Swing Bridge Work “Nearing Completion”

April 25, 2017

The Ministry of Public Works is advising the public that work being conducted at Swing Bridge is “nearing completion” and they expect to open the bridge to two lane traffic immediately after the contractor removes the remaining scaffolding, which is estimated to take seven days.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Public Works would like to advise the public that rehabilitation work currently being conducted at Swing Bridge is nearing completion.

“The bridge can now safely carry one lane of vehicles with loads of 10T per axle and a 29T gross vehicle weight.

“The Ministry expects to open the bridge to two lane traffic immediately after the Contractor removes the remaining scaffolding. This is estimated to take seven days.”

Slideshow showing testing/work taking place on the Swing Bridge earlier this year:


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  1. Cowboys in the East says:

    Maybe we should keep it broken for a while longer…don’t want the lawlessness currently seen in St George’s to spill over into the mainland! Should keep it as a checkpoint so we can regulate the flow of trouble in and out of the former capital…especially with all these foreign objects and materials that the Canadians are bringing in through Penos Wharf. I can already see will be the next target for Trumps trade war, since we are importing Canadian goods instead of Buying American and Hiring American – he will threaten to cut off the flow of tourists to the island. We must stand firm and make sure this doesn’t happen!

  2. Lord Longwayround says:

    Can someone from W&E confirm that the bridge will be operational for marine traffic also once the scaffolding has been removed?

    • Cowboys in the East says:

      That bridge can stay right were it is. Can’t have another avenue for lawlessness to escape from or penetrate into the East!

  3. Hello says:

    Now that they are opening the bridge, will they be painting the railings as they are in bad shape??

  4. Aqua Cadit Resurge says:

    You must re instate the proceedure of putting zinc on the steel.
    On all bridges!

  5. Aqua Cadit Resurge says:

    Where there is tidal flow and salt water there is electrlolosis…which will erode soft metal first…hence the placement of zincs…failure to place them is stupidity.

  6. Aqua Cadit Resurge says:

    please excuse the spelling of electrolysis…I’m hooked on phonics…