophy in international sport.

All the 35th America’s Cup races from May 26th to June 27th 2017 will take place on the astonishing waters of Bermuda’s Great Sound, a perfect stage for the stadium-style racing that is now a core feature of America’s Cup racing.

Russell Coutts, CEO of the America’s Cup Event Authority, gave his thoughts on the fantastic range of events that lie ahead, and the perfect stage Bermuda offers for the 35th America’s Cup: “I’m sure everyone associated with the 35th America’s Cup is as excited as I am to be able to announce the schedule for 2017.

“We are looking forward to seeing fierce competition as the event kicks off with Oracle Team USA against Groupama Team France as the first race of the day, followed by more exciting racing for all our America’s Cup fans and followers. It will be a fantastic spectacle.

“All the America’s Cup teams now know who they will line up with in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers, allowing them to plan their race strategies for each of their double round robin races. One thing that is certain is that nobody can predict who will come out on top. That uncertainty, especially having seen how all the teams are so closely matched, shows why interest in the America’s Cup is growing so quickly worldwide.

“Bermuda is gearing up for what I believe will be the greatest America’s Cup ever and, with Bermuda’s beautiful Great Sound as the stage for the 35th America’s Cup, we have the perfect location for a truly iconic, world-class sports event.

“We also have a range of exciting support events which will combine to make this an unmissable five weeks of sailing action, including the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup which will showcase the best national youth teams from around the world racing in AC45 foiling catamarans, currently taking centre stage in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series.

“In addition we have the America’s Cup Superyacht Regatta and the America’s Cup J Class Regatta, featuring the most spectacular superyachts afloat today and some of the most famous America’s Cup yachts of old, all racing on the turquoise waters of Bermuda. The combination of all these elements add up to why I firmly believe this will be the greatest America’s Cup ever.”

Jimmy Spithill, Skipper of Oracle Team USA and three-time winner of the America’s Cup, is clearly ready for action in Bermuda. He said, “People will witness America’s Cup racing as they’ve never seen it before. The physical and mental demands on the athletes on board have gone up exponentially – the catamarans will be faster than last time, more maneuverable, and likely will foil all the way around the race track, given the right conditions.

“Most importantly, I think the competition is going to be fierce. We have six great teams preparing for racing next year and this is quite possibly shaping up to be one of the hardest, most competitive America’s Cups in its long history of over 165 years of battle.”

35th America's Cup Schedule October 18 2016

The racing format of the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda features all six America’s Cup teams competing in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers, the round robin match racing that kicks off the 35th America’s Cup.

In these opening two rounds, each competitor races every other team twice, with the challengers battling for the right to advance to the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Challenger Playoffs [only the top four advance], which starts on Sunday June 4th. The current Defender, Oracle Team USA, then moves straight into the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, in which it will take on the winner of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Challenger Playoffs.

The teams finishing first and second in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series will carry two and one points respectively into the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers in 2017, putting even more pressure on all the competitors to finish the last Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series event in November in Fukuoka, Japan as strongly as possible.

The top four challengers from the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers will split into two semi-finals and this second stage of the 2017 competition will run from Sunday 4th June until Monday 12th June, with the winners taking part in a finals competition to determine which team will take on Oracle Team USA in the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton.

Also at stake in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers is a bonus point for the America’s Cup Match. If the team that wins the Qualifiers [whether Defender or a challenger] also advances to the Match, it will start with a one point advantage.

Oracle Team USA will not compete in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Challenger Playoffs. While the challengers improve through the heat of competition, the Defender will need to prepare on its own for the final showdown and the races to win the 35th America’s Cup.

There is a break in America’s Cup Class race proceedings from Tuesday 13th June until Saturday 17th June, in which Bermuda will play host to the America’s Cup Superyacht Regatta, the qualifying stages of the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup, and the America’s Cup J Class Regatta, the greatest gathering ever of the iconic J Class yachts so closely linked to the rich heritage of the America’s Cup.

The America’s Cup Superyacht Regatta will be a truly awe-inspiring display of some of the world’s most impressive large sailing yachts and will provide a perfect companion piece to the America’s Cup J Class Regatta which is going to create another chapter of America’s Cup history.

