AirCare Doubles Up With Two Impact Students

July 14, 2017

A firm’s initiative to give young Bermudians hands on experience in industry was such a success in 2016 it is being expanded this year.

AirCare, a leading air conditioning, mechanical and electrical services firm, partnered with Impact Mentoring Academy last summer and provided Stephon Paynter with both theoretical and hands-on work experience.

During his internship, Stephon worked under the mentorship of Senior Technicians on job sites and gained experience in a range of fields including fire protection and air conditioning systems as well as refrigeration.

He was also given weekly homework to learn the theory side of the work, for instance he was asked to study information on refrigeration.

Zhuri Burgess and Stephon Paynter

Zhuri Burgess and Stephon Paynter Bermuda July 2017

Not only has Stephon, 16, been invited back for second year of interning, 17-year-old Impact student, Zhuri Burgess has also been offered a summer internship.

Brendan Stones, AirCare’s General Manager, said: “When we partnered with Impact last year, we said we hoped it would be a long term relationship.

The experience with Stephon was such a success that we not only invited him back this summer, but also explored the possibility with Impact’s Executive Director to expand the opportunity to include an additional student.

“Zhuri will go through a similar program as Stephon did in his first year, while Stephon will be given the opportunity to expand on the knowledge and experience he gained previously.

“AirCare is committed to exposing young Bermudians to this industry so they can see for themselves the viability and range of career options available to them, all while gaining valuable hands on experience.

“We want young Bermudians to see at first hand the development path that AirCare can expose them to and show them that there is a fulfilling future for them in this industry.”

When asked of his previous experience and why he was interested in returning to AirCare, Stephon explained, ““It was a lot of fun. I learned a lot of new things and want to learn more and build on what I achieved last year. I’m looking forward to spending another summer at AirCare.”

After speaking with Stephon about his experience, Zhuri states: “I want to learn. It’s always good to get information about trades and to have something up your sleeve.”

Impact’s Executive Director, Chris Crumpler shared that the ongoing relationship with AirCare was providing students with important training and insight into what was needed to succeed.

“I am delighted that AirCare was able to take both Stephon and Zhuri this year. They are both intelligent and hardworking young men who will benefit greatly from this experience.”

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