Minister Wishes Earl Cameron Happy Birthday

August 16, 2017

Last Saturday, Minister of Home Affairs Walton Brown personally extended best wishes and congratulations to renowned Bermudian actor Earl Cameron on behalf of the Bermuda Government at his 100th birthday celebration at the Holiday Inn hotel in Kenilworth, England.

Minister Brown with Mr Cameron, photo courtesy of Winslow Cameron

Walton Brown and Earl Cameron Bermuda August 2017

Born in Bermuda in 1917, Mr Cameron moved to Britain prior to World War II and after appearing on London’s West End stage, he went on to have a very impressive film career with numerous roles, including co-starring with Sean Connery in the 007 blockbuster ”Thunderball”, and portraying African dictator Edmond Zuwanie in the 2005 thriller “The Interpreter” alongside Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn.

The legendary actor was one of the first black stars in the British film industry, and is widely acknowledged for playing a key role in breaking down barriers.

“It was an honour to meet this distinguished and much-accomplished Bermudian and to bring best wishes from the government,” said Minister Brown.

“We had a wonderful conversation where he shared with me his close friendship with my grandfather W. G. Brown and great uncle D. A. Brown.”

A number of Mr. Cameron’s close relatives had traveled from Bermuda to attend the celebration, along with numerous other family members and friends.

Minister Brown was on vacation in England at the time.

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  1. High Road says:

    Is the plp going to keep the ministers travel expenditure website?

    • QC says:

      Good question… this wouldn’t apply as Walton Brown was on a personal vacation.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Then that would imply that the Government issued credit card wasn’t used either . Good !

  2. Tracy O says:

    Thats’ wonderful! I’m so glad Minister Brown was able to go along and give Mr. Cameron birthday wishes from all of us and have a conversation about past friends. Most Bermudians only have one degree of separation in my experience! I’m pretty sure Mr. Cameron was also in “The Queen” as the official portrait painter?

  3. Well done, Walton.
    Thank God above that plp now reign. Thank God!!

  4. puzzled says:

    He didn’t come visit me on my 70th.
    All de way to England.

    • Hurricane says:

      @ Puzzled, he only does so at 100……..hang in there!


  5. #gawd save the queen says:

    R u still licking your wounds of defeat. Lol…poor thing…

    • gloating is distasteful and childish AND says:

      can come back and bite in the bum when circumstances shift.

      Let’s just work together for a better Bermuda rather than the nasty snide remarks that help perserve a Bitter Bermuda.

  6. A Bermudian in Wales says:

    I’ll be celebrating Earl Cameron’s major milestone the rest of the year! Great guy, wonderfully modest, a real pioneer and gentleman.

  7. Real Onion says:

    plp looking for any excuses to spend tax payers cash.