Sympathies Extended To UK Attack Victims

March 22, 2017

Following the terror attacks in London today, Opposition Leader David Burt extended his sympathies to the “innocent victims, their families, and our Parliamentary Colleagues in the UK.”

At least three people died and 20 were injured when an attacker rammed a car into crowds of people before stabbing a police officer in the grounds of the UK Parliament today.

The latest summary from the BBC’s live updates said, “A police officer has died after being stabbed outside the Houses of Parliament, two other people have died and at least 20 others are injured after the attacker drove into them in a car on Westminster Bridge.

“The alleged assailant was shot and killed by armed police, and Metropolitan Police say they are treating it as a terrorist incident and buildings are in lockdown.”

Opposition Leader David Burt said, “Today on behalf of the Progressive Labour Party we extend our sympathies to the innocent victims, their families, and our Parliamentary Colleagues in the UK following today’s terror attack.

“When terrorists target civilians as well as elected politicians, it is imperative for the security services to use all lawful means to eliminate terrorism and to ensure justice is done.”

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  1. Terry says:

    One man.

    Hope it does not catch on.

  2. Francis says:

    Really David! Just cause you try to act like a premier does not make it so. Protocols dictate that you should wait for the government to say so and Government House . You are so darn childish – you must salivate waiting for things like this to happen just so you can try and beat the premier to it!!!! David – you will not be the next premier

  3. I blame Trump.

    • Real Onion says:

      Please ignore the fake onion above.Thank you.