Never before have so many of the J Class yachts currently sailing anywhere in the world been together for one competition in the modern era, but Bermuda will bring a significant number of them together on the same waters as a prelude to the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, a fitting tribute to the heritage of the world’s oldest international sports trophy.

Also running over these dates is the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup and the return of the AC45 foiling race catamarans currently being campaigned by the America’s Cup teams in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series. In Bermuda 2017 the AC45’s will be crewed by up to 16 teams of the next generation of sailing superstars, representing countries from around the world, as well as teams directly linked to the six America’s Cup teams competing in the main event.

Finally, Saturday 17th June is when Oracle Team USA will take on the team that has fought its way through and earned its place in the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton. From that Saturday until Tuesday 27th June [as needed], the two teams will go head to head in a series of races to be first to claim the seven points needed to win the America’s Cup 2017.

There is a short cessation of hostilities from Monday 19th June until Wednesday 21st June when the final stages of the America’s Cup J Class Regatta and the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup finals will take place, and then the denouement of the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, starts on Saturday 24th June. All dates are confirmed but may be subject to change, depending on weather conditions

The full 2017 Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Schedule follow below [PDF here]

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  1. Average Bermudian says:


    • wahoo says:

      Please stop referring to yourself as Bermudian it is embarrassing us.

      • Toleratate says:

        @wahoo, some folks simply hate this event just because…..they cannot tell you why which proves the brainwash job was successful.
        I often wonder where ALL these folks where when Golf was being hosted on a course most will NEVER play on. Or how when an opportunity to make money came up, it was moved to out local course at over four times the original cost to carry out upgrades (currently being exposed by the COI).
        Never did get the numbers for that investment (which is near impossible seeing as we never got the numbers for what was payed out to host the event from the beginning).
        Still waiting for Tiger Woods…

        • Wahoo says:

          I know, I know….

        • Toodle-oo says:

          * * some folks simply hate this event just because…..they cannot tell you why which proves the brainwash job was successful. * *

          They already HAVE told us why they hate it . Blatantly nasty people !
          Even though the AC crews know they exist , hopefully they won’t come into contact with any of them while they are here .

          I’ve already had some unusual run ins with some of the AC crews and their families and they’re lovely folks .

    • Unbelievable says:

      @Average Bermudian…..well then get out of the way if you aren’t interested.

  2. clips says:

    Cannot wait. This is the biggest event ever to happen in Bermuda, and will benefit each and every Bermudian. Unbelievable that some refuse to accept that.

    • had enough says:

      because they have blinders on. They have done so much for the youth on this island (black and white pink and yellow, already, don’t they see that or maybe they don’t want to see it. SO much opportunity but guess what you have to get up off your backside and seize the opportunity not wait for it to know at your door. So looking forward to this event and seeing world class athletes in action in Bermuda

    • In what way does it benefit EVERY Bermudian, or you mean de friends and family circle, did EVERY Bermudian benefit from de Golf.
      Tic Toc

      • clips says:

        It’s been explained hundreds of times OJ – but for the hard of learning and others like you:

        Very simple economics. More people visiting = more money being spent. (Remember the days of rich living before the PLP got in? That was due to the number of people living here. For the duration of the America’s Cup, the population will once again be high).

        So – if you have a room – rent it out. If you sell a product, set yourself up with the AC as a vendor. Can you cook? Set up a food wagon. Don’t have a product? Get a job with someone who does who will benefit directly from additional tourism – bars are a great example. Got a boat? Arrange to take visitors out on the water to watch the racing. Taxi driver? Set up a website and tout yourself to visitors – get advance bookings. Know a good place to fish – visitors will pay for that information and a day on the water.

        Of course, all these suggestions rely in you being pro-active and getting off your backside and doing something about it. If you’re not willing to do that, then that’s your loss, but don’t blame anyone but yourself.

      • Kathy says:

        It is so easy to hide behind a pen name, Onion Juice. Why don’t you put your real name out there so we can avoid you and your ignorance in town!

        AC is NOT going to benefit EVERYONE, but it certainly does and will (next summer) benefit thousands of people who are working hard to make the event a success for Bermuda who is on the world stage with this event. People benefiting include the taxi drivers, the hotel staff, restaurant staff, local vendors, and our sailing youth. I am sure there are more people whom I have not mentioned.

        If you have nothing good to say, just stay home and shut your mouth!

  3. Curious says:

    How exciting for Bermuda – this is getting real!

