Video: Opposition Leader On By-Elections

May 8, 2018

“We can mount a campaign that shows that we’re not defined by race and that we put Bermuda first,” Opposition Leader Jeanne Atherden said, adding that “we will nominate the candidates who will make us a stronger Opposition, to ultimately regain the Government.”

Ms Atherden’s comments come as the parties prepare for the by-elections on June 7th, with voters set to head to the polls following the resignations of former OBA MP Dr Grant Gibbons in Paget East, and former OBA MP Jeff Baron in Warwick North East.

The OBA has not yet announced their candidates, while the PLP have announced both of theirs, with the PLP confirming that Curtis Dickinson will stand in Warwick North East and Curtis Richardson will run in Paget East.

Paget East has elected OBA or UBP MPs in the last four elections with winning margins from 64% to 80%, while Warwick North East has elected two OBA and two PLP MPs in the last four elections, with the winning margins ranging from 52% – 57%.

In a video posted yesterday on the OBA’s Youtube channel, Ms Atherden said, “On November 18th, I was elected the leader of the OBA. In my campaign speech, I told you of my commitment to the OBA, my determination, passion, and willingness to work hard and learn from our mistakes.

“I promised that I would focus on growing a diverse membership that is active in the OBA, supporting and mentoring our younger members, bolstering our party’s organization, and creating unity of thinking and commitment to our plans.

“I believe that we have the will, we have the power. We’re now taking steps to create a party strengthened by our common goals and principles, a party that will be responsive to the needs of the Bermuda community, by listening, gathering information, and creating solutions, a party that is seen to speak out for Bermuda by championing causes, investing in community growth, and insuring Government accountability.

“So it is in this context that we now have two vacancies that will require by-elections. This is a challenge, especially at this time, but, more so, it is a tremendous opportunity,” Ms Atherden continued.

“We can mount a campaign that shows that we’re not defined by race and that we put Bermuda first. We are one Bermuda. We have a unique opportunity to show that we represent all of Bermuda.

“We can remind people of the OBA successes, we provided better financial management, we boosted tourism, lowered crime, established plans for education and entrepreneurship, and we improved confidence in Bermuda again.

“We have an opportunity to bring into the elected team new ideas and skills which will further strengthen us, which will expand our ability to serve you, our constituents, and solidify our team around our mission and values.

“In order to do this, we will need dedicated candidates who will champion our principles and values and commit to building diversity and empowering opportunity, who will listen to and connect with the people that we serve.

“We want the candidates to promote the issues of all Bermudians for we are one Bermuda. We believe that we are the best party to lead Bermuda, and we will nominate the candidates who will make us a stronger Opposition, to ultimately regain the Government.”

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Comments (25)

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  1. For all to see says:

    Nice words but no candidates? Really. I bet they will run Andrew Simons to Paget and Nick Kyme will return to run in Warwick.

    • Pam says:

      Do you mean Nick Kempe?

      • Onion Juice says:

        Paget East is so safe, Scientist can run and win.

        • Mrs Brady says:

          Does it make you feel somehow superior to mock people?

          • Cranberry says:

            I see what you did there… Turned an innocent comment into something else…

        • Okay, Onion Juice.Hahahaha!!!
          Ease up..ease up!!
          They need to lose more rather than gain… so notorious. I cannot think of a more appropriate word to describe oba.They were vicious too. Bring back those 3000 BERMUDIANS AND SEND THE FOREIGNERS BACK WHO ARE OCCUPYING OUR SPOTS. We Bermudians are smart and intelligent people. This is sweetly contrary to the foreigners’ belief…we are smarter. Tummyrot!!Not so!!
          It is sheer nonsense!!
          Well said ONION JUICE!!

          • Toodle-oo says:

            I hope you don’t believe that you’re one of those smart and intelligent Bermudians.
            And I’m still waiting for a list of those atrocities , or even viciousness, that you spoke of .

            • Truthertz says:

              Exactly what I was going to say. He/she/it is the last person to claim Bermudians are smarter than anyone with such grammar.

