Live Updates: Airport Bills Pass In Parliament

February 10, 2017


Police were on scene at the House of Assembly this morning [Feb 10] and while some people did gather outside the Union, there were no large scale protests outside the House, and the House of Assembly session is taking place today.

After having been previously delayed, the debate on the Airport Development Concession Act 2016 and the Bermuda Airport Authority Act 2016 is scheduled to take place at the House of Assembly today.

Yesterday Bermuda Industrial Union President Chris Furbert said, “The BIU is calling on its members, certainly members of the public, to be here tomorrow at 8.00am at the Union Square.”

At 6am this morning, the Government said, “Government is advising the public that there may be a disruption in public services due to a union meeting which has been called for this morning. Government will provide an update regarding the resumption of services. The public is encouraged to make alternative arrangements wherever possible.

The police previously said that “in light of information today that indicates public protests may be planned” at the House of Assembly this Friday [Feb 10], they have “established a policing plan.”

“Parliament Street will have barriers down the centre so that traffic can flow on one side and pedestrians can safely congregate on the other,” the police said.

“If more space is required, Reid Street will be closed between the junctions of Court Street and Parliament Street. The police will consider other road closures, if the need arises, based on the actual numbers that might be in attendance on the day.”

We will be providing live updates and live video as able throughout the day, and if you have any footage you can submit, please feel free to email it to!

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  1. aceboy says:

    Last night Furbert said a decision would be made at a 5.30pm meeting about transportation. But, he sure didn’t tell the public. How very thoughtful of him. Those that rely on public transportation will just have to wait and see, I suppose.

    • Hey says:

      Ha! ha! ha! the OBA pulled a fast one on Furbert.

      • Truth says:

        Oh boo hoo, was it too chilly to get up early? Awe. Too bad.

        • Remember says:


          • Joe Bloggs says:

            Is the UBP still around? I’ve not heard from Kim Swan for years!

            • The ideology is.

              • the real Terry says:

                no O J it isn’t around, their ideology provided jobs for anyone who wanted to work, no large debt and a booming economy you byes ruined that and its you byes who are suffering the most because of your incompetence. Suck it up cupcake

              • Wahoo says:

                What was the ideology?

      • CBA says:

        I don’t think this was a fast one. If the Union had the numbers, they would have still protested. At the end of the day, the Union didn’t have the support to put up a protest. I think a lot of people realize that they pay their membership dues for union protection, not to be used as political pawns.

        This is twice now that the Union has failed to get its members’s support for political issues. Has the time come to realize that the Union should stick to Union/employment issues and not allow itself to be used for political purposes? You can only use this tactic a couple times before you lose your membership’s support.

      • Truth says:

        LOL –

        Any REAL protesters, as opposed to rent-a-crowd-hoping-for-a-riot-troublemakers would never have had his happen to them. I am laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair.

      • hmmm says:

        I don’t know, some went in around 9 a.m. I don’t know if any were there at 5.a.m that is just Chris Furburt saying that, and he is not afraid to manipulate situations.

      • Southampton says:

        Chris Furburt is….
        I am ashamed of being a member of his union.

        • The Church of Chris? says:

          Give you money to Charity . You do not have to give your money to the union. You have the choice to give your contribution to charity. At least it used to be that way.

          What I don’t understand is why the OBA or any business that is unionized and therefore continuously affected by these selfish wildcat strikes, continue to collect and forward union dues to the union? I understand that there is an agreement in place but that agreement also states that there are certain rules and protocols that the union should follow BEFORE striking. If they break the terms of the agreement then the contract should be considered nul and void.

          Chris f’d with the law and listened to nobody and had wildcat strikes when the PLP were in power and continue to do the same now. The PLP EVEN forgave their debt re: the Berkely / Proactive deal with the understanding that Chris would not pull this crap anymore. Yet nothing changed.

          Time to send him a stern warning:


          • Give ya money to chatity?
            Then get rid of ALL your benefits and let the charity negotiate ya new benefits.

            • Earth watch police says:

              The employers should just give the employees their paycheck and let them decide if they want to give their money to the unions .

            • 2cents says:

              The unions nedd to table the last 10 yrs of audited financials!!! period
              Then lets see where their members decide to give their dues to…

            • 2cents says:

              your LMFAO really sounds like a guilty giggle more than anything…you know the type a little kid makes when they just been caught with their hands in a cookie jar…
              The MEMBERS want to know where their DUES have been spent on…they want to know why they are completely broke mate !!

          • Its me again says:


  2. tired of this crap says:

    Stop with the bullsh**! my daughter needs to catch the bus home from school today!

    • Whatever says:

      You better make other arrangements.

    • Southampton says:

      Go you!
      These lot need to stop what they are doing.
      This putting Bermuda on the map in a very wrong way.

    • Tired of this crap, thats nothing compared to what she’s gonna need in another 30 years.

      • sonso says:

        Ya, hopefully a world without dinosaurs like you!

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Wow, so you just said an education is nothing… if we are to ever fully command our economy and our financial future, then our children’s EDUCATION IS EVERYTHING. And that isn’t some education from a desk chair pseudo-historian like Irritated Genie or Mr. “I know how education should be run’ Furbert.

        • No Dopey, she’ll need more then a bus ride.

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            Thanks OJ, your short sighted response has just highlighted the importance the we all support our children to ensure they educate themselves for a better future.

      • The Church of Chris? says:

        OJ, I am worried too. You keep predicting that the PLP will be in power after the next election. If your prediction is true I too am worried about the next thirty years. We were over a billion in debt , (after having zero debt) in just 14yrs after the PLP took over last time. Can you imagine another 5 years. OJ I agree.

        • And Spongebob just borrowed a Billion in 4 years.

          • 2cents says:

            To pay for the 400 plus million deficit that was left in the last year that the PLP/BIU was in power!! and the interest of that 2 billion…thanks PLP

            • Name one country that dont have debt.
              Tic Toc

              • Northshore says:

                Bermuda pre PLP!! kNUCKLEHEAD!!

              • Will says:

                Iceland…and that’s just one but there are quite a few more that told the world Bank and imf to shove it. Research these things before you make stupid comments.

              • Bullseye says:

                Bermuda before the PLP took the reigns.

            • Jadon says:

              He didn’t use it to pay for the debt…. are you blind???? He has doubled the debt!!! The OBA spent in 4 years what the PLP spent in 14!! And they did how many big projects ??? The OBA has done one that cost 67 million. Where is the missing 900 million from the OBA/UBP???

