Two Vehicle Collision In St. George’s

June 15, 2018

[Updated] A motorcyclist has been taken to hospital following a two vehicle collision in St. George’s this evening [June 15].

A police spokesperson said, “Police and first responders attended a report of a road traffic collision that took place on Mullet Bay Road in the area of Rocky Hill Park in St. Georges at 6:40pm [Friday]

“Details are still emerging but it appears that a collision occurred between a driver of a car and a man on a motorcycle.

“The rider of the motorcycle was taken to the hospital via ambulance and his condition is listed as serious.

“The area has been cordoned off while the scene is being processed.”

Update 2.15pm, June 16: A police spokesperson said, “The 20 year old male motorcyclist – believed to be from St. George’s – hurt in a collision with a car that occurred around 6:40pm Friday, June 15th in the Mullet Bay Road, St. George’s area was treated at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for his injuries and later discharged.

“Inquiries continue and any witnesses that have not already come forward are asked to contact the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

collision Bermuda June 15 2018

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  1. PANGAEA says:

    By coinsidence I arrived after at the scene of a bike/car accident recently involving my friend on a bike and a car which left the scenewith out trace.

    Aparantly I am told that the car pull up short, who knows if that was not a spitefull act, or a distortion of the truth, my friend who may have been “tailgating “at the time told me that he applied the front brake of his bike and skidded over a pocket of sand and plowed in to the back of the car, the bike is a write off, my friend was badly injured , in Bermudian terms Pretty Banged up.

    What suprises me is how lucky he was by not going over the roof of the car into the path of an on coming vehicle.Can you imagine how that other driver would have felt having a lasting memory if this would have resulted in yet another death .

    All this must have happened in lesst than a micro second.

    This proves the point that tailgating or driving to close to another vehicle has consequences.
    All vehicles need their own space, either give room or make room, always look for room to escape. and never ride directly behind another vehicle.

    If you could to put a price tag on all this, i Ithink we are looking at about $15,000. to PRICELESS.

    A good Samaritan
    I would like to thank the visitor,a lady a captain of a ship with medical training for coming to the aid of my friend, she wanted to look into the whites of his eyes for signs, I Iwonder why ?

    I would also like all the Medical Staff of KE.M.H. for their care and attension.

    Can you ever imagine what those dedicated hospital people must go through each and every day.