Photos & Video: FYG Strongman Competition

October 30, 2017

[Updated] Find Your Grind [FYG] hosted the Bermuda’s Strongman Competition on Saturday [Oct 28], and this time women also competed in superhuman-like feats of strength.

Find Your Grind introduced the Bermuda Strong Man Competition last year and is continuing the new tradition as part of its brand mission to promote sustainably healthy and fit lifestyles on the island. Vendors were on hand with food and refreshments, and there were free samples being offered by local distributors.

The 7-minute live video replay is below:


Update Oct 31, 12.27pm: The event results follow below:

Student Division

1st – Tenneson Telemaque – Saltus
2nd – Samson Douglas – Saltus
3rd – Najai Ford – Berekely Institute

Women’s Division

1st – Andrea Jackson – Hindsight Fitness
2nd – Amy Adderley – LifeThyme Crossfit
3rd – Krista Dyer – Studio One

Men’s Division

1st – Jonathan Bath – CrossFit BDA
2nd – Juan Lobby – The Athletic Club
3rd – Josh Powell – LifeThyme Crossfit

Click to enlarge photos:


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  1. sage says:

    These guys trying to get a hernia or rupture a disc?