‘Snapshot Of The Quality Of Life In Bermuda’

October 10, 2017

31% of residents feel uncomfortable or out of place some or all of the time because of their skin colour or race, 5%  feel uncomfortable or out of place some or all of the time because of their sexual orientation, 38% agree that healthcare in Bermuda is affordable, and 47% believe the economy of Bermuda is now better than it was in the year previous.

These are some of the statistics contained in the Bermuda Vital Signs Study 2017 which was released by the Bermuda Community Foundation, aiming to “provide a snapshot of the quality of life in Bermuda, as determined by members of the community.”

Chart extracted from the report:

Vital Signs Report_10062017-11 Economy Work

“Vital Signs is a periodic community check-up conducted by community foundations across the globe that measures the vitality of our communities, identifies significant trends and shares opportunities for action in issue areas critical to quality of life and is coordinated nationally by Community Foundations,” the BCF said.

“Our Vital Signs report reveals seven priority areas or categories that are made up of 18 indicators that the community thought should be considered when assessing the overall vitality of Bermuda. The 7 priority areas are:

  • health and personal well-being
  • economy and work
  • housing, education
  • safety and security
  • community well-being, and
  • diversity and inclusion.

“This summary report will focus only on the perception data to highlight the voice of Bermuda’s residents as the chief source of data informing our efforts.

Chart extracted from the report:

Vital Signs Report_10062017-12 Education

“The public opinion findings were derived from two public telephone surveys of a random representative sample of the Bermuda population. The complete report, an internal “white paper”, provides a more comprehensive picture of life in Bermuda by combining two forms of information:

  • People’s perceptions of quality of life in Bermuda and how well Bermuda is performing in these areas.
  • Factual data about life in Bermuda [e.g., Bermuda’s infant mortality rate as an indicator of the quality of healthcare] collected from such reliable sources as the Department of Statistics, the Bermuda Business Development Agency [BDA], the Bermuda Health Council, and the Bermuda Police Service.

“We learned that people in Bermuda on average rate their quality of life a 7 out of 10 with a vast majority highly regarding Bermuda as a place to live. The report reveals many aspects of our life on the island that need improvement.”

Bermuda Community Foundation Managing Director Dr. Myra Virgil said, “What the Bermuda Community Foundation wanted to do was provide a set of metrics that we could use to evaluate where help is most needed in the community.

“In addition, we needed to develop a methodology to enable us to revisit this information and measure effectiveness of resources applied to key areas. This is a service we can now offer donors, as well as ensure the BCF was bringing value to the community with its own grant-making.”

Chart extracted from the report:

Vital Signs Report_10062017-14 Diversity inclusion

BCF said, “The resulting white paper is retained as the BCF’s proprietary information which we will use to assist stakeholders to direct efforts and resources where they are most needed.

“This summary document, however, is being made publicly available to provide everyone with a snapshot of the issues affecting quality of life in Bermuda 2017. To add value, our plan is to conduct surveys at regular intervals – so we can measure the impact of targeted activity. It will enable us to track effectiveness and ensure we are on the right track to improve life in our community.

“Given that the Bermuda Community Foundation [BCF] exists ‘to provide an enduring source of funding to support and strengthen the community” we decided that the views of the community were essential for this project. We are grateful to all who participated. Total Research Associates and Strategic Evaluation Consulting were our partners in this venture.

“The BCF will follow this survey with a series of ‘Seven Vital Conversations’ where we will delve more deeply into the seven primary quality of life elements. By convening stakeholders to discuss the issues and plan how we could improve outcomes, we have a chance to work together towards a common goal.”

The full Bermuda Vital Signs Study 2017 follow below [PDF here]:

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  1. Real Onion says:

    the best people have been and gone long ago,the old term of the isles of devils is very apt now.

  2. Rocky5 says:

    Public Education
    Of residents rate the overall quality
    of public education in Bermuda as
    excellent or good – 27%
    Private Education
    Of residents rate the overall quality
    of private education in Bermuda as
    excellent or good – 82%

    • Family Man says:

      Hard to believe 27% of people thought public education was rated as good or better. You have to wonder what would qualify as poor in their minds.

    • Truthertz says:

      Makes sense…sad but true.

  3. jt says:

    What’s the breakdown on the 31% that are uncomfortable?

    • aceboy says:

      Nobody knows. Every single survey I have seen in the past 15-20 years breaks down the results along racial lines…except this one. Why?

      Could it be that a significant number of respondents to the question of feeling uncomfortable because of their race were one colour?