  3. Kangoocar says:

    Any work stoppages are illegal, terminate immediately with loss of any work benefits, all those that partake today that should have been to work!

    • Whatever says:

      That would never happen. The whole island would be shutdown if they went that route. I would love to see the OBA try.

      • aceboy says:

        Basically you are admitting that you feel the BIU can do whatever they want, illegal or not.

        What kind of country do you want to live in, a law abiding peaceful society or this nonsense?

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          Island wide withdrawal of labour was not unusual in the heyday of the 1980s. It did not kill Bermuda then and it will not kill Bermuda now.

          The BUI has always been political, I do not understand why that comes as a surprise to some people.

        • But O.B.A. can do what they want to do and expect people to just accept it and do nothing.
          Sounds like Trump and Putin.

          • Northshore says:

            Yes dreamer they can legally, that`s how the OBA roll. Put it to the House to discuss and on from there. Legal, got it deflector??

            • Oh yah, just like Slavery, Apartheid and Jim Crow was Legal.
              Thanks to those who BROKE those laws.

              • Move forward says:

                Onion Juice you are obviously not the smartest individual or a positive individual at that. It’s a new generation, get over it and move forward. You don’t see the generation now dwelling on the past, meaning us young people. We all get along regardless of differences. We talk about it and come up with a solution together as one. A negative person only brings negative vibes, and nothing comes from that but misery. How long does it take to let go of the past, really. If you don’t let go, you will never move on. Please do not comment back, it’s not going to be worth anything.

                • So we might as well dont celebrate Cup Match. You young folks came into this world when all the hard work was done for you and you think you have the answers for 400 years of theft, rape and murder without apology and reperations.
                  Your living in a dream world.
                  What are your solutions for Black employees getting paid less then their white counterparts in the private sector.

                  • stunned... says:

                    not a fan of OJ’s postings but i respect their right to post their thoughts and do not feel the need to resort to insults. it would help OJ however, if they were to proffer solutions in response to the many and (some reasonable) questions they pose so that a meaningful exchange of ideas could occur – if that is what they truly want.

              • Nanny Pat says:

                Oh good grief, let it Go! You are showing how old, uneducated and ignorant you are.

              • Illegal Dumping says:

                Onion Juice is desperate and frustrated. It took him / her awhile but he used his last chance card in the deck…the good ol race card. How pathetic OJ.

                Those thing “were” illegal and wrong, what Chris is doing “is” illegal and wrong.

              • 2cents says:

                And CUE the RACE CARD…lol…nice one ONION!!!
                When all else fail and you have been caught lying….pull that CARD OUT…
                But remember mate, just like your Brother CHRIS calling wolf too many time….and look how many people showed up with their KIDS to his last little party…lol

          • onionbie says:

            the OBA was elected to lead our democracy last time i checked

            the PLP’s job is to hold them to account, and make sure graft and other corruption is not present. it’s not to present alternative-truths, propaganda and protests to obstruct the project.

            the BIU’s job – and Chris Furbert’s in particular – is to protect the rights of their union membership. so in the case of this project, he has no legitimate interests.

            the clown show is over, time to move forward.

          • Herb says:

            Yes and thats just what the PLP did under DR Brown when he and others stabbed Dame Jennifer in the back to take power. Remember the quote from Col Burch ” We dont care what they think” they did what they liked because they were the Elected Government at the time you need to remember things like this before you make a statement as above

          • bdaboy says:

            “But O.B.A. can do what they want to do and expect people to just accept it and do nothing.
            Sounds like Trump and Putin.”

            Sounds like the plp….karma baby.

          • Steve Davis says:

            They are the elected government, which means they have a duty to enact legislation for the country and to rule. So yes they can do as they have been entrusted to do. You don’t seem to understand that the PLP is not in power and the BIU do not run Bermuda.

          • wahoo says:

            OBA are doing what they were elected to do which is run the country and try to erase over $2.5B in debt. They and you knew that they could not please all the people all the time so do not try to make this some sort of freedom BS because it isn’t. It seems that the like you and Chris are about the only ones who do not want to get on with life.

            And stop talking about Trump and Putin that is getting real old.

          • Big Boy Rules says:

            And where were you when the PLP spent us into an 800 Million hole?

          • SNS says:

            YES! The OBA can do what they like because they were voted in by the MAJORITY of people to do just that! And what they are proposing for the airport is basically the only option we have. If you ever took a loan out from the bank, you do not own that ‘thing’ until you pay the bank back. It is the banks until then. It may not be the best option, but it’s your only option because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get that ‘thing’. This is the same, we can not afford the ‘thing’ (a new airport) so we must seek someone else to afford it for us, until we can. In this case, 30 years. And on top of that it has been labeled as a good, sustainable deal for Bermuda by many.

            I just don’t get the backlash against the OBA when they are actually trying get the island back on track…with NO money! None! With a big hole full of debt! Why now is transparency all of sudden a huge deal when the previous government didn’t tell the people sh!t?! Why does the current government, all of a sudden, have to run every detail of every deal across each and every person on the island for approval?

            • Whimsical says:

              Let’s be correct….They got the votes of the majority of the people that ACTUALLY VOTED…NOT the majority of the island…

              • SNS says:

                That may be the case but if you didnt care enough to vote then you didn’t care who runs the country and now have no say. If you wanted PLP to run the country, you would have voted for them, but obviously knew they arent fit to be leaders. Get over it!!

                • sage says:

                  You are a true sheep, I do not vote for either party because it’s like choosing between gonohrrea or syphillis, but no one really knows if I voted or not except me, ballots are private, so these jokers still must represent us all either way. Now, you voters are the ones who have, no say, since you marked an x next to the person you want to represent you, and be your voice, you voted for a representative, I represent myself so I have more say than you. Anyone who fought for my right to vote did not fight for me to be compelled, or coerced into voting for one out of two groups by brainless followers of self serving politricksters. Oh, and they can’t “do as they like” there are limited checks and balances, or there should be .

