BHW: Don’t Deface Property To Save Space

June 10, 2018

[Updated with photos] While they encourage everyone to be excited for the upcoming event, the organisers of the Bermuda Heroes Weekend said they “cannot support and ask that those of you defacing public and private property in an attempt to save a space for the parade immediately stop.”

Parade Road Spot Marking Bermuda, June 10 2018-2326

A spokesperson said, “We here at BHW Ltd., have just received some disappointing news. While we encourage everyone to be excited for the upcoming Bermuda Heroes Weekend, we cannot support and ask that those of you defacing public and private property in an attempt to save a space for the parade immediately stop!

Parade Road Spot Marking Bermuda, June 10 2018-2333

“Doing this is illegal and the authorities in charge have clearly expressed to us that they will be pursuing all and every corrective measure available to them. Now we want everyone to have a good time, but we want you all to do so without defacing any property.

Parade Road Spot Marking Bermuda, June 10 2018-2321

“Hardworking staff put in a lot of energy to keep the landscape of the BLDC property looking amazing and inviting to all, and when it is defaced extra effort has to be employed to remedy the unfortunate vandalism.

Parade Road Spot Marking Bermuda, June 10 2018-2354

“It is all of our jobs to keep Bermuda beautiful, so we ask you our loyal patrons to do your part and not mark your spots before the parade. There is room for all once we are kind and courteous to one another. Let us all continue to work together to make this Bermuda Heroes Weekend one of the best ever, even as we maintain our magnificent island throughout this celebration.

Parade Road Spot Marking Bermuda, June 10 2018-2328

“Our team knows we can count on you all to do the right thing. We thank you in advance for keeping things clean and we look forward to seeing all of you wonderful civic minded Bermudians at all of our upcoming events!”

Parade Road Spot Marking Bermuda, June 10 2018-2346

Parade Road Spot Marking Bermuda, June 10 2018-2342

Parade Road Spot Marking Bermuda, June 10 2018-2339

Parade Road Spot Marking Bermuda, June 10 2018-2323

Parade Road Spot Marking Bermuda, June 10 2018-2352

Parade Road Spot Marking Bermuda, June 10 2018-2348

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  1. Aaron says:

    I love my fellow Bermudians. And i understand the tradition of having ‘your’ spot. But this is truly one of the dumbest and laziest things we do as a people. literally everywhere else in the world if you want to save a spot, then you get there early enough and wait. But we start marking territory weeks in advance as if it belongs to us. Not only is that ridiculous, but it’s also really lazy.

    Can i put tape and mark my spot and write on it that it’s mine for the next 20 years? Don’t be so silly. You want to save a spot, get your tail out there and save it yourself. Otherwise, that stuff doesn’t hold. Anywhere else in the world people would laugh at you trying to mark your spot that way but for some silly reason, we’ve allowed people to do that here. Not to mention, it’s incredibly tacky.

    What are the rules for marking your spot this way? Can i mark the entire viewing area if i get my tape out early enough? Maybe i don’t want people too close to me, so can i mark off the whole street to myself? Afterall, if i mark it then nobody else can have it, right? SMH

    • Point boy says:

      I was about to comment that the pictures above do not look like they are defacing anything.
      But after reading Aarons opinion.
      I see where he is coming from. (Mostly, Bermuda Day.) I agree. But this is no comparison, a few ropes and spray paint on grass is mild in comparison.

      • Not Adding Up! says:

        I appreciate BWH for making this announcement but it is sad that they have to. Its just crazy and selfish what some people think they have the right to do on public land.

        I think the worst I ever saw was the fools that actually spray painted their names on the coconut palms on the causeway to mark a spot over cupmatch and nothing was done about it.

        Its because of this that I won’t go to May 24th parade in town anymore. A few people take up these spaces and intentionally spread themselves and their belongings so far apart leaving no space on the sidewalk and then get an attitude if you need to pass thru.

        Perhaps it is time for the Parks Dept, Corporation of Hamilton and St Geo to properly mark out these spots and have people pay for them on a first come first served basis.

    • JohnBoy says:

      What he said!

  2. JAY_O says:

    Literally the laziest, tackiest, most ridiculous and most embarassing trend that is done in Bermuda. Stop the ridiculousness. You want a spot? Go early and save it your dang self. Stop this ridiculous practice. Defacing property is criminal but even the usage of tape is just plain ridiculous. The only way to ‘save’ a spot should be to be there early enough and to be present. None of this tape nonsense. Ban it!

    • Brady says:

      I blame PLP.

      • Southampton says:

        Do not be so damn stupid. Not PLP fault. People are responsible for their own actions. How stupid are you?

        • Anbu says:

          Bet you i know which way the majority of them vote tho.

  3. Time Shall Tell says:

    Good, now if we can also crack down on this same practice for Bermuda Day as well. Get there early & pick a spot. If the one you wanted is gone, you didn’t get there early enough, move on.

  4. Wahoo says:

    Wasn’t me.

  5. Toodle-oo says:

    Is this an example of OJ’s 2 Bermuda’s that he’s always rattling on about?

  6. Just saying says:

    I think next year BLDC should rent out spots.That my stop people from Marking spots before the BIG DAY (Carnavile)
    JUST SAYING ….Lets keep our Island Beautiful..

    Blessing to all…

  7. Unimpressed says:

    I hope the BLDC is going to go out and remove all tape, string, metal posts and cut the spray painted grass that people have left on display to “mark their spot” since last week Friday!!

    Not only does it look terrible but it is a hazard to the many people that utilize this stretch of road for daily exercise.

    Come on Bermuda we can do better than this.

    • Penny Saltus says:

      I agree. As a resident of Southside i was on the bus this morning with a few tourist. Lord knows what they were thinking as the bus passed that stretch of road.

  8. Time Shall Tell says:

    Then people will complain when it ends up like Cup Match & County Cup when you have to pay for a spot. Sometimes people are their own downfall.

  9. Brady says:

    More collective ignorance. Seems to be a local tradition.

  10. Read your Bible says:

    Typical from our greedy and self Entitled Bermudians all about i me and mine mirroring our bitcoin government

  11. Family Man says:

    Like dogs marking out their territory.

  12. facts of the rock says:

    you have the names of the fools doing this,nail them with a heavy fine,simple!
    BUT,as always,over the years,you won’t do anything,so STFU moaning.

  13. real Bermudian says:

    Now now that is not my tradition.

  14. Datswaumsayin says:

    Yeah, it gets my donkey that our lazy Donkey people are eager to mark their spots with tape, rope and the like but once the show is over all your crap stays put. You see it in town all the time. You leave your trash, broken pop up tents and what ever else you choose to leave behind for others to clean up, I should be the head of the COH, I would put and end to this practice and hold you accountable.

    • PBanks says:

      And that’s the main thing, really. People are going to leave their markings, ropes, etc behind for someone else to clean up.

      And what may happen is the BHW committee will be held liable for cleanup, which damages them.

  15. Sage says:

    And crack down on the Cup Match squatters and their car camping as well.

  16. Southampton says:

    On the day of the event tell those offenders to move. This is defacing property and they should be made to pay for this. Total idiots.
    Wake up fools.

  17. WSP says:

    Can’t fix stupid

  18. Sage says:

    I got my spot – right at home as faraway from that ignorance as possible.

  19. TROTT says:

    Shd be first come first to get space. No ropes or paint. Who cleans up all this mess, especially on Bermuda Day? Only in BDA has this been allowed to happen with no consequence or responsibility when they deface other people’s property. Maybe Govt and private property holders should rent the space the people so DESPERATELY need..smh

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