Minister Baron Outraged By Social Media Post

June 29, 2017

Following the racist and offensive post on his sister’s Facebook page, Minister Jeff Baron said he immediately called her to express his concern and disapproval, saying he “was outraged” and does “not condone this type of divisive, hurtful language.”

The post, which is offensive, can be read on Facebook.

Minister Jeff Baron said, “Last evening I was alerted to a post on my sister’s Facebook page and immediately called her to express my concern – and disapproval – of language and content on what was posted. I was outraged.

“I cannot control words and actions of others. However I can control my reaction to them – so I’ve quickly concluded that the best way for me to address this publicly is to be straightforward.

“I do not condone this type of divisive, hurtful language. I do not support discriminatory and/or racist comments. It has no place in our discourse, it’s not in my heart to feel this way.

“I am a Bermudian who cherishes our diversity. I am a father who teaches strong Bermudian values to my son, through actions and through words. I am a candidate and have a campaign that does not perpetuate – nor does it tolerate – divisive rhetoric.

“Lastly – and most importantly to me – this statement is not submitted as a result of a request or demand from anyone. I am submitting this personally because it is the right thing to do and I will continue to address any divisiveness from anyone in order to strengthen Bermuda.”

Update: The apology also posted on the page can be seen below


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