Interested In Developing Tudor Hill Property?

January 18, 2018

The Bermuda Land Development Company Limited [BLDC] invites interested parties to submit expressions of interest [EOI] for the development of the 25 acre Tudor Hill property in Southampton.

“We’re looking for innovative and imaginative development approaches that align with our longterm strategy to revitalize Tudor Hill,” said Francis Mussenden, BLDC’s Chief Executive Officer.

Tudor Hill Bermuda January 2018 (1)

“One of Bermuda’s most promising development sites, Tudor Hill comprises approximately 25 acres of land. It is situated mostly on Middle Road in Southampton, adjacent the Pompano Beach Club and Hotel,” BLDC said.

“Parties that wish to express interest in this project can email or visit the BLDC office at Triton House in Southside, St. David’s, to receive a copy of the EOI guidelines, which detail the requirements, selection criteria and process.

Tudor Hill Bermuda January 2018 (2)

“The intent is to gather ideas and approaches for the potential development of Tudor Hill. Based on submitted EOIs, BLDC will shortlist interests for further consideration. A request for proposal [RFP] may be issued once a preferred use or development idea has been selected.”

Completed EOIs must be received at Triton House by 4:00 pm on Thursday, February 8, 2018.

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Comments (16)

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  1. Politricks says:

    Always wondered what was there before in the old derelict building.

  2. puzzled says:

    Why after 40+ years is this happening.
    I’m not going to research.
    Who owns this property.
    And why now.

    65 years ago there was nothing left or right/north or south.
    All the Conch you could collect; hundreds until you stepped on one and it cut your foot open.

    What’s up.

  3. puzzled says:

    Oh Lord.
    Another Port Royal.

    Get out now.

  4. Weldon Wade says:

    Wondering what the area and the buildings there were once used for? That is a lot of land!

    • Toodle-oo says:

      You must be kidding . You really don’t know what that was ?

    • Bill says:

      Was originally a US Base for tracking submarines during the cold war. There is a long cable that ran from Tudor Hill base to Argus bank that was used to detect sonar waves from passing submarines.

      • D'unbelievables says:

        Look up SOSUS.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        *Was originally a US Base for tracking submarines during the cold war. There is a long cable that ran from Tudor Hill base to Argus bank that was used to detect sonar waves from passing submarines.*

        Just to add a little extra for Weldon . The reference to Argus Bank should have included the reason for Argus Tower . (just for a little extra clarity)

        The larger of the buildings in the pictures housed a power generating station that ran 24 hours a day for the entire time the place was operating . The US said that the ‘stuff’ that BELCO provided was too ‘dirty’ to run their sensitive equipment.

        After experimenting with wind turbines (the first ever in Bda) the resulting noise was even more intrusive than the diesel generators . Area residents and the nearby hotel were delighted when it finally all shut down in the early 90′s with a big bang. But that’s another story.

  5. wondering says:

    Fish Market/Processing Center

    Bermuda Radio outpost

  6. Solar Farm says:

    SOLAR FARM. Ideal location….Lil salt spray but with regular maintenance and cleaning on panels this should be good

  7. Micro says:

    Looks like it’d make a great park.

  8. facts of the rock says:

    Good Luck with that!

    (another piece of land that BLDC have had nearly 20 years on their books and done NOTHING about it!).

  9. aceboy says:


  10. Um Um Like says:

    Preserve Tudor

  11. Joe Bloggs says:

    How about a semi-secret place for the US Navy? Can we bring the US Navy back to Bermuda please?

  12. Spitfire says:

    How about we don’t develop something for a change? Has anyone looked out of a plane window recently and seen how ridiculously overdeveloped we are?! We are a tiny island and need to conserve the limited open space we have left. Please let’s keep Tudor Hill as a green space – a park or nature reserve. When will we stop developing the little space we have? When there is nothing left that’s when!