                  • SNS says:

                    I am not a sheep. Lol. And I agree with your comment for the most part. None of us have say at this point. But you had say at the polls and that was the point of my comment, in response to the previous post. How you think you get more say than me because I voted and you didn’t doesn’t even make sense. I didn’t vote for the OBA because I was compelled or coerced to vote FOR them. I was compelled to vote AGAINST the PLP for I had already seen what they were about and could not sit back and watch any more of it. I had no idea what the OBA would be like…they were a newly formed party and I don’t buy into pre-election campaign talk…they all say what they think people want to hear during that time. Maybe at the next election, I won’t vote because now I’ve seen both sides and can’t say I’m happy with the OBA either. One thing for sure, they are trying very hard to get money injected into our island which is our only survival right now. Bermudians cannot sustain themselves without outside help. I am bermudian, born and raised, and I would love if we had our own resources to keep ourselves afloat but we just can’t. Unless party politics is done away with, we will always be at each other. One group against the other.

                  • PBanks says:

                    What are your thoughts on spoiling ballots versus abstaining? At least spoiling ballots show that you’re part of the process. If you abstain, then neither political party has a reason to care about your wishes.

              • 2cents says:

                You bragging that you didn’t bother to vote!!
                You snooze you loose mate!!

          • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

            And YOU sound like all those butthurt liberal democrats…like Ewart told you before”this too shall pass” and “you’ll get over it”…accept DEFEAT like a real MAN…Instead of crying like a Lil b!t@# because your nanny won’t let you have your way.

        • Honestly says:

          Shut it down! The government is working on their behalf anyway! Supporting nobody’s initiatives but their own. All these naysayers need to go shut it!

          • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

            Instead of the workers shutting the Island down…I’d love to see business owners shut THEIR doors…making the only jobs available Military and Police to eliminate whatever occurs there after.

            Y’all are lucky that I’m not in a Position of Power.
            I would rid this lil island of ALL pestilence.

      • sandgrownan says:

        No it wouldn’t. People would need to eat, and we know that support for this type of things is sketch at best.

        And ultimately, who would suffer the most? On a hiding to nothing. And it’s not a union matter. It’s not a Civil rights issue either.

      • Earth watch police says:

        Whatever maybe we need to shut the whole island down that would make you happy maybe not you would still find something to bi##h about.

    • steve says:

      union led work stoppage,illegal strikes,essential service disruptions…etc are all part of Bermuda culture. Prior (and present) governments allowed it to become the norm through tacid acceptance over the years.
      I will say, that only in the last few months do I see many union members taking more stock and engaging in more critical thinking before they down tools or partake in walk outs. I am not anti union or anti BIU, I just dont like one person wielding so much control within a group.

  4. wahoo says:

    May we see the BIU’s financials please? Don’t go telling others how to manage affairs when you have no control of your own.

    • wahoo says:

      4 people dislike my comment but why?

      • Truth says:

        #idiots #blindfollowers #nobrainoftheirown #sheeple

      • 32n64w says:

        Probably on the BIU Executive whose salaries and related employment costs eat of more than 90% of all members dues leaving them with nothing for a rainy day. Don’t forget, the BIU brass get paid no matter what sacrifices they ‘encourage’ their members to undergo.

        • $200k per annum says:

          Membership brothers and sisters–demand better value for money, he is trying to shut down a cap project that will get many back to work!!


      • Trump supporter says:

        And nobody ever invites you to see there Financials. It’s a silent subject,go figure…

  5. Maddog says:

    Alot of unemployment out there….peopl who actually want to work…should be no problem filling the positions with people who actually understand what their employers pay them for…TO DO WORK…get over the airport and move on to something worth fighting for, like abuse, hunger and drug addition.

    • Fisherman says:

      and the murders

    • Aware says:

      If you really want to work then there are many low level work permit roles. Go take one and move up the ladder. It may be thought at first but will be worth it.

  6. swing voter says:

    My CBA is my bible. I can’t find the paragraph/clause for unreasonable work stoppages. SMH

    • jt says:

      Only 100 of you showed up. That’s not enough to validate my…ummm…your concerns by protesting so go back to work. (Plus I’d look silly again. Just like my Tweed campaign)’

      • the truth will set you free says:

        jt There were only 100 people because the police set up barriers. When it comes to taking a stand against injustice how many people there or not there is irrelevant.

        • jt says:

          Exactly my point!! They should have been there regardless of numbers if they felt strongly enough about their position. What do barriers have to do with it unless the intent was to act unlawfully?

          • Fisherman says:

            I was told CF told all those who left their jobs or were on their way to work to go to work – really??

            • jt says:

              Yesterday he called them all to rally. This morning only a few showed up. He then said go to work. If 1,000 had shown up he’d have been marching them down to parliament. Principle got lost in the head count.

        • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

          Instead of the workers shutting the Island down…I’d love to see business owners shut THEIR doors…making the only jobs available Military and Police to eliminate whatever occurs there after.

          Y’all are lucky that I’m not in a Position of Power.
          I would rid this lil island of ALL pestilence.

  7. Educated says:

    All you folks gathering at the BIU this morning, please remember to ask Furbert for the financial statements of the BIU for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

    For 2009, BIU management earned salaries of $1.5m. An additional $1.5m was spent on management expenses. A total of $3m. And guess how much was spent on member strike days? $0. That’s right, and you’re marching for Chris!

    Extrapolate that for the next 7 years and you have $20m of your members’ dues being spent on BIU management. I hope they look after you today. You have certainly earned it.

  8. Yummy says:

    Hopefully todays’ low turnout will be a sign that this non-issue is over – this deal will be finalized in the House and in a few years’ time we’ll have an airport worthy of its name L. F. Wade International…

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      New terminal, new name. Most definetly not using the name of a politician.

      • VJ says:

        So now you want to take Mr. Wade’s name off of the airport? Why don’t we change the name of JFK International Airport while we’re at it. Wow.

        • 2cents says:

          How about:


          • Triangle Drifter says:

            International sounds quite grand doesn’t it. What else could it be? No other airports to fly to locally, though one of our illustrious politicians did propose building an airport at Dockyard, just in case the weather is bad at the east end.

            Serious. I could name him however he is no longer with us.

          • VJ says:


          • The Church of Chris? says:

            I appreciate the fact that Mr. Wade was a PLP politician that was well respected by many in the PLP and UBP. However, when were the public asked to submit names of people that the airport should be named after? I don’t recall anyone even suggesting that our airport should be named after someone? He was never the Premier and if he was the best choice, who were the other names put forward? Who got to pick.

            And by the way VJ , JFK was the president of the United states lived in New York and was assassinated! In addition the US is a huge country with hundreds of airports – we have one.

            The PLP renamed airports , buildings and even holidays just too cement their “legacy” . Don’t worry, since it will take decades for us to get out of debt as a country, we won’t forget.

