New Traffic Layout At Par-la-Ville Car Park

August 22, 2017

The City of Hamilton has advised that with the new barrier payment system in place at PLV Car Park, a new layout has been created at the entrance/exit of Par-la-Ville Car Park to accommodate the now two exit lanes of traffic from the lot.

“After turning left at the top of Queen Street, the left, westbound lane now directs motorists to turn into the car park,” the City said.

“If you wish to drive westbound along Church Street and not use the lot, motorists must use the right lane once they turn left off of Queen Street.

“This new layout has been created to provide a higher level of safety for the two lanes of traffic exiting the lot on to Church Street. The photo below should help.

Par-la-Ville Car Park New Traffic Layout Bermuda August 22 2017

“The City wishes to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. Any questions regarding the above may be directed to Ian Hind, Senior Engineer on 279-5250 or email”

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  1. Lualaba says:

    Isn’t that how it always was?

    • JohnBoy says:

      Nah. It was single lane and then you merged AFTER to the lane you want to get into

  2. Navin Johnson says:

    Stupid layout….

    • Um.... says:

      Enlighten us with a better alternative. Seems pretty common sense to me. Its easier to exit the lot and turn right with one lane of traffic coming from that direction to have to worry about.

      • Not so safe says:

        The layout to go into the parking lot would have been fine had it been advertised and sign posted – and there is no consideration for people travelling east on Church Street to turn into the parking lot – there is a “ghost island” to protect traffic coming out of the parking lot which means, with the way the current markings are, that you cannot turn right. And as Dockyard Lackey observed below – Par la ville Road and Church Street junction is now basically an accident waiting to happen.

      • GTA says:

        A no right turn sign exiting the parking lot seems pretty simple to me, as oppose to changing the layout and now creating more traffic in the right lane. Just what Hamilton needs another bottleneck spot during rush hour. You could probably also put a no right turn sign leaving City Hall parking lot via Wesley street, that way people choosing to leave town via Par-la-Ville road and Front street can use the Par-la-Ville parking lot, and people choosing to leave via Church street use City Hall. You may say this is an inconvenience to some, but so is waiting at traffics lights because someone pushed their car out in front of you trying to turn right during rush hour.

        • Waa says:

          What are you talking about? Who said you can’t turn right exiting the parking lot?
          I don’t see how it’s causing a bottleneck spot by splitting traffic into 2 lanes. The only difference is that people waiting to go into the parking lot wouldn’t have to wait if the traffic was backed up. If no one is waiting to go to the parking lot, the traffic is functioning as it always did.
          The rest of the comment is confusing and stupid as well. Are you suggesting making parking lots have through ways?…In turn causing more accidents

          • Reuben says:

            Work on your reading and comprehension skills

            • Waa says:

              My reading and comprehension skills are just fine. Just because I think that the comment is dumb and confusing does not mean I can’t comprehend. A retarded solution is a retarded solution.

              • Reuben says:

                I would say since you find the comment confusing and dumb is proof that your comprehension need work, since it is neither dumb nor confusing.

          • Reuben says:

            So let look at the issue of traffic. The old way
            had two, the left lane at the lights would turn left and go straight while the right lane would turn right and i’m sure we can all agree it worked fine.

            Now for the changes, yes it would be easier for people trying to get into the parking lot as you say but where you are wrong is that the flow of traffic is now changed at the lights as well. Now at the lights the left lane is left turn only while the right lane is now straight and right turn. what this now means that if some one going straight and there is person turning right then every one behind them has to wait. This cause the traffic to back up and given that every one who is heading to the lights has to be in the right lane before the parking lot this will cause massive backups in traffic.

            Now as for what GTA is say, it makes sense because if you are leaving the parking lot and turning right you are forced to take into consideration three lanes of traffic, and if you can’t cross smoothly you then end up blocking two lanes of traffic. So by saying ‘no right turns’ people leaving the parking lot would be only turning left which means they are entering the flow of traffic which would be easier to do and the driver only has to focus on one lane of traffic not three.

