Ministry: Bus Service To Resume On Tuesday

June 18, 2018

Following today’s suspension of service as drivers are currently working to rule, the Department of Public Transportation said that bus service will resume on Tuesday [June 19] and DPT management and the BIU will return to discussions “in an effort to resolve the matters.”

The Ministry said, “The Department of Public Transportation [DPT] would like to advise the public that bus service will resume tomorrow, Tuesday June 19.

“DPT management and the Bermuda Industrial Union will return to discussions. also on Tuesday, in an effort to resolve the matters outstanding.

“A work-to-rule remains in place until further notice, which may result in route cancellations if drivers are unwilling to work overtime.

“DPT apologizes for the inconvenience to the traveling public,” the Ministry concluded.

Buses lined up at the depot earlier this morning as bus service was not operational:

bus Bermuda June 18 2018

Earlier today BIU President Chris Furbert told Bernews that the division took the decision to work to rule, so they are that “not working any overtime and today would have been overtime with them.”

Mr Furbert said the bus operators have 10 to 12 issues that need resolving. Last Thursday they were able to negotiate on a few of those issues to a satisfactory manner, but there still are six to eight issues that need to be sorted out.

“One of these issues go back several years now, and the workers have had enough,” Mr Furbert said. He added the workers want to know when the issues will be addressed.

The BIU President said he did speak with Transport & Regulatory Affairs Minister Walter Roban on Sunday, adding that “he’s given a commitment that he wants to sit down and work on a time frame to get these issues resolved. All the workers want to see that happen.”

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  1. Shoe Leather worn Out says:

    NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!!! The Union wagging the dog not the other way around. And it takes THIS LONG to get a definitive statement of operation which will have CANELLATIONS no doubt. Sorry that don’t work either. It simply shows utter contempt for us the people that use and get abused by both of you. UNION and GOVT you both suck.

    • Mad dog says:

      The working decided to stay home with there family…they do not have to work on a public holiday…weren’t you home with your family

      • PBanks says:

        Well that’s part of the debate isn’t it. Management thinks the work-to-rule should still apply to holidays, while the bus workers think otherwise.

        And once again the general public who relied on the service are shafted, because of another labour dispute.

    • Good Grief says:

      PLP can’t get busses running?? Can’t wait for the PLP to drag us to independence. I thought PLP had control over all the unions?? Do the unions run Bermuda now?? Will independence mean the unions run Bermuda??

      • JAYBIRD says:

        The Unions have been running Bermuda for decades – where have you been living?? It’s really ironic if you think about who the lack of public transportation hurts the most…

  2. cpm says:

    Bus Fools
    you have damaged our tourism industry big time meanwhile Chris Furbert [BIG HOUSE ON THE HILL ]is doing ok

    • Bus / Taxi says:

      Your comment is so wrong as I have been working with our visitors all day today and they give the Operators & Allied Workers their support 100% None have felt inconvenient at all. They have the choice of taxi, mini bus and ferry. All went extremely well in Dockyard with OUR VISITORS THANK YOU.

    • Paul says:

      So sad how we treat our tourist, I hope to hell that we privatise this very important ministry.
      It was so sad to see guests waiting at the bus stops,word about Bermuda transportation is getting around.

    • Good Grief says:

      PLP should flood the market with private mini-busses. I voted PLP because they have the political capital to stand up to the unions.

    • Minion joosh says:

      He is doing better than okay off the backs of de workers! Wake up people is outrage is faked.

  3. Trump supporter says:

    Had your party time, and peed off the limited tourist we have. We’ll done now back to the limited bus schedule.
    Can’t wait for independence.

  4. Biggy Big Bopp says:

    Time to let COMRADE FURBURT and his little band of cronies know THEY DO NOT RUN OR RULE the island. We the people have had ENOUGH that word should echo ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!! Gfo

    • Paul says:

      The BIU have always run this Islnd, and it is because we have never had a strong leader in any ruling party, and we all know this is a fact.

  5. Stevie says:

    Agree. Fools who pay union dues just fill up Furberts bank account.

  6. Tommy boy says:

    Oh stop crying about Chris Furbert. Blaming him for everything. Anybody with a ounce of common sense knows that the workers are the ones who decide to work to rule not Mr Furbert. The workers always get blamed for screwing up tourism when the real blame is at the feet of management. Management are incompetent. And the ministry of transport have failed to have a long term plan of keep the fleet current. This would have eliminated all of the breakdowns being experieced from buses that are past their service life. For such an affluent country its a joke that we are in this position. But as with any thing that is public the movers and shakers of this wealthy litttle island dont care two cents. And these very same people have the nerve to come out complaining when the service is suspended. What a joke

  7. steve says:

    Of course its being restored! Holiday got screwed up for some mission accomplished! igniotic- my word.

  8. cpm says:

    Enough is enough
    Where is the peoples’campaign?

  9. Brady says:

    You get the government you deserve. The one you voted for. Collective stupidity.

  10. Truth is killin’ me... says:

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and this island is quickly finding out it has none! Aged fleet and lack of maintenance. Can’t throw away a whole bus because of a blown engine gasket and buy a new one. You need to pay that overtime to repair it!

  11. YepTrue says:

    Worst bus service in the world…

    Backward Bermuda no hope of moving forward because “”I don’t want to work public holidays so I won’t”"

    GROW UP!

    The rest of the world doesn’t run like this & isn’t Bermuda the 6th richest country?

    I’m sure the bus drivers who decided not to work would be the first to complain if they went to a hospital on a holiday but there were no doctors to help them because they had all decided “”not to work”".

    Nothing will change because PLP/OBA are all about themselves & not the people.

    They are basically the same party just with different party colours…

  12. PANGAEA says:

    Why would a Politician pay him self any more than he would pay the bus driver ?

    Is the degree of responsibility any less or more.

  13. aceboy says:

    Tuesday? Are you sure? The drivers and mechanics don’t need another day off to party?