            • PBanks says:

              It’s like everything else – the ruling party picks who they want. Like the Heroes Day process. Everything is chosen by whoever was in power at the time. Maybe one day, independent committees will get final say on things like roads, buildings, parks. But don’t hold your breath.

        • bdaboy says:

          ” Why don’t we change the name of JFK International Airport while we’re at it. Wow.”

          Yes, you are that stupid.
          You do realise JFK is in another country, right? Are you really that arrogant to think you can change the name of an airport in someone elses country?

      • PBanks says:

        Yeah I think the least important part of this whole saga is the actual name of the facility.

      • frank says:

        oh no the name will stay the same

  9. Family Man says:

    Typical Bermudian timekeeping. A meeting called for 8:00am doesn’t get started until 9:00am.

    • VJ says:

      Family Man there’s the problem right there. Repeating a tired old myth. I’m Bermudian and I make my time. In fact, I’m always early to everything because I detest being late. Not all Bermudians are late, tired, lazy, etc. Until we stop running each other down, and thinking everyone else is better than us we’ll keep having this divide.

      • Mike says:

        VJ… I agree with your comment except in the matter of late Bermudians being a myth… The 100 or so ‘protesters’ at the BIU were apparently 1 hour late! That would be enough for me to send them home without pay and have them meet with me AND THEIR UNION REP to explain why they were suspended and will be FIRED if it happens in the future! Telling the truth about performance is appropriate and should not be covered up by wimpy P.C. excuses! Have a lovely day and, like me, continue to be the early Bermudian on the job.

      • bdaboy says:

        ” Until we stop running each other down,”

        …like you did, a few posts up?
        You don’t know the meaning of hypocrite, do you?

        • VJ says:

          I think you’re mixing me up with someone else.

          • bdaboy says:

            I don’t think you understand this internet stuff, everything you’ve posted is there for anyone to read….playing this game only makes you look more foolish than we already think you are.

            • VJ says:

              Who is “we”? I only see one person making a statement and that’s YOU, so why are you speaking for others?

              So show me where I ran people down.

              • bdaboy says:

                “Who is “we”?”

                you tell me, you wrote it…see where I quoted you? You’re really not very smart, are you?

      • the real Terry says:

        VJ I know where you are coming from I am Bermudian and also hate to be late for anything, however you will also have to agree that there are too many that can not or will not make time. Just ask the H R Dept. of someone like the Market Place and find out how many they have let go because of this trait.

      • Torian says:

        I drove passed them at 8:40 heading to work. There were less than 30 people milling about.

  10. Really says:

    I see a lot of cars in that BIU parking lot, not sure how you pay your insurance and TCD when all you do is strike. As the rest of the Island goes to work so they can pay their bills.

  11. Really says:

    Does the civil service ever stop to think where their benefits come from? Do they realize that when u have ticked off everyone that pays for them your coiffers will dry up and you will have nothing. Does your leader ever talk to you about those facts?

  12. Whimsical says:

    At the end of the day THIS is a PEOPLE’S issue…..many of whom are Union members…Seemingly because Chris has called on Union members to come out there is an uproar..Just supposes all Union Members came out on their own would there be an issue? …Just as there are those for…There are those that are against….RESPECT should be given on both sides…..One also must remember that many agree that we need a new airport but it is the way of which it is being obtained that is the issue….Many have asked how can we be assured that this is the BEST deal when it hasn’t been compared with any other proposal? How can we agree and sign off on a deal wherein parts of the deal have not been released? How is it projected that they can guarantee no cost overruns When nothing in life is guaranteed….There are those that feel that this can only be guaranteed IF the projected cost is actually far lower than what has been quoted….Andrew Outerbridge(along with Wendell Hollis) has submitted a proposed design, has investors, looks more Bermudian, and cost significantly less, why isn’t this being looked at?…They can be paid in the exact same way as we are preparing to pay Aecon….BERMUDA Skyport Limited although REGISTERED in Bermuda is NOT a Bermudian Company but is owned by Aecon…..There are so many unanswered questions and people have a right to ask and feel some way. Looking at some of the blogs and the NASTY/VILE comments being spewed back and forth it’s unbelievable..We are a Country divided and I don’t see that divide closing anytime soon.
    I for one agree that we need an airport…maybe not on the scale that has been proposed (because quite frankly there’s no one that is going to come here because we have a “pretty airport”)but I am not 100% behind the deal….and I (KEYword “I”) as a tax paying citizen have that right to voice any concerns that I might have…..

  13. 2cents says:

    150 people support you chris….now go get your audited financials in order and then we will see what the leaders have really been up to.!!!!

  14. Honestly says:

    This airport deal isn’t a good choice for Bermuda. The Government of Bermuda know that as well! Do what is right for Bermuda and stop thinking about yourselves. Why Canada? Why were they the only ones selected to build an airport that is too big for Bermuda? The airport can be renovated in sections. Bermuda…stand strong on what we think is right for our country. We have many Non Bermudians making decisions for a country where they will be leaving the island in a bad state anyway! Let’s get out there Bermuda and stand up for what is right! Sick of the selfish antics by the Government!

    • SNS says:

      I draw focus to this part of your comment…”Do what is right for Bermuda and stop thinking about yourselves.”

      I assume you mean the members of the OBA. What is it that they are doing for themselves? What are they getting out of this deal?

      I do hope you respond because I really am curious as to how they, and only they, will benefit.

  15. Chaos Theory says:

    I guess that call to action didn’t work very well.

  16. Moderate says:

    Chris Furbert should resign. He has clearly lost the support of his membership based on his extremism. Resign now.

  17. Cowpolly says:

    Well, that was exciting!!! I think more people show up on Boxing Day to get a new phone then today to protest!!! LOL

  18. Rocky5 says:

    The silent majority have spoken Mr. Furbert!

  19. Let there be hope says:

    This is not a Union issue. Anyone who wants to protest should do it on their lunch hour. If they take off work they should be fired. Also the BIU should be slapped with a huge fine.

  20. Casey says:

    “Speaking earlier this morning, BIU President Chris Furbert said, “What Government has got to go in the House of Assembly at 5am in the morning to do the people’s business? Because they’ve been there since 5am this morning. All of them in there, all of them, every one of them in the House of Assembly as I speak.”

