Parliament: Order Of Business For April 27th

April 26, 2018

The House of Assembly is scheduled to be in session on Friday [April 27] and Ministerial statements due to be delivered include the Emerging Space Economies, update on Union Negotiations, celebrating life with the gift that keeps giving, BEDC Enterprise Bermuda Incubator Programme, and an explanation of the termination of the GVI Initiative, while the second reading of the Initial Coin Offering Amendment Act 2018 is also scheduled to take place.

The Order of Business follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Me says:

    It’s so fabulous to have a premier human being who knows everything gonna fixeverything has an answer unquestionable about everything I hope he holds on to that when this one party state goes pear shape and will have all the amasser because it will be all PLP for a long time once they go out of election mode like everything else it will get boring greed power always failed even the mighty Brown era came to and end,everything that goes up must come down pride period is now wait for the fall I am happy there is no opposition because even the brilliant Burt with have to take the rap for his failures eventually

  2. stormy daniels says:

    How to waste money going to space somewhere, living childhood dreams on tax payers dollars!
    And how to pop a wheelie in a trash truck…

  3. Don k says:

    Don’t let your yearnings get ahead of you earnings…