Photos: TechArt 2016 Digital Art Award Winners

October 29, 2016

TechArt 2016 opened recently at the Bermuda Society of Arts, and awards were handed out in five categories of digital art, including photography and video.

Rhona Emmerson, President of AAC Saatchi & Saatchi, said, “It was a great evening, with some well earned prizes awarded. I encourage the public and art students to take time to visit the exhibition.”

“AAC Saatchi and Saatchi have supported the TechArt shows for 10 years, as this art form is very much a part of our everyday lives, both professionally and socially. Digital art is a perfect outlet for self-expression and has the potential to reach a global audience.”

“We are proud to support TechArt and would like to thank our partners A.F. Smith for providing the Apple prizes and BSoA for making this happen.”

Winners of TechArt2016:

Children’s Digital Photography [CDP] [students up to 12 years]:

  • “Blessings” Seri Fischer

Student Digital Photography [SDP] [students 13– 8 years] :

  • 1st – “Inversion” Zebbedee Wakely
  • 2nd – “Untitled” Toby Gibbons
  • 3rd – “Peek-A-Boo” Addy Malpas

Adult Digital Art [ADA] [adults 18 years and older]:

  • 1st – “Sitting Pretty” Donae Hollis
  • 2nd – “Dark & Stormy” Chris Marson
  • 3rd – “Sleeping With Chrysanthimums” Cianna Fischer
  • HM – “Flight” Gillian Outerbridge

Adult Digital Photography [ADP] [adults 18 years and older]:

  • 1st – “Parrot Fish” Andreas Detzer
  • 2nd – “Hanging Cross, Aquileia, Italy” Chris Gibbons
  • 3rd – “Barge Cemetery, Casier, Italy” Chris Gibbons
  • HM – “Island Sunrise” Chi Smith

Adult Video Art [AVA] [adults 18 years and older]:

  • 1st – “Dam Of Memories” Alan C. Smith
  • 2nd – “Queen Of The Night” Peri Nolan Trott & Gianluca Gibbons

TechArt 2016 runs until November 8th, at the Bermuda Society of Arts in the City Hall.

For more information, please contact: Rhona Emmerson or Peter Hebberd, AAC Saatchi & Saatchi, 29 Front Street, Hamilton HM 11, 441-295-2626

“Blessings” by Seri Fischer, Winner in Children’s Digital Photography

Blessings Bermuda October 2016

Zebbedee Wakely, Winner of Student Digital Photography. [Collected by Mrs. Wakely]

Parent of Zebbedee Wakely Bermuda October 2016

”Untitiled” by Toby Gibbons, 2nd Student Digital Photography.

Untitiled Bermuda October 2016

Addy Malpas, 3rd Student Digital Photography

Addy Malpas Bermuda October 2016

“Sleeping with Chrysanthemums” by Cianna Fischer 3rd Adult Digital Art

Sleeping with Chrysanthemums Bermuda October 2016

“Hanging Cross” & “Barge Cemetery” by Chris Gibbons 2nd & 3rd Adult Digital Photography

Hanging Cross Bermuda October 2016

Barge Cemetery Bermuda October 2016

Allan C. Smith 1st Adult Video Art

Allan C Smith Bermuda October 2016

Peri Nolan Trott [Missing-Gianluca Gibbons] 2nd Adult Video Art

Peri Nolan Trott Bermuda October 2016

“Sitting Pretty” by Donae Hollis 1st Adult Digital Art

Sitting Pretty Bermuda October 2016

“Dark & Stormy” by Christopher Marson 2nd Adult Digital Art

Dark & Stormy Bermuda October 2016

“Parrot Fish” by Andreas Detzer 1st Adult Digital Photography

Parrot Fish Bermuda October 2016

“Flight” by Gillian Outerbridge Honorable Mention Adult Digital Art

Flight Bermuda October 2016

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