    What Government has had to put up with a Union that blocks entry to the House of Assembly on a non-union issue? A union intent on bringing down the government instead of fighting for worker-related issues. Perhaps Mr. Furbert has reached his sell-by date.

    • Bermudian says:

      Why didn’t they proceed with the protest? If it was sooooooo important enough for a protest all this time than it should have gone ahead regardless if they were already in the house, unless the plan was to prevent them from entering. Just shows the ill intent had by him and his hand full of followers. Blessing in a way I suppose… the majority of Bermudians did not want a repeat of Dec 2 regardless which side you sit on. We’re over the divide created and fueled by a hateful bunch. Time for our leaders to work things out as grown, educated professionals in the HOA. Come on Bermuda let’s get it together…we NEED to get along, respect each other and live peacefully. I swear- take politics away and this place truly would be paradise.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Mr. Furbert was clearly wrong, as pictures on Bernews prove. Not all OBA MPs were at the House at 5 am, or 7 am, or even 10 am

  21. on de rock says:

    So Furbert is now complaining that our elected government started working at 5am?? I though the unions loved overtime??

    • VJ says:

      That was a sneaky and cowardly move. Can’t even face people. I’ve lost any ounce of respect I had for them after this.

      • Mike says:

        Hi again VJ… more early Bermudians on the job? I thought you would approve of the myth being dispelled and that your government got to it early! I wonder how many of the opposition will be late (or absent)! like the ‘protesters’ at the BIU this morning.

      • Just the Tip says:

        They made sure that they were in the House so that they could what they are supposed to do. That was why they were voted in and why the PLP should do their job instead of using puppets to block things so they can pretend that they’re noses are clean.

        Also if you don’t think that the PLP and their puppets would have been out even earlier to block them if they had known then you need to wake up.

      • bdaboy says:

        “That was a sneaky and cowardly move.”

        Because they went to work early?

        Sneaky and cowardly is an illegal wildcat strike.

        • VJ says:

          They didn’t just go to work early and you know it. Can’t even face the people. Cowards.

          • Zevon says:

            Your lot were going to push old people and children to the front.

          • bdaboy says:

            “They didn’t just go to work early and you know it.”

            Oh? what did they do then? They did the job the majority of Bermuda hired them to do? I realise that’s a foreign concept to most of you union droids.

      • 747 Airbus A380 777 etc. says:

        why cause your little leader got his, if he had any value he would be working at that time under advice, seems the pop didn’t even let it know

      • aceboy says:

        Face what people? The few Union members who showed up? Certainly not “the people” and the children Mr. Furbert wanted put in harm’s way. Talk about a cowardly move. Call for kids to fight your fight. The masses of PLP supporters did not show up. Furbert is done. Find another hero.

        He was clearly expecting his membership to block the HOA again, his reference to “keep moving” was so blatantly meant that they should not stand and block the entrance but would try and form moving lines of people that would have the same effect, but would not, in his mind, be the same as blocking the entrance by simply standing there.

        Clever sneaky move in his mind, but his plan was flummoxed by the OBA members simply showing up early, unlike the BIU gathering attendees who showed up an hour late. It is so funny. You have a great weekend. I know I will and will have a good chuckle at the demise of Furbert every few minutes.

      • the real Terry says:

        VJ you just lost any respect I had for you on that statement, actually you and the union are the cowards, as you prevented the government from speaking and debating the truth about the airport which differs completely from the lies they have been spewing.

      • Earth watch police says:

        Cowardly were the ones who hid behind the grannies today they wanted to hide behind the schoolchildren but the mps were already in the house they could have still protested then waited for them to come out so they could have jeered spat on them and called them names.

      • steve says:

        We pay politicians to get their ass to work.I want my moneys worth. Do you want to see protesters vs the OBA? You enjoy watching a trainwreck? love drama? An elected government is debating with the opposition or perhaps they agree(not likely) that’s how it works.
        The OBA avoided a missed work day or potential confrontation,fairly easy to do… i guess we have come to expect the OBA to play the stumbling baffoon and some find it confusing when they step out of that box.

  22. Original Truth says:

    Question – - why would the OBA MPs need to arrive to the House at 5am? This is not leadership – this is not integrity. They were afraid to face the people – - the people they are suppose to represent.

    This is a sad indication that the OBA MPs are cowards.


    • Casey says:

      I think it’s more like a government determined to act in the best interests of Bermuda and do the people’s business they were elected to do.

    • St Kool says:


      That is all.

    • bdaboy says:

      ” They were afraid to face the people”

      what people? you guys didn’t show up….too cold?

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Too cold. Too windy. Chance of rain. Not enough support. Images of so few would look awful silly on social media. Too many have begun to think for themselves. Take your pick or combine them.

    • Alternative view says:

      Thats one way to look at it but not how I see it.
      Perhaps they wanted to avoid the chaos and arrive before the protestors in order to ensure they will be able to enter the house and get some work done … you know the work that the people DEMOCRATICALLY elected them to do :)

    • Anon Ymous says:

      Answer – - The OBA MP’s went the extra mile to ensure they were able to conduct the people’s business – - the people they represent.

      This is a good indication that the OBA MP’s are ready to work!!!

    • 2cents says:

      Ok let me get this right!
      The MP’s make work early at 5AM to get the people’s business done…
      The BIU calls a meeting for 8AM and actually only bother showing up at 9AM…
      and the MP’s are in the wrong…..CF….your clock is ticking…you mate have better start looking in the mirror and step down….

    • Honestly says:

      They are cowards…doing their work! Not the work for Bermuda! Sneaky, misunderstanding what is involved with this debate today. It is a sad day for Bermuda if they allow Canadians to build an airport in Bermuda.

      • johnt says:

        then go protest and make your voice heard or are you only allowed to do that if CF gives you permission?

      • Steve Davis says:

        Who built the airport in the first place? Who first built our roads!

        Expats! All Expats

    • VJ says:

      I agree.

    • Steve Davis says:

      They need to get there because of safety! Name a country where the leaders are not protected by police and moved covertly to prevent altercations and dangers posed by radical factions. It happens everywhere, everyday!



      Today proved that, all they wanted to do was blockade not protest. Otherwise why would they not be there now even though MP’s are in the house.

      • the truth will set you free says:

        We have to make sure everyone we know vote, and vote like their life depends on it because it does. We need to get this governments boot of our throats.

      • VJ says:

        If they went early for safety reasons, just say so. Don’t say we went early to get a head start on the people’s business when that’s not true.

