Premier ‘Closely Following’ Brexit Developments

March 29, 2017

Earlier today [March 29], British Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed that the UK had triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty – thus beginning a legal process that formally signals Britain leaving the European Union.

Premier Michael Dunkley said, “We have been closely following today’s developments in the UK Parliament. The public will be aware that the Minister of Finance the Hon E.T [Bob] Richards and I travelled to London last month for the Joint Ministerial Council on European Negotiations [JMC EN].

“We joined Overseas Territories leaders for negotiation discussions with UK Ministers in preparation for the UK’s negotiations with the European Union.

“Our obligation as Leaders and Representatives of the Overseas Territories was to ensure that we explore all relevant opportunities and uphold our economic stability throughout the negotiation process once Article 50 was triggered.

“We agreed with the UK Government that when the UK leaves the European Union, the strong relationship we have with the EU and the important mutual trade and business links we share should continue.

“Now that Article 50 has been invoked, I will join OT leaders again in June for the next phase of the JMC European Negotiations. In advance of the June meetings, Bermuda continues to take a lead role on behalf of the OT’s in engaging the UK regarding the Brexit negotiations and developments.

“At this stage, what I can advise is that both the UK Government and Overseas Territories Governments continue to work towards adopting a Joint Framework for Technical Level Dialogue on agreed priority areas of interests in relation to EU exit ahead of the JMC [OT- EN] in June. The three areas are:

  • Market access and trade;
  • Borders and free movement; and
  • EU Funding.

“As I noted in February, this Government will continue its critical engagement to ensure that Bermuda maintains the strong relationships we have with both the UK and the EU.”

The letter triggering Article 50 is below [PDF here]:

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  1. Herbert Smoker says:

    what the heck is this going to do to Bermuda?

  2. Kathy says:

    She so boldly has the balls to say in her speech, “We will negotiate as one United Kingdom, taking account the specific interests of every nation and region of the UK.” What a bunch of crap – did they even consult Bermuda or any of the other dependent territories about Brexit?

    She wants to now cherry-pick her way to get everything she wants. Good luck. The EU is not going to be easy to bargain with. I can’t wait for the European response on Friday.