  3. Dockyard Lackey says:

    This is all well and good, but the road markings after the entrance/exit of the parking lot need to be revised. At present the left lane directs traffic to turn left and the Centre Lane directs traffic to go straight. The left lane should be straight or turn left, and the Centre lane should be right turn only onto Par-la-vile Road. The way it stands now, traffic heading straight towards Richmond Road would have to wait behind traffic turning north on Par-la-Ville. Chaos!

    • Waa says:

      These markings are only valid until the top of the hill. Do you think this applies all the way down to the stop light?

      • Reuben says:

        The personis talking about the lights that were repainted the same time as the top of the hill. As the person has said they changed which lane does what and i’ve seen four almost hits because of it. They were changed and no notice by the City was given.

        As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

        • PBanks says:

          and considering that junction has a good amount of red light runners as well… woy.

  4. Toodle-oo says:

    Another totally asinine decision in road markings by the COH .
    All this is going to do is cause confusion and road rage as few , if any ,will notice or follow the change and keep doing what they’ve always done .
    For those people who kept current they will be in the 2nd westbound lane intending to switch back over into the left westbound lane only to have all the spaces/room taken by people who stayed in ‘lane 1′ and never turned into PLV car park .

  5. Micro says:

    Would’ve been helpful to advertise the change before implementing it.

  6. rene says:

    Think COH should have just saved the paint on this one.

  7. Zevon says:

    Looks logical but Bermudian drivers usually ignore road markings.

    • Coffee says:

      All Bermudians , some Bermudians or the Bermudians that don’t look like you ?

      • Double S says:

        The race card used over a parking article…congrats

    • Reuben says:

      It isn’t all that logical when you factor the lights and the changes made there in.

  8. Really says:

    Drive slower and pay attention and I’m sure we’ll figure it out, doesn’t seem like rocket science.

    • Hurricane says:

      @Really, well said. We tend to complain too much too soon only to conclude later that there really wasn’t anything to complain about. It’s in the City; should already be driving slow, now pay attention.

  9. Roads says:

    The left hand lane needs to be left and straight ahead at the Par la Ville junction not left only that’s ridiculous and an accident waiting to happen. How can you make the right hand lane tight turn and ahead? Needs a rethink it should be right lane right turn and the left lane left turn and ahead as it was before, it’s not rocket science seriously…..

  10. Rada Gast says:

    My money is on there being a fender bender of some sort in this area before the end of the current week because of this revised layout.

  11. Longtail says:

    Better entry and exit for the parking lot, but only means even more congestion at Par-la-Ville / Church Street and Par-la-Ville / Front Street junctions at 5:00pm rush hour.

  12. City Dweller says:

    Idiotic idea from COH, Its just going to be ignored and it will be business as usual. Total waste of paint and man hours. There was nothing wrong with the way it was before.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Does this mean that motorbikes are required to pay in order to park here as well?

    • Andrew says:

      nope, there is a lane just for bikes to exit without paying.

  14. James says:

    Those markings are informational only. They are not traffic orders like a stop sign.

    • Reuben says:

      Correct but tell that to your insurance company after an accident and see waht they say.

  15. Think About It says:

    Seems like an accident/road rage waiting to happen. We already have plenty of bottlenecks in the city as it is.

    Also, I think is unfair and asinine that cars have to pay to park and not bikes. Don’t they realize that if bikes paid they’d increase revenue? Bikes take up less space, so you can fit more into parking lots. By them paying they could also reduce the cost of the parking per hour and still maintain or even increase revenue.

    Think about it…..

    • PBanks says:

      CoH wanted to charge bikes to park, but there was an outcry against it.

  16. Think About It says:

    Seems like an accident/road rage waiting to happen. We already have plenty of bottlenecks in the city as it is.

    Also, I think it’s unfair and asinine that cars have to pay to park and not bikes. Don’t they realize that if bikes paid they’d increase revenue? Bikes take up less space, so you can fit more into parking lots. By them paying they could also reduce the cost of the parking per hour and still maintain or even increase revenue.

    Think about it…..

  17. Reuben says:

    Just as side note, the CoH are adding another bottle neck at the juction of victoria st and Court st.