    • Earth watch police says:

      Truth the coward title belongs to the mps and leaders who hid behind the grannies when the riot police showed up to unblock the gate.

    • little girl says:

      Why would they arrive early ?? Maybe because the last time they wanted to do some important work they were stopped from doing so ..reason enough !!

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      You should call yourself CNN…Corrupt News Network…
      I’m sure you’ve heard of “the early bird gets the worm”…or maybe… “the only way to get ahead, is to get off your A$$”…
      Your conviction to make Bermuda Great Again!!!…lmfao…is dim.

    • Earth watch police says:

      Not one of those protesters voted for the oba .

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      You are questioning a lie. Chris made that up, as pictures on Bernews prove

  23. Fur says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA…..Got you guys good!! Now get back to work cause the union can’t pay you for a day off people!!!

    • 2cents says:

      how do you know that the unions could not pay their members ?!
      maybe they could…but then of course there is no way of knowing i guess
      since they haven’t filled the last 10 yrs of their members audited

  24. St Kool says:

    What government has to show up at 5am to do the people’s business?! Ummm, one that you are trying to prevent from doing just that at all costs. Looks like you were out-smarted, Furbs. Sorry to ruin your three day weekend, although I’m sure you’ll figure out a way/excuse to make it happen either way.

  25. Earth watch police says:

    So the oba has been I the house since 5 am so Furburt tell them all to go back to work what a f#ck#*g joke with all this faux outrage

  26. aceboy says:

    Furbert calls a meeting and then says his advice is to go back to work at that meeting? Wasting his own people’say time?

    He seems very upset that the OBA have been in House since 5am. The reasons are obvious, they don’t want to be blocked from entering….again. They aren’t playing to your rule book Mr. Furbert and that is what upsets you. Your blocking party did not work. Is THAT why you are sending them back to work?

    Do you now recommend that parents who heeded your call to keep theit kids out of school to protest take them to school now?

  27. the truth will set you free says:

    Make sure your family members are registered to vote and make sure they vote even if you have to take them.

    Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.

    • Fire and brimstone says:

      The Gvt is trying to get Bermuda back on its feet for ALL Bermudians and it is begining to work–folks like Mr. Furbert and his followers (ironically) continue to try to destroy this when it will help his own people.

      It is simply not logical. Mr. Furberts firey rhetoric is a major contributor to the problems our community faces. He speaks, sows hate, uses hyocritical arguments, casting stones–while his own house is in disorder. Fix yours then come back and lets have a rational conversation.

      Please let the Government do what they were elected to do and give them a chance–if they fail boot them out–but so far the shrill voice of the opposition really haven’t let them get to work–and why would you think that is???? hummm…..

      Have a most Blessed weekend to all.

      • Honestly says:

        That is a lie! This Government is trying to satisfy their pockets. They have no interest in Bermudians. Arrogant, ignorant OBA’ers! Sign of their antics! All about themselves, not Bermuda! Naive people supporting them, when they can’t see straight through them.

        • sonso says:

          Uh, so the PLP didnt satisfy their pockets when in power? Commission of Inquiry sound familiar mate??

          The OBA is doing one hell of a job compared to the PLP.

          • Honestly says:

            The OBA is doing what they want without proper consultation. They need to have all T’s crossed and all I’s dotted before agreeing to take on a plan such as big as this one. Not impressed with the amount of money lost to the Government. I remember one point when they said they didn’t have any money. Seriously??? Just not impressed. Even if expats did build roads and airports they total if funds and the agreement need to be looked into by several people in both sides. This didn’t happen.

        • honestly, honestly says:

          Sadly you make no sense–the PLP ran the coountry into the dirt. There is massive debt and underfunded pensions (talk about a gift that will keep on giving to our kids and grandkids–well done!)

          We are picking ourselves up, dustying ourselves off and starting all over again–and the PLP and BIU create one hurdle and obstacle after the other to keep the people down,

          So you really believe the stuff you write?

          Blessings abound.

        • Earth watch police says:

          Not one of those protesters voted for the oba .

  28. yummy says:

    Hopefully todays’ low turnout will be a sign that this issue is over – the deal will be finalized in the House and in a few years’ time we’ll have an airport worthy of its name L. F. Wade International…

  29. Cow Polly says:

    well done OBA for getting in at 5am. The Opposition will have to make sure they’re in the house now to have their say so Furby’s Army is basically out-maneuvered

    • hmmm says:

      I don’t think they were all in at 5.a.m It looks as if at least a number of them arrived much later from the periscope feed

    • wahoo says:

      Not so sure union members were totally into it anyway, my guess is Chris Furbert’s days are numbered. The people are sick of helping fight his perceived battles.

  30. mark says:

    Amazing! The immoral BIU leadership has finally been bested! Hallelujah! Praise Jesus! Now build that dang airport!

  31. johnt says:

    Lemmings the lot of them… surely if “the people” felt that passionately about the new airport they would still be protesting….

  32. aceboy says:

    Well, that didn’t work out well for CF at all did it. He’s blaming “the people” for not supporting him.

    He wanted to use people (including children) to block the House again but the OBA played him like a fine instrument and showed up before the rent a crowd showed up. Too funny.

    Where was the People’s Campaign? Complete no-show of an organization that is supposed to be the savior of the people of Bermuda from oppression. I guess given the last spanking the people gave CF over Tweedle Dee he wanted to keep the airport issues separate from anything to do with that debacle.

    Basically today was a disaster for CF. He has no credibility with his own members and certainly none from the non members.

    My faith in Bermudians has been somewhat restored.

  33. Starting Point says:

    LOL when the PLP, and the people of the union distance themselves from the BIU leader, you know he’s flying solo.

    Good time to bring a real leader to the BIU who knows how to communicate, negotiate, build relationships vs. bully, push personal agendas and ignore CBAs.

    • Steve Davis says:

      They need to revamp and modernize their approach.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Still stuck in the 60s & early 70s mentality. The mentality which sent closed so many factories & sent jobs overseas. Today’s unions work smart. They work with management, not against it.

  34. wassup says:

    The OBA MPs went into the House at dawn, Chris Furbert tells people to go back to work. Question: if they were intent on demonstrating why not still demonstrate? leaves it open to interpretation as to whether their sole intent was to stop MPs entering the house again.

  35. Alvin Williams says:

    Well the records continue to be made as far as this government is concern; a police riot and pepper spaying of a peaceful protest; the surrounding of the people’s house to keep the people out and now the sneaking into the parliament by the OBA government in the dead of the night to avoid the people. They have done it all and the up coming election should see no shortage of what this period of OBA government has meant for the people of Bermuda.

