BHB: Valentine’s Gift For Regular Blood Donors

February 14, 2018

Bermuda Hospitals Board today [Feb 14] announced a new recognition programme for its “highly valued regular blood and apheresis donors, saying that from today onwards when someone passes a landmark blood or apheresis donation of 10, 20, 50, 75 and 100 donations, they will be awarded a “special blood donor pin recognizing their contribution to saving lives in Bermuda.”

Dr Eyitayo Fakunle, Consultant Haematologist, comments: “The blood donor pins are a badge of honour that reflect donating over years and decades. We are grateful to all blood and apheresis donors – we have 1,000 people on our donor list and many donate regularly. Over 100 have given 50 units or more and we hope the pins will encourage people to start and keep donating regularly so they can reach the next landmark.

Regular blood and apheresis donors, wearing their new pins. From left to right: Janet Smith [28 donations], Richard Bassett [80 donations], Nicole Belboda-Smith [13 donations], Odwin Berkeley [41 donations], Ian Hunter [65 donations], and Eugene Walker [110 donations]

Blood Donor Pins Group Bermuda Feb 2018

“These pins recognize the donors who come when we call, or schedule appointments regularly, and ensure that when people in Bermuda are in need of a transfusion, the blood is there to save their lives or provide their treatments.

“They are the unknown heroes of Bermuda and thousands of people alive today have benefited from their donations – there were 1,650 transfusions in 2017 alone. All our blood is from volunteers in Bermuda – and we should celebrate the people who make this possible.

“Our donors show they care over many years and, from today, we can show our gratitude for their giving by recognizing their commitment. I hope they wear their pins with pride.”

Regular blood and apheresis donors who have made 10 or more donations can pick up their pins when they next donate. People who want to start donating or make their next appointment can call 236-5067, or email to book an appointment.

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