    Thank you to ACEA and looking forward to much more communication from our own ACBDA going forward about how Bermudian funding is working for all of us. What is the total Government spend now estimated at given all the changes to the original estimates and buiCross Island?

    How many Bermudians are/will be employed directly and indirectly and what is the racial, gender, age and economic make up of such?

    • Wahoo says:

      Don’t know for sure but there will be a lot of oportunity for anyone who wants to get up do something for themselves. Everyone in the tourism and restraunt industry will be jammin’.

  4. NCM says:

    Awesome! May/June 2017 is going to be like nothing Bermuda has ever seen. Opportunities for all!

    • So we gave $77 Million for Billionaires to play with their boats, so where does de trickle down effect start? Oh they eat at resturants, buy gas and groceries.
      My bad.

      • wahoo says:

        You do understand I hope that we call them billionaires because they have lots of money??? Right? That $77M that you like to talk about is an investment that will reap huge return – our economy is about to get a very big boost. If we do it right the benefits will continue long after the races are done – this our time to shine and get our tourism back on track. Please stop with your petty, jealous s#$t stirring it is getting old much like you and those who you represent.

      • Crickets says:

        Onion Juice , if you don’t understand the benefits, you likely never will. Perhaps that part of your brain has not developed as well as the part of your brain responsible for hate.

        But let me try and help you.
        $67 million over four years including a whole months worth of events. Not $4million for a one day even like Beyoncé concert with drew 0 visitors to the island and 0 minutes of TV coverage. The former government easily spent that for the PGA events and Port Royal renovation over 4 years, for just four 4 days coverage Already this island has seen more coverage and advertising slashed on major overseas networks than it ever has and we aren’t near the actual final event.

        Have you ever visited the facilities and spoken to the Bermudian staff that work there as support staff, IT, chefs, media relations…etc. I doubt it. Have you spoken to the Bermudian men and women that worked for the last few years doing construction workers in Dockyard? No you haven’t. Have you spoken with the Bermudian youth sailors that are getting an opportunity of a lifetime – I’m sure the answer is No. Have you spoken to the hotel reservation staff and asked about bookings for rooms in hotels during that month …or even in some restaurants already? Have you spoken to the freight companies real estate people, and contractors that have helped move families, equipment to their new homes. Naaahhh.

        Maybe if you spent a minute talking to people outside of Alaska Hall, blogs and talk radio shows you might see the benefits of what is going on. Bad news for you is, you can’t fix ignorant!

      • Up D hill says:

        We gave? Don’t include yourself OJ as part of Bermuda investing in AC because your not! You are looking for a handout so I suggest you go to the USA or Europe and buy a f÷=£×€g lotto ticket!!! You were blind before the PLP government, during the PLP Government and are blind today as evident by your posts!!

  5. Rada Gast says:

    I note that there is no Cup racing on the June 19th holiday.

    I hope that this means everyone will come out and make this the best National Heroes Day celebration in many years.

  6. James says:

    All we need now are thousands of hotel beds, a public transportation system and taxis with drivers that want to work.
    Unfortunately I don’t see any of this happening. All for the Americas Cup but can easily seeing it being a shambles. We cannot move the people we have now never mind the crowds expected for this.

  7. Hold on says:

    And in the real world…

  8. Unbelievable says:

    No diss to the PGA but this 5 WEEK event will make that 3 DAY golf event look like peanuts! This is what the “average Bermudian” needs to understand. I really don’t think you lot know what’s coming at us.

    I, for one, CAN NOT WAIT for it!

    • Crickets says:

      The lead up coverage shown just before the PGA events was beautiful and made me so proud. The coverage during the first Bermuda AC Cup leg shown on TV was stunning as well. And to think the world will see weeks of it next year.

  9. Bermudian says:

    The dislikes on positive messages just shows you the ignorant and toxic mentality that we’re dealing with on the island. For those of you who do not embrace this amazing event to hit our shores…stay out of the way! To the AC teams, families and many spectators from around the world…there are many Bermudians who can’t wait for this happen, are proud of our little island for hosting such an event and welcome you.

    • Get real says:

      No hotels – no casinos – no sustainable jobs post Americas cup!

      Bermuda has no idea how to leverage an opportunity like this as they only focus on the event and not the aftermath!

      Dumb is as dumb does!