    • sonso says:

      So 7am, became 5am, and according to you, the OBA MPs entered in the dead of night now?

      Chingas bie, you must be a real bermudian with all that exaggeration!

    • sandgrownan says:

      A gradual improvement of the sh*t show it inherited? That’s what we all see Alvin.

      Thing is, we’re all looking forward and positively. You are stuck in the past, hanging on to old ideas and prejudice. Let is go dude.

    • FFF says:

      alvin your a horses *** with those comments. i like many my fellow Bermudians go into work EARLY it onset a crime and get more done.

    • Rhonnda Oliver says:

      1. There was no ‘police riot’
      2. By the time the pepper spray came into play the protest was not peaceful
      3. People were not kept out of the HoA, they were to be allowed to attend in the gallery in available numbers.
      4. If the PLP, BIU or whoever didn’t see the possibility of them going in early, then they’re not thinking too clearly. Plus there are a lot of people out and about at 5 am so I imagine there was no sneaking.
      5. Did they do it to avoid the people? Eh, probably to avoid some of them, to avoid conflict and the possibility of there being more violence, and to actually do the job they were elected to do. I think we should all appreciate employees who go to work early.

    • bdaboy says:

      oh dear, poor alvin, face it, you’re just a union pawn and you lost.

    • dark star says:

      the vidoe I saw showed a protester reach over another protester with an umbrella and smack a cop in the head–Alvin–is this peaceful>? I agree things should have been done differently on every level-protester and police but in the end the crowd caused the reaction from the cops

    • the real Terry says:

      Alvin give it a break, you know it was not a peaceful protest in any way shape or form and your friend FurBurt confirmed it yesterday when he stated that it was no sense protesting because they, OBA, were already in the house. A peaceful protest could have continued, if that were the intention, however it shows it was purely to prevent the MP’s from accessing the house. Whatever you think of the OBA they are obviously a lot smarter than the BIU and yourself and proved it yesterday to the pleasure of the majority of real Bermudians.

    • Come Correct says:

      “Alvin Williams says:

      February 3, 2017

      Classic military tactic get your opponent to deploy his forces where no attack will take place.”

      Literally a week before lol you’re a joke.

    • Derek A. G. J says:

      Alvin, there was nothing stopping any protester from showing up days in advance and holding a vigil. If you want the MP’s to see you, you’ve got to commit to being there from the beginning.

      Chris Furbert was right about one thing though. He cannot expect 150 people to carry the load for the majority when the majority isn’t asking them to. Especially given that Bermudians will be put back to work.

    • Earth watch police says:

      Oh #%@k off with all your lies chickens are coming home to roost.

  36. Debra says:

    I want to thank the people of Bermuda for what they did this morning. That would be going to work, and letting Government get on with what it needs to do. Not being confrontational, hateful or spiteful. There may be some who will gloat, and think that their side has ‘won’, but there should not be any of that. It’s the island that needs to ‘win’ not the few who still want to disrupt. There shouldn’t even be a political divide here; a opinion difference maybe, but not a division based strictly on politics. That is what this island did today. They made their decisions on what they thought of the situation, and that is extremely honorable (and I might add, not very easy to do at times). I hope and pray that everything works out. That we can have a new airport, and that many Bermudians and visitors will benefit. I hope this Government does well, so that Bermuda can do well, and therefore her people.

  37. Bubbles says:

    It’s a double edge sword.

    Although Bermuda’s airport is in need of a major upgrade privatization is not really the answer, in the grand scheme of things when considering the economic state Bermuda is currently in.

    It would be beneficial if OBA focused on resolving the problems we face as an island rather then adding to the stress of the island and those who fall short of middle to upper class wealth.

    I don’t agree with the disruption of services island as it effects the island however as the Union represents the voice of the people, the only way to be heard is to take a stand. Yet another double edged sword.

    OBA need to prioritize the island as a whole, the states of public schools is creating health issues, the buses services and trash services are struggling, the upkeep of the parks and overgrown trees in public areas. It appears an airport and America’s Cup have taken the forefront of everyday issues Bermuda faces.

    Who needs a government that serves the interest of their own interests and not the interests of the public domain.

  38. robert stewart says:

    Check Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.

    One method of creating public disorder is make sure that old people and children are in the front line so that TV cameras can capture, hopefully, the police using violence against demonstrators.

    The second is to pick an issue which 90% of the demonstrators do not understand and make it a cause of conscience.

    The third is to consistently lie so that the public become confused. The more outlandish the lie, and the more it is repeated the more the uninformed tend to believe it. Mr Furbert is an expert at this.

    Belatedly, the Bermuda public is waking up to his revolutionary drivel.

  39. 2cents says:

    2 hours ago
    Mr Furbert: My advice, as your leader, is to go back to work.

    My advice to you CHRIS is you are no longer anyones LEADER…now step down like a man and let someone else represent….. you have FAILED

    My advice to the members…its time you ask your so called LEADER to show you the audited financials…time to say…show us our money CF….

  40. Joe Bloggs says:

    Does this signal a break in solidarity between the BIU/PC and the PLP or does this signify a campaign strategy (make the OBA look afraid of the people)?

    I guess only time will tell.

  41. Steve Davis says:

    Just like the Airport, the Union is crumbling slowly and is well past it’s sell by date. Time for something new and fresh! Time for the workers of Bermuda to demand honesty and integrity from their leaders. Time for them to take matters into their own hands ask for Union Financials.

  42. swing voter says:

    Total Island shut down? This ain’t 1981 and the Hotel/Tourism industry workers are not as brave as they were back then. The ‘shut down’ won’t affect the main industry driver on-island as IB is mostly non-union. Perhaps a better term to use is ‘government services shut down’.

  43. JM says:

    I’m ready for a reset of the OBA, PLP and the Union. They all need to clean house!!!

  44. 2cents says:

    I guess the man was right…HISTORY was made this morning….

  45. Inquiring Minds says:

    The airport is one thing, but I’ve been trying to get an answer to the following question on several different threads, and no one seems to be able to give one: will America’s Truck be good for Bermuda? It’s really dividing the island and no one is talking about it!!!

    Can someone please please give me an HONEST answer?!? I just want to know that current and future generations will benefit from America’s Truck, or whether it’s a monumental waste of $$$ that only lines the pockets of fat cats and hedge fund goons.

