Hamilton Staff Learn From Endeavour Students

March 16, 2017

Eighteen employees of Hamilton Insurance Group’s [Hamilton] Bermuda-based operations recently joined Dellwood Middle School M1 students participating in the America’s Cup Endeavour Program for an afternoon of community service and STEAM-based learning.

Hamilton is a sponsor of the America’s Cup Endeavour Program, an experiential learning curriculum focused on sailing that exposes Bermuda students aged 9 to 12 to STEAM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math] studies and includes a broad range of modules from health and nutrition to the innovative science and technology behind sailing and yacht design.

For Hamilton employees, many of whom are involved in highly sophisticated risk analysis, it was an afternoon of eye-opening interaction with the middle school students.

Hamilton Re Senior Actuarial Analyst Max Kehrli building an anemometer with Dellwood students

Hamilton Learns from AC Endeavour Students bermuda march 16 2017

“One of the activities that stuck with me was the building of a wind anemometer with a couple of students,” said Max Kehrli, Senior Risk Analyst at Hamilton Re.

“I thought I was being the teacher and driving the design of our 4 paper cup, 2 paper straws, 1 pencil, and 1 pin anemometer, but at one point I was about to poke a hole in the cup.

“One of the students stopped me and said that if I did what I was about to do, our holes wouldn’t be lined up. My mouth dropped open, and I was like ‘You are absolutely right, thank you!’ It was great to see the potential for outside-the-box thinking.”

Hamilton employees also joined students in a marine debris cleanup at Somerset Long Bay, which is part of the weekly program curriculum that focuses on the impact of marine debris on the local environment in Bermuda and helps students to become citizen scientists as they track what they find and learn how long items take to break down.

Anne Hyde, Executive Director of Keep Bermuda Beautiful, was a special guest for the event and helped inspire everyone to do their part to keep Bermuda in its pristine state.

The event concluded with a fun Blo’ Karting session, where the principles that underpin sailing are applied on land. Hamilton team members enjoyed the fun and experiential learning activities that students experience through the America’s Cup Endeavour Program.

“After spending a day actively involved with the America’s Cup Endeavour Program, I believe the most awe-inspiring element was the overall level of engagement amongst the participants, both students and volunteers alike,” said Rebecca Adderley, Vice President and Head of Claims at Hamilton Re.

“Imagine what we could achieve if only we could harness that level of excitement, commitment and energy every day. For me, it was an unexpected but a truly rewarding experience.”

Tom Herbert-Evans, Community Sailing Manager at the America’s Cup Event Authority, added: “It was fantastic seeing employees from Hamilton Insurance Group and Hamilton Re not only building a better understanding of the program and its impact, but also learning themselves and doing so as a cohesive team.

“This is another important component of the America’s Cup Program itself, as it focuses on the importance of teamwork and helps students learn to positively interact with one another.”

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