Three Males Arrested After Incident At Cup Match

August 4, 2017

Three males have been arrested following a disturbance that took place at around 6.00pm this evening [Aug 4] during the Cup Match festivities at the St. George’s Cricket Club.

A police spokesperson said, “This evening at 6:19pm, police responded to a disturbance that took place on the grounds of the St. George’s Cricket Club.

“A number of males were involved in a melee that resulted in one male being injured and subsequently transported to the hospital where he is being treated for his injuries that do not appear to be life threatening.

“Three males were arrested in relation to this incident and police have commenced an investigation into the matter. “

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  1. Wutless says:

    This is outrageous! They need to curtail some of those disorderly behaviors. When will they learn? This behavior has nothing to do with single parent homes, it’s the result of bad parenting.

  2. Cranberry says:

    Firewater make locals too crazy!!!

  3. Widget says:

    I second that OJ


  4. Oh really says:

    They need a good beating bunch of gangsters. Lock them all up and their parents as well.

  5. Anon Ymous says:

    PLP needs to get a handle on this nonsense, right?

    • Izzypop says:

      Really. What a dumb comment.
      U got a bunch of hot head males Drinking in the heat
      Hv to shake my head.
      People need to be held accountable. Stop putting it on the govt

    • Onion Juice says:

      So what do we pay the Police for?

  6. Oh,I see now says:

    Bermuda this is no different from five yr olds swearing with no correction from adults, young men today assume this is normal adult behavior. Lord how far we have fallen in years past concentrating on material endeavors instead of our children. What we have today are children suffering the sins of the (absent) father.

    • Izzypop says:

      women need to be held more accountable. Don’t get pregnant.
      It’s not always the guys fault they aren’t in their child’s life

    • Onion Juice says:

      Hey @$$#%£€ there are a lot of productive citizens in Bermuda that came from single parent homes and there are some misfits that came from two parent homes, most of the culprits that were responsible for mass shootings in U.S were from well to do suburb families.

  7. Honestly says:

    Can’t act right…Stay home!

  8. All Out says:

    They should be banned from Cup Match for 10 yrs

  9. Southampton says:

    What is wrong with these boys. They act like little children. They spoil the day for everyone.
    They think they are men? No way.
    Put these gangs on a boat and ship them to an isolated island. Let them beat each other. Need to stop this crap and grow up.
    Big bunch of babies.

  10. So it goes says:

    These idiots need to get in trouble for this dumb shxxxxx. They need more of a repercussion than just an arrest and taking in for questioning .

  11. Bermy says:

    Those Freaks really need to grow up. Everywhere they go they have to cause problems. Put them all in a CAGE where they belong.

    • JohnBoy says:

      Agree. Animals should be in a cage. Maybe have a special exhibit like at BAMZ where people could see what an @#* looks like.

  12. Keep it 100 says:

    Known Affiliation with a Gang : #NoEntry it’s that simple.

  13. cpm says:

    St G was neutral territory for the idiots
    I am staying away from Somerset next year

  14. Imagine that says:

    I think these guys do not know were Cup Match started from and what the slaves fought for back in 1835. St. George’s Cricket Club should ban these individuals for life from entering the SGCC. Ban for life.