    • sonso says:

      I guess you are still wondering why no one will answer you inna??

      Americas “truck” ??

    • Northshore says:

      If your talking about the AC ITS A NO BRAINER!! YOU PROB DON`T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS SO I WILL TELL YOU!! Yes it will be good for Bermuda and Bermudians. I`m already invested and working to make some change from it, it`s called get off the couch and go get it. Got it ?? And don`t worry about how you say fat cats and hedge fund goons because they are the ones who pay everyone fool!! They paying me!!

    • Rhonnda Oliver says:

      It’s America’s Cup.

      And yes, it will be good for Bermuda. It will not however get us out of debt if that’s what you’re wondering.

      It’s an opportunity that will be what we make of it. Already there are many Bermudians benefiting from it. Children involved in the Endeavour program. Adults who have jobs with the ACBDA and because of the event itself. People who are coming up with entrepreneurial ideas to make money during the event and making them reality. Dreams are coming true already, and new dreams are being created.

      America’s Cup is also about showing the world Bermuda in the best light possible. It’s advertising, not only to the high-end tourist that we want to see us and want to visit us, but to the next generation of sailors and America’s cup lovers because they are now trying to make the event less elite and more every man’s.

      We need to show off our best side during the event so that when people watch the race, either here or on TV or however, that they finish up thinking how gorgeous our little island is, and how everything went wonderfully and how friendly we all are. We want them to think that so that they want to come (or come back) and experience all we have to offer.

      That is what the legacy of the America’s Cup should be, but it’s up to us, every single last Bermudian, to make it, or break it.

    • Yup! says:

      Sure will be!! Just ask the PLP if the 12 million plus was good for Bermuda for Port Royal while you’re at!

      If someone asks you what the %$#@! is America’s Truck tell them duh uh I don’t know!!

    • Nanny Pat says:

      What the hell are you talking about? What truck?

    • Me@GMale says:

      If u get off the wall and open to opportunity ‘AC’ can def benefit u and Bermuda. And It’s true .. we have to ‘make it’ … or ‘break it’! with ‘AC’. And there Def can be long term benefits … but I’m thinking tho that we may unfortunately have ‘broken it’. The ‘AC’ has encountered so much negativity from politicians, ‘leaders’, ‘negative spewing talk shows’ and anti expat racists, that they just want to ‘get it done’ and get the hell out of this self defeating, shoot itself in the foot, one step forward two steps backward chunk of coral and soil in the middle of an ocean.
      I Love my country but ‘Dayum!’ …

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Not sure which one is Americas Truck. Not Chevy. That one is built in Mexico. It’s diesel is an Isuzu. Might be Dodge. Might be Ford.

      Hope this helps you.

  46. Enough says:

    There is a reason none of those organisations supported the PLP Furbert. The PLP have no idea how to run a country and are in it to benefit themselves, surely that is something that isn’t that hard for you to relate to given your position?

  47. bluwater says:

    So, the PLP have NO actual critique. Sad and bizarre.

  48. Terry says:

    Michael Scott please shut up.
    Your seat is safe.

  49. Sorry Sir says:

    PLP: “We don’t need a new airport right now”

    Didn’t the PLP have mock-ups drafted for a new airport nearly 10 years ago?

    With the amount of huge capital projects the PLP did, why are they so obsessed with capital projects and adamant on building them themselves?

    • Earth watch police says:

      They just passed off because they can’t build it for 500 million then let it overrun to 1 billion Bermudians can sometimes be naive But we are not stupid.

  50. Ben S says:

    Wow Zane needs to switch to decaf coffee!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Caught a piece of him making off. That is when I hit the OFF button. I feel sorry for the MPs who had to sit & put up with it. Helps to understand how they earn their money. Zanes mate, Derek Burgess was no better. Rambling on & on about everything but the airport.

  51. Brian says:

    Finally the airport is a go all you naysayers eat it up and move along in your tiny worlds LOVE WILL ALWAYS win make no mistake about it our prayers were finally answered

  52. Wow says:

    Objective- keep PLP out of power. Make sure anyone who is eligible to vote in your household does. Bermuda CANNOT afford to have them TRY to run this country. And my suggestion to the BIU- time to elect a new leader.

  53. Brier says:


  54. Northshore says:

    My faith in Bermudians ALL BERMUDIANS has been restored and that is what makes me proud to be Bermudian! Enough said. :)

  55. v smtih says:

    Some of these blogs that I read are funny, if you don’t know let me tell you, if it was not for the union, you would not be getting the benefits that you receive today i’e sick pay,holiday pay,maternity leave,and so on,
    so before you open your big mouth stop and think,we went on strike and
    marched so you all can have a better life today,so the union is not all
    bad,sorry you all were not around when we had to work seven days a week
    with no day off,and we received our pay check at 5pm on Friday’s,some
    got their pay on Saturdays.

  56. 2cents says:

    My BIU sources are telling me that CHRIS is under huge scrutiny, specially to open up their financials to independent members….this will be his downfall!!!

    Many had doubts about the status of their dues monies, pensions, BIU businesses and investments….expect REVOLT….i would be very surprised if we see CHRIS as their president for very long.

  57. wth!!!!! says:

    Bye bye Bermuda we know. Hello 3rd world country status! Privitization never benefits any country

  58. wth!!!!! says:

    Bye bye Bermuda we know. Hello 3rd world country status! Privatization never benefits any country

  59. Shutthemdown says:

    Win the election, cancel the contract.

    Simple really.

    See you on election day.

    UBP/oba is giving Bermuda away.

    • Bullseye says:

      One does not simply cancel the contract. If you were read up and informed you would know this but alas you are not. Put down the tea and read up.

    • sara says:

      Yes because the 2 billion in debt racked up by the OBA really wasn’t giving Bermuda away. BERMUDA IS ALREADY GONE BABY GONE. You people really just don’t get it do you?

  60. Cupmatch says:

    Furby must be plotting revenge. So much egg on his face.

  61. Y-Gurl says:

    Like the hospital fiasco it was a done deal before we even knew about it, however also like the hospital this one will help topple the OBA

  62. Read Deal says:

    Sad day for Bermuda.

  63. Terry says:

    Great weekend to all.
    Everyone is relaxed with a few ‘Girls’ and rums.

    The way it should be.

    Heppy what’s hin yah walleatt wellintines dey………
    Peace and Love.