Video: Cross Island Legacy Committee Meeting

June 16, 2016

Nine acres of reclaimed land at the Royal Naval Dockyard presents an enormous opportunity for generating “out of the box’ and dynamic ideas for its future use, according to ACBDA boss Mike Winfield.

Mr Winfield, the ACBDA’s CEO, was one of the stakeholders invited to be part of the consultation process over the use of Cross Island, at the Royal Naval Dockyard.

It was the first of a series of meetings organised by the Cross Island Legacy Committee, set up to help drive public input and help create a legacy with lasting economic, social and cultural benefits.

52-minute video of the Cross Island Legacy Committee meeting

Mr Winfield told the meeting it was the West End Development Corporation’s intent to create the landfill “long before the America’s Cup”.

“We took the opportunity of a project that was going to happen and it will be utilised for it [the America’s Cup]. It has always been viewed as a short-term use.

“As the Chairman has pointed out, there is the possibility of AC36 coming to Bermuda and if it does there is the possibility that would occur at the same venue,” said Mr Winfield.

He added: “The excitement is that here is a nine-acre piece of land that is waiting for ideas and concepts. When did we last have nine acres that we are being asked to come up with exciting and dynamic ideas for?

“Let’s encourage the widest, out of the box, most dynamic thinking. Let’s get moving, let’s get some ideas generated.”

Yesterday more than a dozen people turned up for the meeting at the offices of Deloitte, which has been brought on by the West End Development Corporation to support the Committee’s consultation and decision-making over the future of Cross Island.

Each submission will be judged according to a set matrix and a final recommendation will be made to WEDCo. The committee wants to be in a position to make a recommendation even though there might be the possibility that Bermuda could again host the America’s Cup.

Committee chairman Wayne Caines told the meeting that he had personally been inundated with ideas and calls, locally and from overseas.

“This is something this committee is passionate about. We want everyone’s ideas, viewpoints and beliefs to be heard,” said Mr Caines.

“I want to see us focus on the ideas generation phase. I want this project to give people hope, to give the country something we can beat our drum about.”

Submissions can be made through this link and forms and drop boxes will also be made available in all post offices, as well as the City Hall. The deadline for submissions is July 31.

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  1. voltage says:

    If the plan has been in the making long before Americas Cup why are we only hearing about it now and how much are the all in costs of our new nine acres? How much more is it than the $39 million being quoted?

    What is the schedule of public meetings going forward, who showed up yesterday,how did they participate and what ideas were shared?

    With nine acres of opportunities what is the social, economic and environmental metrics that WEDCo will be using to assess end use?

    If you are committed to being transparent please start today. Please don’t make your evasive actions today a future reason to host a Commission of Inquiry years from now.

    • How about Reperations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Come Correct says:

        At least spell it right. It was a three word sentence.

    • jiggs bda says:


      Had applied for this a while back, a Marina and to re-locate Marine & Ports.

      I believe BEST objected to the use post AC35 for legitimate reasons.

      Where were you?

  2. Skytrain says:

    If you had attended the meeting you could answer your own questions.

  3. Whistling Frog says:

    is that nine acres going to be hurricane proof?