‘African Colonisation Of Bermuda’ Presentation

February 21, 2018

Bermuda College will feature a presentation by Dr. Clarence Maxwell — “Before the Akaniba; the African colonisation of Bermuda 1616 -1680″ — on Thursday, March 8th

The event poster said, “African colonisation of Bermuda during the seventeenth century played a significant role in the island’s success and sustainability.

“Enslaved Africans satisfied the need for specialised labour such as pearl diving and agriculture, staving off starvation and, through that expertise, provided both sustainability to the islands.

“Hear how their valuable knowledge and experience were fundamental to Bermuda’s sustainability and allowed Bermuda to avoid the ‘Starving Time that decimated Jamestown.”

The event will be presented by the BC Journal: Voices in Education Committee.


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  1. Warlord2 says:

    Double yawn

    • Tania Stafford says:

      Dr. Maxwell is an internationally recognised scholar of the Atlantic World, this should be a sell out event …. Warlord2 please feel free to yawn in the privacy of your own home.

    • PBanks says:

      Why the yawn? If the subject matter bores you, why not just move on to a topic that interests you?

  2. Onion Juice says:

    REPARATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • the Real Terry says:

      Onion Juice “doneenworrywiffit” you are not going to get a cent, might have to get off your backside and earn it for a change.

      • Harry Dread says:

        “Onion Juice “doneenworrywiffit” you are not going to get a cent, might have to get off your backside and earn it for a change.”

        Interesting because many people with your mindset had a 300 year head start that they continue to benefit from to this day…but then again they got off their backside and “earned it” I forgot

        • therock says:

          You’re only a slave if you’re too stupid to stand up for yourself.
          I’ll take my reparations before you do, at least I earned mine.
          You’ve done nothing…loser.

        • Onion Juice says:

          And the fact that most European countries plundered and raped Africa of its resources, minerals and wealth ( not to mention its people who gave their lives to work for FREE while Europeans built their empires and generational wealth) and creating a system that disenfranchised African descendants, murdered, incarcerated and exiled vocal Black Leaders to silience them.
          We’ve been off our backsides all our lives while you undeserved privileged gloat in your shady inheritence that is protected by a Historical Racist System.

          • Zevon says:

            The Sh1t you talk. Not all white people are independantly wealthy descendants of plantation owners. You live in a cartoon world. All you ever want is handouts.

        • Anbu says:

          And here we are with the “head start” again. Tough mate. Get used to it. U realise those that got the “head start” are few and far between right. So as terry said, nope. Work like the reat of us. All u do is waste time that could be spent earning by comstantly beating the reparations drum.

        • Mike Hind says:

          As always, Onion Juice shows that he doesnt want equality and fairness. He wants to be the one doing the oppressing. The one with the unearned privilege.

          He’s just as bad as the people he rails against.

    • Youranorc says:

      I get my bike back?

  3. Yes says:

    Won’t be able to attend. Would be nice if the presentation could be recorded by video or audio.

  4. Lol says:

    It really makes you think why they don’t teach this in the schools but we have to learn everyone else’s history or the lie that our history starts with slavery. I always wondered what the slaves in Bermuda were doing in those days. You can’t say they picked cotton. So what was their true purpose and what did they do while they where kidnapped and brought over here to work for free?

  5. Tania Stafford says:

    Dr. Maxwell is an internationally recognised scholar of the Atlantic world, this should be a sell out vent.

    Warlord2, feel free to yawn away at home.

    • therock says:

      Tania, sit down honey…no one cares about his false credentials.

    • Zevon says:

      It’s odd that there is such a glaring error in the title of his presentation, given that he’s a ‘recognised scholar’.

  6. junior burchall says:

    Sounds good – wish I could attend!

    • therock says:

      Just stick your head in the sand, it’ll be the same thing

  7. Interested but can't attend says:

    Hey Bernews is there an associated book or audio by Dr. Maxwell?

  8. Pequot1612 says:

    Just for the record African slaves made no impact to the pearl diving or feeding of Jamestown. Firstly the slaves bought to dive pearls were Arawaks from the Carribean not Africans also there were no pearls to be found in Bermuda. As for feeding Jamestown history suggest that the boat that returned from Jamestown with Sir George Somers who died during that trip did not carry slaves and very little was said after to my knowledge. Bermuda was flush with cahows turtles and wild boar which would likely have been the bulk of any food stocks that would have been sent to Jamestown. So given the timeline how exactly did African slaves play any part in this period of history?

    • Sara C says:

      A perfect question (assuming it was not rhetorical, what a shame that would be), I would suggest you attend the lecture and find out! No doubt Professor Maxwell can provide you with the insight you seek.