          • SMH says:

            ” Bring back those 3000 BERMUDIANS”

            LOL, no…you don’t have enough money to bring me back.

  2. Joke says:

    Jean is yesterday’s news and old news! We need a young face at the helm like Jeff Richardson or Albert Steede! Someone with energy and mojo! Jean is just marking time and had always been a lethargic person.

  3. drunken ursula says:

    I hope they do select Andrew and Nick to run…please please Jeanne don’t chose clueless Nandi cause OBA, this is our last dance !

    • Rego says:

      Which dance are you talking about. This party will never win. Wow I used to be a member of the BDA, but this is pathetic. Hopefully someone will form a third party and this time not invite the UBP into the party.

      • PBanks says:

        It should be concerning that OBA supporters are publicly turning on each other. Then again, they have far greater worries on their plate.

        • Question says:

          Drunken ursula is not an oba supporter.

          • PBanks says:

            Apologies, I inferred such when the word “our” was used. Might have been hasty.

  4. Harold evans says:

    Oh, oba – go home, call it a day now, open up the field to others. You have by elections in two of your seats but while the plp have announced candidates this is what you do?

    Where is your comms plan? Where is your plan?

    • Cranberry says:

      Atherden is clueless – she is obviously still using last year’s election playbook.

  5. Coffee says:

    Why is the opposition leader making these by-elections about RACE . Pulling the race card is a strong signal indicating to the electorate that the OBA/UBP haven’t yet matured beyond 1969 or their 2012 reincarnative modus operandi .

    It is my view , that she would be better off acknowledging that the party she leads has always had the financial , rather then the ideological advantage over the ruling party . So why to date , no candidates ? Perhaps it is because this generation of the best and brightest refuse the illusion of equality promulgated by the hierarchy sitting on Front Street !

    While the PLP have rolled out two very capable candidates , we are left wondering if whether the opposition in its present state , have the ability to attract viable people of any race !

    What Bermuda NEEDS is a strong government and a stronger opposition .

    Question is , Can Opposition Leader Jeanne Atherden deliver ?

    • Mark says:

      Re your first paragraph, ironic because the plp/trump party is solely about race.

      Re your comment on “illusion of equality”, what has the plp/trumpists done other than for themselves?

      Re the plp/trump candidates, Mr Dickinson may be capable, I don’t know him, but the other one certainly is not! Its laughable how uncapable he is!

      Re your last two paras, I totally agree

    • SMS says:

      She touches on race because, let’s face it, it’s a real issue in Bermuda. Listen to the context it which she uses the word RACE. A party should be for the People. The People of Bermuda are not simply one race…we are not even made up of only two races! There are a multitude of races that we live among and we should all be able to relate to the party that we choose to support. How better to do this than to stack your “team” with faces and walks of life that the PEOPLE can relate to! Brilliant Idea! GO OBA!

  6. Vote for Me says:

    Not sure who gave Ms. Atherden advice to send this video but it appears to be begging for candidates. Surely a party that touts itself as the best to govern Bermuda isn’t struggling for candidates!!

    To demonstrate that they are making a real effort to get in touch with grass roots, lets see them choose an young, dynamic candidate that has fresh ideas and is representative of Bermuda’s future leaders.

    A picture tells a thousand words… we await their selection. We will also see the contrast in candidates for #22 and #25. Both seats should be winnable for the OBA, with #22 being a ‘shoo-in’.

    • Rego says:

      The OBA party is having problems getting qualified candidates. Only a fool would jump on a sinking ship.

      Craig and the others need to form the BDA again. That party was diverse and pulled all nationalities in. The cancer from the UBP will remain in the OBA forever.

      • PBanks says:

        Craig’s probably already got the tainted brush. But he’s also probably the only dynamic non-UBP legacy people the OBA’s got.

  7. Alan says:

    Want good candidates? Want to start winning? Get rid of the Milkman who is a proven vote loser.

  8. watching says:

    That was painful.