Ironshore & CFPC’s “Breakfast For Every Child”

April 18, 2018

Ironshore is partnering with the Coalition for the Protection of Children [CFPC] in support of their “Breakfast for Every Child” program, which is currently in place across Bermuda’s primary schools.

A spokesperson said, “Ironshore has supported The Coalition for the Protection of Children [CFPC] for the past six years through various initiatives. This year we are partnering with them in support of their “Breakfast for Every Child” program currently in place across Bermuda’s primary schools.

“CFPC spearheaded efforts in 2007 to ensure that all children in Bermuda start the day ready to learn through the creation of its ‘Breakfast for Every Child’ program. Every day of the school year, the Breakfast Program provides juice, cereal, milk, a granola bar [and when available; yogurt and/or fresh fruit] to students across Bermuda.

“The program was tested as a pilot project in the 2007/2008 school year with pre and post tests conducted and the results were astounding. Test scores rose overall ranging for an improvement of 32% to 67%.

Rebecca Carne, Susan Pateras, Kiffinae Cameron, Shane Rozario, Ceri Riihiluoma, Nicholas Boorman, Maria Pichery, & Vonnek Augustus:

Ironshore - The CFPC

“The program currently serves 93k breakfasts annually and enriches the start of every day for thousands of children across Bermuda.

“This week, Ironshore is excited to be partnering with the Coalition and West Pembroke Primary School during their exam period [April 17th-19th] to serve a hot breakfast, which research shows improves test scores.

“Three teams of 5-6 employees will assist in serving food to the students and interact with them before the morning bell.

“Students who eat breakfast perform better in school. They pay more attention, are more creative, think better, and score higher on tests; studies to support reasons why children should begin their day with breakfast include findings that breakfast improves psychosocial behaviours; affords better concentration, less boredom, less anxiety’ lowers risk of indulging in high calorie foods later in the day and helps decrease fat intake throughout the day; kick starts the metabolism to burn fat more effectively; facilitates in achieving and maintaining appropriate body weight; provides brain with needed energy source; glucose; and gives needed energy for the day and supports better/more involvement in physical education.”

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