PwC Release 2017 Budget Highlight Summary

February 24, 2017

Following the delivery of the 2017/18 Budget this morning [Feb 24] by Minister of Finance Bob Richards, PwC Bermuda released a highlight summary sheet.

“Government has aggressively focused on increasing revenues through actions such as tax reform and limiting concessions,” PwC said. ”Although the Government has attempted to reduce headcount there continues to be pressure to increase expenditure in critical areas such as education and social protection.”

View all our coverage of the 2017 Budget here and our live blog here.

The summary below was provided by PwC: [PDF here]

click here Bermuda 2017 Budget

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  1. Vote for Me says:

    The budget proves the point.

    Where is the public comments from the business community about the increased cost of doing business? Supporting the airport redevelopment caused a minimum $20m reduction in government revenues.

    Note that the maximum payroll tax is now 19%!!

    It also looks as thought government is not paying the full sinking fund contribution this year. Are the numbers being ‘fuzzied’ to show a more rosy picture?