National Security Ministry 2017 Budget Briefs

March 22, 2017

National Security Minister Jeff Baron delivered the Ministry Budget Briefs in the Senate earlier today [March 22], and the Budget Briefs for the various departments within the Ministry are below.

In discussing the budget for the Bermuda Police Service, the Minister said, “The staffing level in the BPS has dipped below 400 officers for the first time in many years through a combination of austerity measures and natural attrition. In order to prevent the operational strength of the police from falling any further, the Government has increased the budget allocation for police salaries from $38.3M to $39.9M.

“The 2017/18 budget will support 425 officers and 12 cadets. This will enable the police to hire approximately 30 new police officers, half of whom will be locally recruited and half will be recruited from overseas as trained firearms officers to help support the vital armed response role that the police must provide. All of the police cadets will be hired locally.”

Budget Brief PDF Links:

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  1. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Transparency and Accountability.


    It is all about money , taxes go up but services remain the same as costs go up while efficiency go down.

    Government should run like a well oiled machine.

    Increased taxes increase the cost of living.

    Some fees cost more to collect so it is handed over to business to process.

    The national debt has reached its limit, we can not keep living on tomorrows money.

    If Government is not a Charity,so why is prison free ?

    $5 mill on Gov vehicles mean another $5 mill to maintain and drive them.

    There will be no more cash over contracts and budgets may be the Government will see what it like to live hand to mouth.

    Many of us on a fixed income have to scrape by should our Government be any different.

    Too many chiefs in high places and not enough Indians.

    If each minister is given a budget to run that ministry it is about time the minister gave a detailed accounting of the expenditure.
    May be we could see where our hard earned dollars go and we would not get any more surprises.