Premier: ‘Bermuda’s Thoughts Are With UK’

March 22, 2017

Premier Michael Dunkley said “Bermuda’s thoughts are with the people of the United Kingdom”, following today’s attack near Westminster.

The Premier said, “This has been such a shocking and distressing event. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families impacted and the people of London and the UK as they deal with this cowardly attack on freedom.”

The Premier advised that the London Office is available to assist those Bermudians, residing, working or studying in the UK who may have concerns about today’s attack.

The London Office can be reached at + 44 (0) 20 7518 9900 or

Premier Dunkley said, “As a result of today’s attack, we want to encourage Bermudians within the London area to remain vigilant of their surroundings.

“The London Office is available to assist Bermudians in the UK. In incidents such as today Bermudians are encouraged to utilise the Office to either liaise with family members or seek guidance.”

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  1. Terry says:

    And I wonder where the UK’s thoughts are about Bermuda’s current situation.


    • Real Onion says:

      what’s it to you,you left years ago!

      • Pooh Bear says:

        Moot point. Terry’s still entitled to voice an opinion – just as you or I. Where a commentor’s geographic location is wholly irrelevant.

    • just saying says:

      And how exactly does that even compare? Innocent people mown down…tourists..Bermuda is in a bubble…

    • Bermudianinlondon says:

      Your comment is distasteful and inappropriate. Innocent people lost their lives yesterday. Do you really think Bermuda’s “current situation” is a comparison to what happened in London.

    • Zevon says:

      Bizarre comment.

    • Legalgal says:

      Wow. How Bermuda of you! Me me me me. You are a drop in the ocean. Selfish. Spoilt. Entitled. They should pull the plug on you. Set you free! Proud to be a Londoner.

    • Seascape says:

      Really?! What are you thinking? My heart goes out to the people in London.

    • BDALion says:

      And I wonder where your thought’s have disappeared to – because you clearly have none Terry. Absolute numpty.


  2. wahoo says:

    This only gives fuel to the Trumponion rationale.. and really does it not make at least some sense? I hate to agree with the guy but you cannot fight with an enemy who does not wear a uniform, who does not fly a fighter jet, who has no care for his/her own life…you just cannot.

    • Seascape says:

      I think having Trump do what he is doing is going to create even more issues around the world. I hope not.

    • Cow Polly says:

      The killer was British born – so what is your point?

  3. San George says:

    This is how the disempowered react – the actions of politicians put the lives of the innocent at risk. Pandering has consequences.

  4. Joe Bloggs says:

    We are all human beings (I hoe) and we should all be concerned and saddened when people are killed through violence, whether it be an act of terror, gang activity or casualties of war.

  5. I shall not be moved says:

    Terrorists attacks are taking place in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen 24/7 by bombs and drones against the people of these countries by imperialistic invaders such as the USA, Europe and their allies.

    The media, Michael Dunkley, leaders of European countries and the USA do not say a mumbling word regarding the genocide/carnage taking place in those countries which is not only a crime against humanity but war crimes.

    The reason no one cares because it is not taking place in the USA and European countries.

    And if people do not see the hypocrisy in this it is quite obvious you have been programmed.