‘Take Back Our Park’ Group Delivers Letter

November 28, 2016

[Updated] A campaign group trying to stop the development of a new maintenance yard in the middle of the Botanical Gardens has delivered a 1,500-word letter of objection to Government.

And Take Back Our Park is urging more people to sign its petition [here] in a bid to convince Government not to carry on with work on a new HQ for more than 100 parks staff.

Jennifer Flood, a spokesperson for TBOP, said: “We have been consistent in saying that the Parks staff deserve a new headquarters, just not in a place that virtually bisects a national park.

“We know that a yard has existed there previously but we feel strongly that Government has missed an opportunity to move it somewhere more suitable. In addition, the sheer scale of the development is wholly inappropriate.”


Work on the new maintenance yard was stopped earlier this year when the Chief Justice granted a temporary injunction halting Government from proceeding with its plans.

TBOP say the Botanical Gardens is the wrong place for a two-story water tower, a 30-foot high ‘L’ shaped prefabricated metal warehouse and one 100-foot long and 18-feet high building.

It would also be a mustering post for up to 120 Parks staff, as well as a parking lot for all the Department’s heavy vehicles, trucks, equipment and trailers.

Government recently held a public meeting on the plans which was attended by TBOP members who described it as ‘disappointing’. The 1,500-word document was submitted as part of that consultation.

Mrs Flood added: “We would urge people to sign our petition and to write to Government protesting these plans.

“We believe there are suitable alternative sites and that this is a great chance to enhance the Botanical Gardens, a national treasure.”

Update 11.16am:
The group added, “We have issued a call to action TO and are asking everyone to submit their objections or comments about the proposed maintenance yard to Marcus Wade at Marwade@gov.bm. The Botanical Gardens belongs to all of us and it’s time for Government to hear our voices and stop this project.

“The petition was submitted to the Minister on January 29th 2016, but in light of the fact Government has now opened up Public Consultation on the project that we have reopened the petition”

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  1. Land Lubber says:

    It will be very interesting to see if gov goes ahead with this given all the negative publicity

  2. Terry says:

    I think it’s time for the OBA Government and those in charge of projects like this and do something.
    This is bull****
    I walked this place before Dunkley was born.

    You please your CS too much and it will fall apart come the day soon that the Green Flag will be raised once more.

    This is not a golf course.


  3. kermit the stooge says:

    go ahead with it, there was a section there before and they didn’t object in fact I never figured out why the infastructure was torn down. Typical NIMBY

  4. JCS says:

    The Botanical Gardens are a disgrace anyway. Trees covered in lichen, which means they’re diseased. This is not to say I agree with what government wants to do there. The gardens need to be brought back to their original glory and certainly not used as an industrial park!

    • Terry says:

      Bermuda is covered with them and waters with suck rocks.
      Have a rum and figure what I just said out.

  5. Lady Bug says:

    The biggest issue this additional infrastructure will bring with the increased traffic is slower response by ambulances. The increased traffic flow and congestion that will come from this will negatively effect response times.

    Also the higher the traffic congestion in this area the increase in accidents that will most likely happen as it is already a major road into Hamilton and heading west…

  6. I heart 441 says:

    Seems like those that live in the surrounding area of the proposed HQ feel their house value will depreciate in value if the new HQ is constructed.

    • Terry says:

      They ain’t worth crap on the market as is; not the way things are going.

      2018 will be the factor that shuts many up.

  7. Forest Gump says:

    When you’re dealing with gov, you really can’t fix stupid. 30 foot building in a park. smh

  8. wassup says:

    This was left over from the PLP Govt – I imagine if Govt pulls the plug there will be some pretty hefty penalty clauses so their going to fight tooth and nail.
    Pretty dumb decision though even if it was an industrial site before – it is much bigger now. That water tower tells alone tells a story in itself – huge and ugly.
    120 staff? Imagine the traffic. Those enormous buildings? Imagine how it will look? Just give up Govt and move it, now.

    • Terry says:

      Where the hell you been for the past 100 years wassup.

      It’s a water tower or what ever.
      The complex has been there since the 1800′s.

      What the hell you guys smoking.
      It how it’s managed. More cars have been past this area than ships and planes.

      No wonder the island is so fruitcaked up.

  9. Scrooge says:

    Has anyone reported on what all this is going to cost?

  10. WHY?WHY?WHY? says:

    Relocate this to the quarry and be done with it. Mills Creek and Marsh Folly are also better options.

  11. Jadon says:

    They push through whatever project they want no matter what the public say lol airport, gardens, immigration to come under everyone’s noses… glad they won’t be in power come next election!

    • Double s says:

      You do realize that the botanical gardens site application was issued and approved under the PLP right?

      What’s crazy is that you will still vote in a party that oversaw the decimation of our economy and government finances.

      Why do you hate bermuda?

  12. James H says:

    Let’s not forget that plp wanted to put the hospital in the botanical gardens. That monstrosity! Can you imagine?

  13. bdaboy says:

    This needs to be repeated until it sinks in:

    “You do realize that the botanical gardens site application was issued and approved under the PLP right?

    What’s crazy is that you will still vote in a party that oversaw the decimation of our economy and government finances.

    Why do you hate bermuda?”