City Advisory: Tree Removal On Elliott Street

October 31, 2018

The City of Hamilton is advising the public that it will be removing three Mahogany trees on Elliott Street due to root systems that have adversely affected City sidewalks, roadways, as well as private properties.

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Parks Superintendent, Steven DeSilva, said of the removal, “The City has a Street Tree Policy in place that outlines our commitment to Street Tree Management. The three mahogany trees in question have caused significant cracks and upheaval to the sidewalks and have also led to horizontal cracks in adjoining boundary walls on private property.

City of Hamilton Bermuda October 2018 (2)

“Following the guidelines within the policy we have in place, there is clear and definitive reasoning that supports the removal of the three specimens. Any root pruning would have to be drastic and would ultimately lead to tree failure and could pose a greater toppling hazard in high winds.”

City of Hamilton Bermuda October 2018 (3)

The trees will be replaced with young trees as soon as practicable and the City will use its standard tree grate/tree guard apparatus in combination with the root guard system it has adopted throughout the City, thus eliminating any future surface damage to surrounding property. The Mahogany trees will be milled and their wood repurposed.

City of Hamilton Bermuda October 2018 (4)

Mr. DeSilva added, “The removal of a mature City tree, indeed any tree for that matter, can be a very sensitive issue. Removal is undertaken as a last resort after every possible solution is carefully considered. The three trees scheduled for removal will serve a second purpose, most likely as tables or benches in our City parks, to be enjoyed again by the public.”

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Comments (5)

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  1. Kim Smith says:

    Will different trees, perhaps of a different species, be put in place of the trees being taken out so that we will still have the benefit of trees along the street?

    • Kim Smith says:

      Sorry – just realised the answer to my question is right in the article!

  2. Imjustsaying says:

    How about the trees on Cedar Avenue across from CedarParkde. The sidewalk is coming up. I have witnessed many people falling over on their face. COH should be very lucky they escape lawsuits.

  3. KBB says:

    Is the COH going to continue creating these 90 yard wide (ridiculous) sidewalks at all junctions throughout the city? The only thing they’re good for is the overnight campers before any parade in Hamilton so they can sprawl out in total comfort and have ample room to leave all their trash behind. There used to be junctions throughout the city where you had a turning right or left lane. Not anymore, now we have grid lock because of these dumb wide jutting out in the road sidewalks. Well done COH.
    And by the way, lets get rid of all car bays in the city and create concrete cycle parking everywhere. This will definitely help with your revenue.

    • skilla71 says:

      Most, if not all of the ridiculously wide new sidewalks are at the expense of cycle parking not car parking.
      Most of the gridlock is caused by cars driving around the block time and again looking for street parking and then trying to parallel park or double park. If people parked in the car parks (where the CoH actually wants you to park) and then walked the 100 yards to their shop of choice then there would be less traffic congestion…